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Blacklist report tracker + auto file generation
Links to tracker and generated files: 

Intended flow: 

1) Anyone can create an account and file a report. The report starts in Unconfirmed status. 
2) Trusted users have the ability to set Confirmed status. They review the screenshots or demos in the reports and set them to Confirmed status. 
3) Once in Confirmed status, a report will be added to the appropriate text file, which is generated every five minutes. 

That can be pasted into a blacklist file, or pulled via curl/wget/whatever in a cron job and appended to the server's blacklist file. 

How can you help? 
- Search to make sure nobody has filed the report you're about to file, then: 
- Add new offenders to this system (as well as to the existing threads here, if you like). 
- Add recent offenders (for example, people who have cheated within the last three months). Currently I'm working on adding unconfirmed reports from the obvious cheats thread from the last three months, then I and others can confirm them.
- Add offenders even if you don't have the full IP, but include the server information. 
- Regularly review the unconfirmed reports for ones regarding your server which need a full IP and leave a comment to provide the full IP. 

If you can spot a cheat, register an account and PM me the e-mail address you used to get access to set Confirmed status. 

Useful for server owners: 

- Set displayed columns here http://waka.ac/report/colchange.cgi?comp...y_based_on=

This applies per category (cheating, team, other). 

- Save a search here: http://waka.ac/report/query.cgi?componen...ution=---/

So you can save a search for the name or IP of your server, then check it for unconfirmed reports. 
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Teamkillers file still says "CHEATERS" at the beginning btw.
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Oh thanks
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I added the most recent page of reports from the "obvious cheat" thread:


UNCO is UNCONFIRMED; anyone who wants to can register an account and be given the ability to set these to CONFIRMED after reviewing the demo. In the meantime, you can comment on these reports to provide analysis.

NEED is NEEDS-IP; the last octet of the IP address is missing. Any server operator can check their logs for a matching IP; it doesn't have to be the operator of the server where the offense happened as long as the name and address appear to match.

CONF is CONFIRMED; these reports have been reviewed and will appear in the generated blacklist files. Only reports that are in Confirmed status will appear in the files, which are generated newly every five minutes, so a report should not be moved to Resolved status unless it was wrong and shouldn't be included in the files. 

RESO is RESOLVED; this was used to close the test report you can see there, and will be used to close reports that cannot be confirmed.
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This is awesome.
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Admins, please pin this one.
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Added the second-to-last page (currently #10) of the obvious cheats thread. Now there are 31 entries ( http://waka.ac/report/buglist.cgi?compon...resolution=--- ) with a good number of unconfirmed and needs-ip. Some of these I can take care of later, some need a different server owner to find the IP, etc.

What do you think of this, are we considering haxjump a cheat? http://waka.ac/report/show_bug.cgi?id=31
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Hax jump is not a cheat.
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Offender IP is now a large text field allowing multiple IP addresses, one per line.
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(12 Mar 15, 04:02AM)Mousikos Wrote: Hax jump is not a cheat.

But binding it definitely is.
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I like it. Developed specialized tool would be probably better but this is 100% better than current forum posting. Is the registration working ? I haven't received email yet.
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Tested OK here. Check spam though as it was coming from the wrong domain, could trip filters.

Edit: Fixed that, should be good now (though I was still receiving the e-mail before).
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It helped, i got email.
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Found your account; you're now able to confirm reports. The system requires a comment when you set to confirmed. I like to use it to verify the type of cheat and at what MR it can be seen, but it's no big deal how you do it, whatever works.
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We're back up after a server move and I (and hopefully others) will keep working on entering and verifying reports. :)
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Who are the trusted players?

Who are experts in cheaters?

The idea is great. I recognize your work, but I'm not sure if we should try to create a centralized council to judge the players.

The implementation needs to be better analyzed. Thus, it is F2.
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This is a tool, not an authority. There's not going to be a council that finally judges players, only a group of people checking and sorting reports. The only criteria for being in that group is that they're known and trusted not to screw around (randomly change report status / make things up) and preferably they know how to spot cheats. But even if they're unsure of something, others can look at the details and give feedback in comments.

When a report is moved to "confirmed", the person doing so is required to leave a comment, where preferably they'll explain what happened and where in the demo (such as "super obvious speeding 8mr" and so on).

The generated blacklists are available for those who are confident in this system, but it isn't meant to affect anyone who doesn't care to use it. Of course, I would like people to have confidence in this and use it, which means I have an interest in making sure this is an open/transparent tracking and discussion platform for the community to use, not a place to form a group apart from or above the community who makes decisions about who should be banned or anything like that.

Basically, this is just a better version of the forum threads we already have. Who are these people reporting cheaters? Are they experts? How do we know? Sometimes they get it wrong or leave out some information and we discuss and clarify things. This system is only to better organize all this information and discussion and make it easy to use the results (blacklists).
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(12 Mar 15, 12:14AM)Bugboy1028 Wrote: Admins, please pin this one.

Depending on how this tool develops it will.
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I've had a lot of stuff going on these past days, so I haven't had time to update with new reports and confirm existing ones, but I want to get on this as soon as I can. Will probably be able to do some later today. It'll be better once more people start helping out, but that'll be more likely to happen once I can build up a good store of reports and the results thereof, and so the tool will appear relevant and not just like a small island of dead/obsolete complaints. :P
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