The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
[20:14] <Stackzo> hey fate
[20:14] <Stackzo> when i was little
[20:14] <Fate> ?
[20:15] <Stackzo> i though dogs and cats were the same animal
[20:15] <Stackzo> and dogs were males
[20:15] <Stackzo> and cats were females
[20:15] <Stackzo> :D
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* MeanWhile in AC IRC *

[17:37] <Duckett> Is Larry Hawt?
[17:39] <Duckett> Larry, are you hawt?
[17:41] <Roflcopter> Ask your mother
[17:42] <Roflcopter> :D
[17:42] <Roflcopter> (In legacy I made endless your mother jokes.)
[17:43] <Duckett> kk
[17:43] <Roflcopter> Would you like to play SVN or just 1,1?
[17:44] <Duckett> *Duckett joins 610 chat to find that who he thought was "YourMother" was actually named "YourSister" and has quit AC, as stated
[17:44] <Duckett> *
[17:44] <Roflcopter> Yeah, I heard that this morning
[17:44] <Duckett> Larry, do you have a picture?
[17:45] <Duckett> Of yourself
[17:45] <Duckett> So I can determine your hawtness
[17:45] <Duckett> I have a picture of myself
[17:45] <Duckett>
[17:46] <Roflcopter> That's the result of a Google search
[17:46] <Duckett> That's me
[17:46] <Duckett> You leik
[17:46] <Duckett> ???
[17:46] <Roflcopter> Haven't clicked it but I guess it's Bieber?
[17:46] <Duckett> No, Silly
[17:46] <Duckett> it's Beaver
[17:47] <Duckett> Bieber's redheaded twin brother
[17:47] <Duckett> With a Mustache
[17:47] <Roflcopter> I see
[17:47] <Duckett> Yes
[17:47] <Duckett> you leik?
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[03:10] <X-Ray_Dog> anyone want a free 20 slot server hostedfree by me? im already over my uplink limit by 6mb but who cares right?
[03:10] <{BoB}vern> lol
[03:10] <{BoB}vern> sure
[03:10] <X-Ray_Dog> jk jk
[03:10] <{BoB}vern> call it camper maps only by vern
[03:10] <X-Ray_Dog> yaya
[03:10] <X-Ray_Dog> ok one sec

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(15 May 11, 03:41PM)Viper Wrote: Never question a_slow_old_man.
(unless you have a lot of time to spare.)

(20 May 11, 09:49PM)Lantry Wrote: If you like your "special" AC then you can go play AC "special" edition.
emphasis mine.
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<Robtics> its the map with enemies looking like ants

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List of 100 things to do in AC, the previous post was #33.
(23 May 11, 10:29PM)hamolton Wrote: 35. Troll its forums

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[Image: 1zyhg10.jpg]
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(24 May 11, 05:23PM)Duckett Wrote: 56) Thank Pwnage for how successful the TyD ladder is

57) Thank w00p for hosting a teamspeak

58) Do something that makes you a dev ;)

59) Troll RK for 30 days straight asking him to make [email protected] an official map.

(24 May 11, 05:57PM)Impaktd Wrote: 60) Suck up to the 'community elite' for brownie points

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(24 May 11, 07:04PM)jAcKRoCk* (talking about a wall texture) Wrote: I've seen grass walls in my life, most of them were illegal xD
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(26 May 11, 11:10PM)jamz Wrote: Robert's your mother's brother.
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(27 May 11, 12:55PM) Wrote:<X-Ray_Dog> hey vern, wanna 1 vs 1 shotguns ac_iceroad?
<{BoB}vern> for shizzle?
<@jamz> You can both camp under the bridge, like trolls

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(28 May 11, 08:26AM)jamz Wrote: Why won't you fix his map for him, V-Man? You're so lazy.
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SourceForge user Wrote:not bad... but gameplay is too slow !

No doubt coming from Quake or something similar.
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Quote:You changed the topic to "Due to massive demand, the Firefart 3.0 DVD and Blu-ray have been moved to a new supplier:".
[10:51pm] eQ|VenteX: owned by "Check this box to prevent further dialogs"
[10:51pm] eQ|VenteX: and of course, my amazing sniper clicking skills
[10:51pm] Duckett: Damn
[10:51pm] Duckett: FFFUUUU VIPER
[10:51pm] eQ|Lantry: yep
[10:51pm] eQ|Lantry: though i clicked through them all anyway
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Quote:[23:24] <Andrez|HTC|ACDC> ..حــب وذاب....حــب وذاب....حــب وذاب..
[23:25] <Darsmol> no, we don't want to bomb anything with you
[23:25] <Andrez|HTC|ACDC> ok
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Quote:<Comet> hi Toxicchix
<Comet> Toxicchix> ur a guy rite?
<Toxicchix> UMM YEAH
<Toxicchix> 24/7
<Comet> Toxicchix> ok. :d
<Toxicchix> ...
<WalkerGr> :D
<Toxicchix> no im not :p
<Comet> Toxicchix> kinda confused :D
<WalkerGr> umm new app?
<Comet> WalkerGr> ?
<WalkerGr> oh im wrong =)
<WalkerGr> i thought Toxicchix was an app
<NightHawkd> lol
<Comet> lol
<NightHawkd> Comet: Toxicchix is a girl
<Comet> NightHawkd> nah.
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20:30 adi ........
20:35 adi tidur ta ?
20:37 titi ?
20:37 adi yang mana cowoknya ?
20:38 titi yeah, cock
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(missing quotes)
sweatymen: "You cant spell right you dumb fag"
MykeGregory|Xu: "You can get banned for that kind of talk you know"
MykeGregory|Xu: "I would stop while your ahead."
sweatymen: "myke is gay"
*after more insults and warnings...
[Image: quotesthread.png]

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(03 Jun 11, 10:47PM)Viper Wrote: Lets all give a hearty congratulations to Vern for pulling a trifecta offense, chalk full of gravediggery, flames, and spam at the same time. As Lantry pointed out, you can't in any way influence the Dev team's decisions. Additionally your constant spamming and trolling is getting VERY irritating; i.e. no one thinks you've accomplished some major victory by 'sticking it to the man'

This is a Tempest's thread where we all should be congratulating him for his hard work and contributions to the community, not a place for randomly flaming because we can. Get over yourself Vern.



Vern (PM):
Hey tg. Anything else you want to say to me?

I won't be around much longer.

I figure your so tough in public, anything to say in private?????????????????????
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(30 May 11, 11:05PM)Alien Wrote: "i am alien i am a legal alien woooho i am Czechman in AC tududu .."

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Concerning the new layout of our frontpage..
GDM Wrote:Wow Joe. I just noticed this new layout. IT SUCKS!

Joe Smith Wrote:i tried my hardest to make it look worse than your face does, but just couldn't do it, way too hard of a job.
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Quote:03:46] <@Fate> just cuz im sober
[03:46] <+Darkside_> just cuz im drunk..

[04:16] <+kaBOOM_> IM FUCKEN BUY ONE
[04:16] <+Darkside_> you dont buy smores
[04:16] <+Darkside_> you make them
[04:16] <+Darkside_> with FIRE
[04:16] <+kaBOOM_> u make them
[04:16] <+kaBOOM_> aw fuck thatt
[04:17] <+Darkside_> lol
[04:17] <+kaBOOM_> cant u buy them like in a packet
[04:17] <+Darkside_> no
[04:17] <+kaBOOM_> bullshitt
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Not quite a quote, but...
Jun  5 04:24:46 ac-jamz AssaultCube : [x.x.x.x] RougeAsset logged in
[Image: 5caTr.jpg]
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(05 Jun 11, 09:55PM)tempest Wrote: Done ;)

One of the best things to hear a dev say :D
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titiPT Wrote:Vern (PM):
Hey tg. Anything else you want to say to me?

I won't be around much longer.

I figure your so tough in public, anything to say in private?????????????????????

Who else had that exact same message emailed to them?
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[Image: igkoiq.jpg]

look at it
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(06 Jun 11, 08:05AM)Undead Wrote: [Image: igkoiq.jpg]

look at it

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(02 Jun 11, 07:36AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Oh yes, if you get reports of hacks getting distributed at, Zarj was just trying to get more readership of his comics.

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(05 Jun 11, 07:17AM)MerCyKiL Wrote: im going to bring hanze back in a couple of months. need a new computer first

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(07 Jun 11, 09:12AM)!jack! Wrote: Get A Life,
Only $2.99
Aisle 2 Aldi
Especially funny for anyone who ever shopped at Aldi.
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