The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
...... I do still have a salty aftertaste
*looks at the clock*
yeah.... it's been about 7 hours
Time to get the Listerine I guess.
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Think about that the next time you lean in for a kiss V-Man.
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This was after a match against #M|A#...

Quote:HyPE|Fate: can i 1v1 someone :)
HyPE|Fate: now? :)
HyPE|Fate: for fun
HyPE|JoeSmith: fate loves 1v1
HyPE|Fate: no i dont joe
HyPE|Fate: i love girls
HyPE|lucky: Fate u love guys that dress up as girls
HyPE|JoeSmith: if a girl had a 1v1 tattoo on her butt you would love her
HyPE|Fate: no
#M|A#Sacerock: wow bunch of gays
HyPE|JoeSmith: lol
HyPE|Fate: its just JoeSmith sace
#M|A#TayituUx*: i knew that they are
HyPE|lucky: See what i have to deal with Sace?
HyPE|JoeSmith: we are great friends
#M|A#TayituUx*: great orgy
#M|A#TayituUx*: can i join ur orgy
#M|A#Z-karIuS: I have to deal with the 2 cacos from costa rica
HyPE|lucky decides to leave before the orgy of men begins
HyPE|lucky: well men and Fate
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Hahaha cant believe u got that one fate xD
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(29 Apr 11, 06:10PM)V-Wifey Wrote: Mama V-titi, make me a sandwich!
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19:53 <LlamaDemon> tits
19:55<Kakarrot> where
19:55<LlamaDemon> on your mom
19:56 <Mr_OpTic> lowl
19:56 <LlamaDemon> Erv was touching them last night
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(30 Apr 11, 12:39AM)Vlad Wrote: ac_raptrap
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Posting about my mom again?!

[Image: 090304_punch.jpg]
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Quote:[21:38] == eQ|Lantry [[email protected]] has joined #assaultcube
[21:39] <eQ|VenteX> GTFO LANTRY
[21:39] == eQ|Lantry [[email protected]] has left #assaultcube
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<XENON_> what happened
Was I'd see you
Then I'd be dead lol

XENON_> on noes
!-v Castiel
Peice of shit

Classic Xenon
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(02 May 11, 06:10PM)Hellspell Wrote:
(02 May 11, 04:32AM)harmless Wrote: Its balanced

wait till you meet someone with a shotgun

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[19:24] <+stacko> are there any good servers
[19:24] <+stacko> all i can find is tosok
[19:25] <+stacko> and thats boring

Trying to convert my IRL friend from CS: Source to AC... He has potential. ;)
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(02 May 11, 11:16PM)Leonidas Wrote:
(01 May 11, 05:00PM)Anvil Wrote: lol that made me lmfao...
you laughed your arteries out?
I found this clever :D
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(02 May 11, 08:53PM)titiPT Wrote: yh right cus if u tlk lik dis ull b lovd

(02 May 11, 01:29PM)Frogulis Wrote: hehe, a bot threw a nade at me (SVN of course) and I was like "wha?", and he was like "yeer" and I was like "oh dayum" and he was like ":D" and I was like "gj devs" and he was like silent cos he was like a bot and all.
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Quote:<kittycat> somebody know where to find mr exodus?
<Pweaks> kittycat: TeamSpeak
<kittycat> woop?
<Pweaks> aah
<kittycat> ??
<Pweaks> you mean the server or the player?
<kittycat> the player
<kittycat> server owner
<Pweaks> well then woop's TeamSpeak
<kittycat> thx
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Woolly Wrote:Tetanus is a manly STD.
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Meanwhile in HyPE's IRC channel...

[19:33] <+Huntsman> im going to go aliasing
[19:33] <+Huntsman> and see if fate finds me
[19:33] <+Huntsman> no pun intended
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[19:20] <Vermi> liger play me in sc2
[19:20] <Lig3r> Don't have number 2

[19:23] <FooD> Vermi play me in sc2
[19:23] <Vermi> Dont have it
[19:23] <FooD> kk

[19:24] <Lig3r> I have it
[19:24] <Lig3r> play me
[19:24] <Lig3r> pl0x
[19:27] <FooD> online
[19:27] <FooD> no hama chee
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<Anvil|3i|> hey anyone of you use chatzilla?
Vermi [[email protected]] has quit IRC
Anvil|3i| has quit IRC
[Image: forever_alone_icon_by_projectendo-d2zlt6v.gif]
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(06 May 11, 05:10AM)Vermi Wrote: Yo TyD I'm real happy for you, ima let you finish. But w00p had one of the best ladders of all time

[07:01] <@Darkside_> brb cleanin up all the jizz
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(08 May 11, 02:28AM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote:
(05 May 11, 04:21AM)V-Man Wrote: O_o We're reproducing faster than I bargained for.
Lol who recognizes this theme song? :P

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The.... V-Man Family!

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[20:44] == jamesgryffindor has joined #assaultcube
[20:44] <jamesgryffindor> hi
[20:44] <jamesgryffindor> Why aren't Assault Cube Server Protocols not compatible with each different version
[20:47] <Duckett|iC|> Becaused no one answered your question
[20:47] == jamesgryffindor has quit #assaultcube
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#assaultcube Wrote:[00:11] *** iFail ([email protected]) joined
[00:12] <iFail> haha, does someone even talk right here ?..
[00:12] *** iFail quit (Quit: Page closed)
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[00:02] <bugboy1028> if whitelist allow someone to allow that user to log in with password
[00:02] <bugboy1028> why can't master server does same?
[00:03] <@B}Idle> bugboy1028: It used to have manual registration.
[00:03] <@B}Idle> back in 1004
[00:03] <bugboy1028> I know
[00:03] <bugboy1028> I was there:p
[00:03] <@B}Idle> Hm
[00:03] <@B}Idle> I dont see the point?
[00:03] <@jamz> 1. It's an administrative nightmare
[00:04] <@jamz> 2. It's seen as too restrictive
[00:04] <bugboy1028> Then find a similar way instead of direct manual registration
[00:04] <bugboy1028> make automatic manual registration?
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Regarding Salem:

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(13 May 11, 05:48AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Also, Woah!

(13 May 11, 09:57AM)tempest Wrote: You can easily spot those maps (they all have at least 5 exclamation maks in their name)

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Good to see LUV voting ^^
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Quote:22:32] <+Theo_RJ> I hate lve in country 3º world
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