Ac_jack MY MAP!
hi guys, its |FOX|jack
i've made a simple map based of crossfire. i just wanted to share it with you, so ENJOY.
please feel free to leave comments bellow, i welcome critisism!
you can download my map here: Click Here To Download
you can also view my map here: CLick Here To View
And Once Again ENJOY
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If you haven't already been eaten alive by Mr. Floppy...

When you upload anything relating to AC make sure you package it correctly. We, as the AC community, find it in our own right to be lazy and do not wish to hand-place your files. We prefer to have them directly extractable to the AC directory.

In your case you want this kind of file structure:


Additionally eliminate useless pictures and "previews" of your map from your package.

edit: the extra colors and HUGE ENJOY make me sick to my stomach. ;-)
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Besides what Viper said, rainbow mapmessages kill your optic nerves.

Anyways, I didn't even download and tried your map, since the screenshot clearly states it will be unplayable because of that huge open space.....

If I may give you an advice, read this carefully...
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Warnilicious, Pwnagilicious, make those boys go morgan.

edit: "Snipped" What I said was mean and probably aided Duckett in his rant.

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Pretty Pink Ponies and Underwear

Mod edit: Warned user for a disrespectful post. There is a difference that lies between critique and insults.
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By Crossfire, I'm assuming by the screenshot you mean the game Crossfire, and not the CoD4 map? :(
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jack, keep making maps that YOU enjoy making and playing. Screw what some people think, AC is a game meant for fun. People need to keep this in perspective...

Duckett I thought that’s what they called you for?
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Yes, just because you don't like his map (even though i doubt you have even looked at it yet) doesn't mean you should insult him. It is fine to tell him what he did wrong (e.g. packaging, colors on name) but there is no reason call his map 'shit'.
Swearing and belittling others will not make you a better or more well-liked person.
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I'm sure you can do better, cause it looks like you did this overnight, but c'mon Duckett, show some f**king respect for god's sake. He is simply uploading his most probably first map ever, and what you did was NOT criticizing, you insulted him for no specific reason, grow up seriously.
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Could use more textures :s
spend more time on it, i like the idea :)

Also, i agree with wolf, grow up Duckett.
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A bit cold there, Duckett? This was probably his first map, man...
VenteX Wrote:Putting yourself ahead of the game by dogging on your competitors is not the way to go.
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I believe what needs to be said has been said

Ducket: Grow up.

Jack: I migrated from Crossfire, and I think you're trying to replicate Ship? Or am I wrong.
It's a decent attempt, although lacking.
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Duckett, first of all not cool.

Secondly, to clarify what I was trying to convey to you jack,

If you review my posts I never said anything subjective about the map. I will not lie, I didn't even download it. I'm sorry that I hinted at it in my edit and that was not cool of me and I regret it. What I want you to take out of this is not to give up on mapping altogether.

Now a story to (hopefully) inspire:

I'll be honest when I first started mapping my work was terrible. I unfortunately never had a good teacher and wasn't smart enough to read the documentation at that point so when I made anything it used the default textures and had no solid walls. Additionally my idea of a fun map was a massive fort/tower base with no lights or sky at all I believe. When I became slightly more informed I released a map on akimbo sure that I would be praised and featured in the next official release (no joke... talk about ignorance). It turned out that I had just flooded the map with 32 radius maxed out white lights and that my map was unfinished of all things with whole rooms sporting no work at all. I had even released this, boasting about the time I had spent on it (maybe a few hours). Obviously I was roasted by Mr. Floppy and Bukz about my work and failure to even package the map at all or even use the akimbo vault. I was shocked at the response, but of all things it might have been the one factor leading to my continued interest in mapping since of course, I now had to prove myself.

My advice to you:

1) Keep working! If you stay at it you'll only see improvement in your work.
2) Try to find inspiration from unique things instead of basing your work or even copying it off another map/game.
3) Don't be afraid to ask for help/advice. If you see someone in-game or on IRC that you know is a good mapper or even just a nice person ask them to check out your map or give you advice.

Keep trying you'll get there!
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hmmmm, well thanks for the review guys.
i'll try to work on it. but anyway this map is playable and is quite fun (even if it does look crap)
but i accept your critiscm and am trying to make a better version of this map.
but please just try it out!
well, i just updated the link. with the requirements that you guys wanted.
Plus a Blood mod (a good one to) which was made by a friend.
i suggest that you dont copy and paste the packages folder as it will replace all of your maps and other stuff.
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I've fixed the packeging and the screenshot size (max width 600px) for you:

=> Download Ac_jack

Well, it's a very first map obviously.

Though, it's not a work of big efforts, to be honest. There are several issues you could have seen yourself, really.

Like you can't have 4 flags in a map, having no pickups except for 9 akimbos (way too much!) isn't going to serve players' needs. The basic layout-idea is ok, but it will never work this plain with any game. In one words, it's boring.

There isn't much more to give feedback on, as there isn't much more in this map.

It has been mentioned several times already, but here once again as it couldn't be more true:

Mapping takes time!

You will never manage to create a decent map in less than 5 hours for sure and by the way Crossfire is the worst game I've ever seen. Stick to AC! ;P

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have looked at the map.
i used to play crossfire and i can say, it looks like you pretty much nailed that map.
But i must agree with others, its looks really big and beyond the map requisites.
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i havent tried it yet, but it looks like a nice start to something epic. :D dont worry about the open spaces. some nice walls can kill lag that may be experienced on your map. dont be afraid to enlarge your map so you can have more depth beyond the realm of the "playing field", if you will. also, keep in mind that all pickups should be added for good measure, but not too close. add 30 ffa, 20 rvsf and 20 cla spawns. keep flags to one for each team. and give the map some height. instead of one level playing field, have some hills, valleys, bridges or whatever to kill repetitiveness.

Duckett, i sense our little feud all over again. this is totally uncalled for. keep this in mind. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." in kindergarten did you ever make some sculpture that was so dang ugly but you loved it cause u made it? coopers feel this way. there are no perfect maps, as tastes change, alongside the technology used to build it.

have i ever judged your maps badly? and do you remember a day when you criticized my maps? 8(
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oh and guys it isnt from the map in cod, its from crossfire (the game), a map called crosshair.
this isnt my best attempt at making a map, i was just bored so i made a 10 minute map thats pretty fun in gameplay. please do try it out!
just another thing, iwas making it in a server with cpt.j.wack so he must have made the fextra flag bases :(. as i said this was only a rough making of crosshair and it isnt even done yet! i am currently making mine pickups and trying to find better textures!

just another thing to, akimbo wont let me upload new files sooo.............
what should i do?
where could i upload it?
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You can upload new files! :)

Go to the vault and change your upload.

edit: additionally I use as good space to store all my personal creations so they can be quickly and easily retrieved :)
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I honestly don't like your map, but if you keep mapping I bet you can get Better, plus your name is jack and I support you xD
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This reminded me of 1.0. Then I cried.

Anyway, in all seriousness, everything I would say has already been said.
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lol! pur-lease! i made this map in 5minutes and 32 seconds! (looked up the time on one of my many mods). lol i have made 27 maps! 19 "fun" maps and 8 official looking ones! but ever since i decided to release one map that took me the least time, and i get all this bulls***.
personally i am never going to release a map again!
i will release some of my maps to my clan, which is |FOX|! but otherwise thanks for spoiling my dream D: nah i know it was a bad map, i may release one of my really good maps, if that gets some good comments then ill keep on mapmaking! otherwise im sticking to my clan.
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What bulls***?
There was bulls***?
It seems that pretty much everyone in this thread has been constructively critical about your map. Not a whole lot of bulls*** goin' on 'round here.
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(10 Apr 11, 11:33PM)!jack! Wrote: i welcome critisism!

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as in critiscm, i mean improvement notes (tips)
not "Your Horrible Get A Life"
and as i said before, it was like one of my worst maps, i have even made an Railway Station, but F*** you,
to be honest i like most of the people and try to be friendly, but on the forum every1 is like way worse, except for people who told me to keep on trying ( I LOVE YOU'S)
but otherwise Get A Life,
Only $2.99
Aisle 2 Aldi
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The only person who wasn't honest and fairly constructive was Duckett and Viper's earliest posts (Duckett was also being honest, just violently so). Viper has since then said some highly constructive things and given you some quite good advice.
There are people who have said that they don't like your map, but that is just honesty. Many of them also gave advice to how you can improve your mapping skills or at least supported you.
jAcKRoCk* Wrote:I honestly don't like your map, but if you keep mapping I bet you can get Better, plus your name is jack and I support you xD
Y'know what I mean?
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