Greenish blockish sword
JSchweigert PM'd me if I could make a blockish sword, I told him "sure" but forgot about it ._.

Anyway... here it is :)

[Image: 0001b.png]

Download it here

PS. This is totally not the Minecraft sword. I've never even heard about that game... you will see the model is OC and the skin is different...
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I want. I NEED!

[Image: 20110415.jpg]

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Did you ask Notch for permission?
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Sent it now, I'll add the link again as soon as I get a respond
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It looks so pixelated Retro. LOL

When there is a download, will it be a map model or a knife mod?
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hahaha awesome :)

[Image: 20110511.jpg]
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Oh wow! Thanks, a_slow_old_man! :D
This looks awesome! I'll definitely download once Notch gives permission!
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You little rascal. :D

Nice work a_slow_old_man. now what about a pickaxe?
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Thats class!!!
Imagine the satisfaction when you gib someone with that.
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Soon the crossover will be complete, then we can raid a Minecraft server and steal all their flags!!!!1
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And add bots (mobs) textures mapmodels skymaps.gif sounds handskin playermodels weapons miscs java-codes poor textures...
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(10 May 11, 07:38PM).ExodusS* Wrote: poor textures...

nah jk, cant expect Highres at a 40mb game ^^
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Lols i love it, its kinda ugly but still, gibbing someone with it is indeed pure satisfaction
Recommended download for sure
Haha u cant download it anymore luls u guys shoulda been fast like me (brag)
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Well.. Thats like soooo cool :)
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Can Someone Repost...?
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Do want.
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Whens the "block" going to be a melee weapon :D

You just got stoned to death by my rock block (rhymes :-D) would be awesome.
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Hmm...the "block" could be a grenade....
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I would like to see the wood shovel, and or the red spam. :D

Epic work on the sword a_slow_old_man
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Updated, now with own texture, since Notch didnt reply to my mail or any other trys to conntact him...
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#24 it actually a different texture?
;) ;)
;) ;) ;)
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Never question a_slow_old_man.

Nice "Greenish-Blockish Sword"
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(09 May 11, 04:31PM)a_slow_old_man Wrote: PS. This is totally not the Minecraft sword. I've never even heard about that game... you will see the model is OC and the skin is different...

What is "Minecraft"? :S
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Hehe... It would be cheaper on polys if it was a straight blade and btw, what is "sword"? :P
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Yes, I'm sorry, I'm not that experienced in modelling :D
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Haha! Yeah indeed, but never mind.

There's one guy who's chucking out great models any once in a while. Too bad I just can't remember the name. Weird it was right there a second ago, like I read it just somewhere in front of my me...

However, maybe this particular guy will make some blender tuts for you! :D

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