100 things to do in ac before you die
25. Make it so the shotguns cant splatter anymore
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26. Have someone say "The shotgun is a pr0 weapon!!!11oneone" ;)
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27. Some make ac_anticheat actually work ;)
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(22 May 11, 10:57PM)paulmuaddibKA Wrote: ...Pregnantgirl16...

Nice one xD
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28 - play an inter with PregnantGirl16 vs Sanzo and Echo

29 - beat analpanda in a proper 1v1
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30. Kill 3 people with one shutgun bullet.
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31. Make a nice 1v1 tourney. Ups, i guess EnTy already nailed this one :p
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32. Gib at least 19 active people in a public server.
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33) Play so well that a newb actually thinks you are actively hacking his computer.
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35. Troll its forums
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36. Teach people how to count (unless that post was kinda self-containing ;) )
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37. Post more than 3 threads a day that are pointless and just outright trolling.

38. Accomplish a task by reading the docs.
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39.play through a 99 min woop dm match
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What exactly is a 99 min w00p dm match?
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/connect hlin.woop.us 9999
Connected to server
Desert Village by Arghvark and makkE
Game mode is "DM"
Time remaining: 99 minutes
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40) Try to pass a vote of CTF power on a @camper server.
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41. laugh at halo because he lost 3 members.
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42. after someone has made a post after you in this thread, add another 'thing to do in ac before you die' in yours to make it look like the person after you can't count.
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43. Ignore Shorty. How many successful clans has he formed?

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Halo, Shorty, stop before I ban you both. I already warned you both.

44) Dont get banned on the forums!

45) Help contribute to the community by not flaming.
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45) Listen to Ronald, he's always right, his post count says so. Afterwards rage because he banned you because he felt like banning you because of your behavior. Which in turn, conflicts with the banning of every single one of the ac forum members without an avatar.

46) Don't listen to whatever i rambled on about, i drank a bottle of cordial straight.

47) Then think that whoever rambled on about the rambling session is amazing because that person who rambled, was in fact a rambling sonofagun, who doesn't have a proper brain, and also has 20 pairs of chromosomes which means he is a mutant who deserves some politically enhanced Julia Gillard face repairing pills, because the chromosomes had to do with his face.

48) All of a sudden, remember that his face is the face of a god/beast/urt player/ac player/hi-5 game player/facebook games player/pinball hacker. So his face just has a mutant mole with a small black hair inside of it, on the left nostril hole, next to the foot.

49) Realize that after skim reading this bs that Rr's comment is actually a thing to do.
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50) Make my 3rd official ac map.
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(22 May 11, 10:52AM)pweaks Wrote: 19. Play a single game without AR (legacy)

51) Learn not to cry about a weapon in a game.

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52) Learn to cry about a weapon in game like a pro.
e.g. *presses t, "LOL NICE SHOT!!!!"
* presses y "aSgalsFdfdsjfgsg what a nucking foob, why does that weapon have to be so farking overpowered, i mean cmon, its such a gay weapon what kind of noobs use it! your|one|name: "hey what?"..... fml.
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53) Ignore spammers.
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54) Gid every member of this forum
so far I have ..... 3
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55) learn not to think you're gods gift to ac because you're a mod or because you're 'big on the forums'
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56) Thank Pwnage for how successful the TyD ladder is

57) Thank w00p for hosting a teamspeak

58) Do something that makes you a dev ;)

59) Troll RK for 30 days straight asking him to make [email protected] an official map.
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60) Suck up to the 'community elite' for brownie points
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61: Help xantar create the next great camper map, watch as it gets played over and over and over and over and over and over again. Sit back and enjoy your AC success.

62: Learn how to beat the current scoring system, so that you can teamkill all day, and not get kicked or banned from server. :D

63: Become a mod, and abuse your rights.

Mod Edit: Get Real, Cmon, offtopic, censorship, you know, warned, threads like this invite trolls.

Real Mod Edit: Censorship is a harsh thing. <3 V&J

64: Use a cheat/ trainer and get CDBL'd from MS. <-- jamz edit

65: Understand that no one cool plays AC. Mostly just a bunch of goofy looking noobs [aka trolls] that can't play Halo or COD. [except a certain few, less then 20]

66: Learn cs, so you can write auto name changing script and spam servers.
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