The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(30 Mar 12, 04:33AM)MorganKell Wrote: All I require is a donation of shimmy tavkslamubrtaizzlewhipshakey

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Quote:[17:53:38] * Alcatraz ([email protected]) has joined #PBClan
[17:54:01] <+Alcatraz> Hello friends !
[17:54:14] <+acinter> Bye!
[17:54:14] * +acinter (~DEBUGGING) Quit (Quit:)
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<00:19:46> "Mystered": kkk
<00:20:01> "MeLonE": kk
<00:20:07> "Mystered": k
<00:20:12> "MeLonE": kkk
<00:20:16> "Mystered": kkkk

<00:22:51> "MeLonE": are u interested in football?
<00:23:32> "Bunnysoul": i love to play with my balls

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Quote:(19:07:39)<SKB>how we may entertain you, your highness?
(19:07:55)<Gibstick>take off your shirt
(19:08:14)<SKB>don't have it on
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(01 Apr 12, 04:52AM)Undead Wrote: pm me for troll lessons

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(01 Apr 12, 01:49AM)[MEW2]GROUDON Wrote: Ok, guys, I am now talking in my serious voice.
From the past week and a bit, i have now been getting names of the people who have posted and now asking you if you have posted to add your [MEW2] tag to your name. The names of the people who were interested were.
Please post below if you didn't want to join or were asking for a clan match as I may have made mistakes.
Remember, the player name struture for this clan is [MEW2]+Pokemon Name
Names for pokemon are avaliable here.
You have 1 week to respond so i can get a confirmed list of dedicated members.
[MEW2]GROUDON (Harrison Crane)
Seems legit.
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(01 Apr 12, 01:47AM)paulmuaddibKA Wrote: -Hey you! *points at random reader*, learn from Marti !
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(01 Apr 12, 10:35AM)Mystered Wrote: The terrible and feared admin abuser strikes again ! Beware
(01 Apr 12, 01:48PM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: You're gonna get blacklisted for that :P
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Report : Ne_Me-Rate_Pas
(01 Apr 12, 06:30PM)LySioS Wrote:
Quote:mm we cant blacklist all teamkillers and Im not sure it is a good idea.
We all have been a teamkiller, the first to deny it will be teamkilled.
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(03 Apr 12, 12:22AM)MorganKell Wrote: Im sorry I nearly had a seizure when I saw "Forum Rule" in that post Myke. There is something we must keep in mind... Zarj ain't SHIT! So a thread topic reads URGENT, shimmy son of a crack addict who made it, no offense Alex but you're pasty till I say otherwise, they'll get their answer in due time. Shit when did people around here start worrying about the wording of threads?? It's all about the game girls!! The mutha fking BOOMshottyblasting SMGfleshshredding SNIPERriflefuckupyourday AR34PerfectDarkinyourfaceyabigdisgrace NADESOMGILOVELOVELOVENADES KNIFEgottadsliceyochickenasslikegrass PISTOLslapitlikeabitch and THUNDERHIT THAT SHOT STRAIGHT UP ALL DAY LONG!!!! That's what this game is about. Not some forum rules made by a gomer bitch. Before him and after him we know forum rules. This is AC. The forums are a place to commiserate, to drink and refresh ourselves after a long bloody day of combat. Now to get back on topic before Wolf or another sexually badass mod popblockitrockets my ass into next year... shimmy you'll find all the help you need here. Odds are its what Myke said. Kinda sad how range bans are destroying or youth ain't it? Love ya! :). Seriously though just play as much you can and prove yourself a valiant shimmy and odds are you'll be able to score some epic admin passes to get you around any obstructions. As for installing AC right... shit that's all you. The one thing I know how to do, drunk or sober, is install AC. Shits my lifeblood. DRINK UP HOMIE and may you find PEACE and HAPPINESS in AC. I know I have! FUCK YEAH!!!

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MK should lay off the sauce if he is going to post on the forums. xD
(03 Apr 12, 12:49AM)Mai Mee Tur Wrote: Just throwing it out there, but I'd like to give a birthday shout out to AEKOM!

Happy birthday man!...
(03 Apr 12, 01:55AM)Aekom Wrote: :/ It's not my bday.
(03 Apr 12, 02:43AM)GDM Wrote: Haha, so modest!
How old are you now?
(03 Apr 12, 05:27AM)Aekom Wrote: Yes

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Quote:<LeaN> Hi All
<tipper> whoa! he's gonna fall over O_O
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Ha! Made even better by the fact tipper was the one to say it.
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supergemaz by suckers was just voted.

[Image: derp.png]
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Thread: Assault Cube MEMES
In response to:
(05 Apr 12, 04:29PM)Undead Wrote: if you post an image in this thread i automatically hate you regardless of our prior stances

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(06 Apr 12, 10:47PM)_29A Wrote:
(06 Apr 12, 10:37PM)Mael Wrote: Everyone please, do not rush to judgement. Clearly walrus10 has a concern about the legitimacy of a fellow player's skills and it is the community's job to take these complaints to heart and do our best to get to the bottom of it.

After a lengthy, scientific study I realize walrus10 is right about these players. There is indisputable evidence in this image that professional hackery took place in this game. If you view the pixels encircled in the following images you'll see the evidence for yourself.

[Image: 34gxeo2_th.jpg]

I fiddled with the knobs to turn up the color-constrastration and the evidence becomes clear, even to a novice pixel peruser.

[Image: jgr0qb_th.jpg]

Is it just a coincidence that when the color-constrastration was turned up the enemy player becomes clear? I think not.

Last here are the images above in an enhanced, side-by-side viewing format.

[Image: 9u9rg3_th.jpg]

I'd like to thank walrus10 for bringing this issue to our attention. If it were not for your keen eye this mystery would have passed unnoticed.

You're the hero today walrus10.

Not the hero we deserve.

But the hero we need.

This is caused by JPEG compression, idiot.
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Quote:[7:47pm] |KH|Boomeh_LIVES: i got band practice.... gn all!
[7:47pm] |KH|Boomeh_LIVES: :D
[7:47pm] |KH|Boomeh_LIVES left the chat room. (Quit: Oops. My brain just hit a bad sector)
[7:47pm] Princess-: Fucking triangle players
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Thread My ip, about a brother hacking.
(08 Apr 12, 02:54PM)LySioS Wrote: So typical.

I think jamz should pardon the one person that will find an awesome excuse for cheating. Kind of boring to hear the same thing every time.

Those to avoid:
My brother/cousin did it. (used too many times)
I didn't know it was cheating. / I don't know anything about cheating. (just lol)

Let's try some new ones:
My sister did it.
My nyancat did it.
I got hacked by anonymous.
I changed for a faster ISP, that's why you thought I was speedhacking.

Be creative
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<B}Ronald_Reagan> Heyo OpTic
<B}Ronald_Reagan> well
<B}Orynge> :>
<B}Ronald_Reagan> I actually meant to say Heyo optus
<prolet> lolmao
<OpTic> pft
<B}Ronald_Reagan> But heyo to both
<OpTic> im optic and im offended
<prolet> optic: kick his ass
<optus> im optus and im also offended
<B}Ronald_Reagan> Good
<B}Ronald_Reagan> Wouldn't expect anything less
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[Image: FUINr.jpg]

Now, don't you just love MyBB bugs?
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(09 Apr 12, 09:32PM)XKluTcHM0nSt3RX Wrote: Recently While browsing Qaudropolis by pure accident I found a mod.
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Don't you just love double posts? :>
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(10 Apr 12, 01:10AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote:
(09 Apr 12, 09:32PM)XKluTcHM0nSt3RX Wrote: Recently While browsing Qaudropolis by pure accident I found a mod.

To be honest, a lot of the things you find on that website aren't real mods. At best, you'll probably just find maps and "babbys first mod" retexture stuff that shouldn't really cound as a real mod.
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(09 Apr 12, 09:33AM)[MEW2]GROUDON Wrote: @jAcKRoCk* & Edward:

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

I'm taking your names off the list because i'm nice. =D
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Quote:[6:48pm] CaptainAhab: Q, are you a member of various Doom IRC channels?
[6:49pm] Jg99: Q is the irc admin bot for quakenet
[6:49pm] CaptainAhab: <---feels stupid

He is following you!
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[Image: 25i3v5k.png]

i lol'd for ages
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(11 Apr 12, 03:28AM)yourconscript Wrote: i dont know when i play camper im usually on the ground floor
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YourSister=ITA= says: 'Im the best player of Assaultcube'
YourSister=ITA= says: 'kinda'

EnTy Wrote:ALALALA bando de coalinha da indónesia...
tempest Wrote:Could you go back to english, please, everyone. Also, it would be really kind if someone could translate or at least describe what EnTy let loose here.
PiToN Wrote:ALALALA lot of koalas in Indonesia...
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[19:44] =-=Mode #one-chat +o GENERAL_KUTUZOV by EMPEROR_FABULOUS
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[19:44] <Bigbaddy>lol
[19:44] <EMPEROR_FABULOUS>!kb bigbaddy[/cubescript]
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