The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
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Don't know where else to put it
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I lol'd for a full 60 seconds. XD
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I did the same on my forums, to prove to myself I'm not fully MySQL ignorant. I reverted it back...
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*sigh* I guess I'll have to catch up...

(30 Dec 10, 12:01AM)TheAngelofMeth Wrote: @Gibstick: Thanks for that man, but I dont know if its worked. I'm on some chat thing and it says: (#OpOnslaught) Welcome to the Operation: Onslaught IRC! Please keep profanity to a minimum and if possible, language to English!

Am I on the clan now? And if so what's the clan tag? Any advice is much appreciated.
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Quote: <pwnage-> I'm the girl
<pwnage-> So I'm to sexy for all of you
<pwnage-> ...I got nice legs..

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(29 Dec 10, 02:19AM)Area.51 Wrote: I Made a gema and iv'e gotten lots of problems . People who connect to the server and the map is being played for many people it says map deemed unplayable can any of you help me so people can play my gema some people just spawn normally and for some many say deemed unplayable Please help Thanks (:

(29 Dec 10, 02:03PM)JMM Wrote: Under the new laws and statutes of Soviet Assaultcube, gema maps are banned. Gema/fun/training maps are an imperfection, a great impurity of our motherland and anyone wanting to play such maps is a weakling not worthy of life. It is responsibility of every good comrarade to cleanse this mighty nation of such low-life, for this is the only way a nation will prosper.

An agent of the Federal Brahma of Investigation will soon be dispatched to rid us of you and the likes of you.


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cshih1calvin Wrote:lolololol is unarmed really that famous I see him EVERYwhere
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mogthor Wrote:Here are some bits of information for you to chew on.

Fact: Having a cross-hair (unscoped) on a sniper rifle would give you an unfair advantage.

Fact: Installing a mod, or changing the files to make a cross-hair on the sniper is cheating, and you can be blacklisted for it.

Fact: One can put a piece of clear tape with a cross-hair drawn on it in the middle of their screen (to give then a semi-permanent cross-hair for the sniper) and no cheat detecting software in the world would detect it, and then haven't change a file on their computer.

Something to make you think, huh? Discuss!
I doubt many people haven't read this, but here it is anyway!
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JohnCena> Wrestling satisfies nutrional requirements
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[11:22:57] <@Foo> LOL
[11:22:59] <@Foo> CENTRE
[11:23:08] <@Foo> AND YOU'RE THAT THIN
[11:23:13] <@Foo> FROM NOW ON
[11:23:15] <@Sp33dy> :D
[11:23:19] <@Foo> YOU WILL BE NAMED
[11:23:24] <@Foo> ILGAUSKAS
[11:23:35] <@Sp33dy> :D
[11:23:39] <@Sp33dy> trolol
[11:23:53] <+V|eR|mi> "Your man in the middle, seven foot two, from a weird country called Lithuania. He's ugly as shit! Vakidis!
[11:24:57] <@JohnCena> Sp33dy a man in the middle , seven foot two , from a poor country called Lithuania. He's ugly as shit! Arvydas
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JohnCena: John Cena will kill all AUS soldiers with a blink of eye
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Sp33dy> this is the biggest shit ever
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[14:05:05] <@V|eR|mi> phenix disrtibuted hacks
[14:05:06] <@Foo> wat
[14:05:08] <@V|eR|mi> or smt
[14:05:09] <@Nimueh> wat
[14:05:12] <@Foo> the hacker
[14:05:15] <@Nimueh> stop the bs Vermi
[14:05:23] <@Foo> do you deny these allegations Phoenix
[14:05:30] <+Phoenix> no >: D
[14:05:35] <@Nimueh> wat
[14:05:40] <+Phoenix> or yes :D
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13:59 <Foo> I EQUATE W00P TO XU

13:53 <Foo> who's the blackest person in the clan
13:53 <Nimueh> ME
13:53 <Foo> obviously NIMUEH
13:53 <Nimueh> DEFFO
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all quotes about me or |eR| -_-
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<Medusa> undead is like my dog, looks scary but all he wants to do is cuddle

<victor_blz> hes like a non retarded form of eR
<victor_blz> that knows how to troll

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(04 Jan 11, 05:00PM)pufig Wrote: that wonderful Sauerbraten have very UGLY personages,with brake noise faces and bodies

(04 Jan 11, 02:11PM)Darkbee Wrote: In Soviet Russia Internet explores YOU!
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<Gibstick> there's a reason why Asian girls are tight
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^Tight as in good friends with teh Gibstick 9_9
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[Image: 20101108220703acdouzeto.jpg]

I keep reminding Maj.Hillis of this. :D
(Plz don't get mad at me?)
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lol its all in good fun....

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God damnit we need the "Thankful"-button back xD
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(05 Jan 11, 11:49PM)Mael Wrote: Only a period can stop a runaway sentence.
^^^ Very well said.

Why is what I posted here? Its embarrassing! Are you teaching people to cheat? /cry (slightly jking)
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Quote:* You are trying to post a message too quickly after posting a previous message. Please wait 1 more second.

F*** YOU. Hehe.
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<jamz>I've just had an email from my boss:
<jamz>"How?s the update to the thing going so that you can update the other thing and make our new thing work?
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(06 Jan 11, 05:14PM)Dade Wrote: Regarding Sniper-Pistol Combo for example, a random kill maybe not be cause of penalization but repeat it once and once again will probably got consequences. Of course, I would not 'suggest' anyone to kill someone carrying the flag with this Combo.

As for the 'why', from my side I can say two main reasons:
- 100% void any kind of discussion related with demo reviews about if certain switches are scripted or not
- Snipers are intended for support, not for rush :)

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(28 Dec 10, 11:43PM)CyberKlown28 Wrote: Well in every FPS I've played(lots) noscoping is very "nooby" in most player's eyes.
and quickscoping is very "pro". (is this different on assault cube ?!?!?!?!?)
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(20 Dec 10, 04:00AM)Dark$aint Wrote:
(20 Dec 10, 12:36AM)DES|V-Man Wrote: I meant, what relation exists there? Friends? Lovers? Siblings? Third cousins twice removed?
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In a discussion on command lines:
Quote:<Gibstick> what's that thing that takes all args
<quinnw> Your mom.
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