Admin Abuse
admin abuse from the DTF Server they kicked me for no reason i went back they kicked me again for no reason then they banned me

can someone stop this?
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The best way to fix this is to not visit the server anymore. Feel free to make an entry here.
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Only a period can stop a runaway sentence.
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actually Elven you were kicked and banned for your vulgar language and for disturbing the peace in the server:

[] Elven|SoA| says: 'fags'


[] Elven|SoA| says: 'he can go to hell 4 all i care'

// Mod edit: Removed the IP as it has nothing here to do.
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(05 Jan 11, 11:49PM)Mael Wrote: Only a period can stop a runaway sentence.

This has to go in the AC quotes thread.
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I said that because your member was telling me to **** off and to leave
but as i said in the quote "he modded my *******map" which he did
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Look if you come to OUR clan server, start yelling and swearing at one of OUR clan members, get kicked, come back and then come back again YOU'RE GOING TO GET BANNED!!!!!!!!! END OF STORY!!!!!
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Please, take this to an IRC or the clan forum. This forum is not for pointless posts about "he did this" and "he did that" Don't make a post on the forums about this useless crap, simply take this fight elsewhere.
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I have a solution, bl all the lame servers in the ms so we don't have all these lame useless threads on these forums.....
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Post a blacklist report about the people who were playing on your map. That's what you should have done to begin with.

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