The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(15 Feb 12, 07:27PM)pweaks Wrote: [Image: f50dh2.jpg]

[Image: 8lirp.jpg]
[Image: IHi8V.jpg]
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lmfao are AW 12 years olds or just vegetables?
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(17 Feb 12, 11:04PM)D1551D3N7 Wrote:
(17 Feb 12, 11:44PM)Nightmare Wrote: A Spaceship.

That's a cool idea, but that would be a challenge. I could probably only do the inside though.
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<15:29:46> "Pweaks": where did you get these?
<15:29:52> "Mati": it's fake
<15:29:54> "Mati": lol
<15:29:56> "[email protected]": mope
<15:29:57> "Pweaks": :D
<15:30:00> "server": ur penis is fake
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Thread Where do you live?

(20 Feb 12, 11:44AM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: Maidstone, Kent, UK.

(20 Feb 12, 11:44AM)Vanqu!sh Wrote:
(20 Feb 12, 11:50AM)jamz Wrote: Liar.
If you're not lying, you just freaked me out.


(20 Feb 12, 12:13PM)RealViking Wrote: inb4 jamz turns out to be Vanqu!sh's dad

(20 Feb 12, 12:11PM)jamz Wrote: ...because I live in Maidstone.

(20 Feb 12, 12:38PM)jamz Wrote:
(20 Feb 12, 12:17PM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: What part of Maidstone do you live in? I'm from Loose specifically (its like a village outside of Maidstone) xD

The southern end of Tovil, just next to you.

(20 Feb 12, 01:17PM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: That's like 2 miles away?! zomglolwtfv63

Quite a love story , XD.
Sorry if my quoting skills lead to unreadable post, Ive tried my best. If you dont understand, just go to the thread:
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I'll be in the area next week monday and tuesday (chatham/gillingham/faversham/gravesend) so i'm up for a pint with any fellow (if age permit that is of course).
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(22 Feb 12, 12:49AM)DES|Cleaner Wrote: I'll be in the area next week monday and tuesday (chatham/gillingham/faversham/gravesend) so i'm up for a pint with any fellow (if age permit that is of course).

just look for the guy wearing the gas mask
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[17:05:05] <+H3LL> no i know fluently english ^^

[17:49:26] <@Lies> Yo come up with a better nickname
[17:49:29] <@Lies> Wear it oroudly
[17:49:42] <@Lies> im sorry but I dont have a p key on my keyboard
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(19 Feb 12, 12:08PM)RealViking Wrote: lmfao are AW 12 years olds or just vegetables?

+1 :)

[Image: 314709AW5.jpg]

(Kick without reason, just rager...) lol ! xD
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Quote:<al3rt> hi, do you have a script that automatically changes from sniper to pistol when you shoot?
<Undead> thats illegal
<al3rt> but everytime you shot on your montage it automatically changed to pistol even though the enemy died
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* CuzImB} doesn't want to live on this planet anymore
<prolet> ...
* CuzImB} peace out i'm headed to Titan
<prolet> lol
<B}Droid> or pandora
<prolet> he's afk though
<prolet> titan doesnt play ac
<CuzImB}> oh
<CuzI'mB}> har har har
<prolet> and viper closed pandora
<CuzImB}> lol!
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[19:29:51]    sgtd    our choir may be going to London, England
[19:29:59]    prolet    Aekom
[19:30:05]    sgtd    lol yep
[19:30:34]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Nice
[19:30:37]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Aekom
[19:30:39]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Show him 'round
[19:31:01]    sgtd    lol i may need to stay with him :>
[19:31:02]    Aekom    oo you coming to london?
[19:31:10]    Aekom    lol..oh i get it now ¬_¬
[19:31:15]    prolet    inb4 aekom or sgt is a rapist
[19:31:16]    sgtd    lol wat
[19:31:19]    sgtd    haha
[19:31:23]    Aekom    he's a squatter
[19:31:25]    sgtd    i do have "that" voice
[19:31:51]    sgtd    my professor only gave some tidbits of info
[19:32:21]    sgtd    basically we learn from Englands teachers and my professor will give classes there
[19:32:41]    sgtd    its more complicated but that's the general gist
[19:32:59]    Aekom    you'll most probably be in west london for this
[19:33:02]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Don't do it Aekom
[19:33:05]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    He's going to rape you
[19:33:08]    Aekom    ikr
[19:33:10]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    With a condom that says "eQ"
[19:33:12]    prolet    lol
[19:33:16]    sgtd    lol he's much bigger than me
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[00:00] <+jamz> I've dealt with it by deleteing the thread and changing zarj's password
[00:00] <+DES|Cleaner> but what Aekom showed us may explain it
[00:00] <+jamz> he can talk to me when he wants his accont back
[00:01] <+jamz> acunt*
[00:01] <+Shorty> account*
[00:01] <+DES|Cleaner> XD
[00:01] <+jamz> no - I was right second time
[00:01] <+ilucky> lol
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(29 Feb 12, 04:54AM)Cemer Wrote:
(28 Feb 12, 11:25PM)Z3R0 Wrote: [Image: 6939423061_1165445571_b.jpg]

thats me!

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Quote:<X-Ray_Dog> im trying to fap brb
<B}Droid> do it!
<B}Idlesauce> do or do not
<B}Idlesauce> there is no try
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(02 Mar 12, 10:40AM)Undead Wrote:
(02 Mar 12, 06:53AM)Pi_Halo Wrote: AC official map: ac_power, ac_mines, ac_outpost, ac_werk
custom map: ac_venganza, ac_ruinas1.1, apollo_abbey, ac_oasis just to name a few (a have a huge list of custom maps I like, loads of jiba and floppy maps there)

I'm going to go out on a branch and say that original means maps that aren't like any other, a stand out map that doesn't fit to a single theme, in which case this is my list: ac_metl3, ac_graben, some of the a_slow_old_man maps, ac_wildwest (yes snoosnoo, even you), and others

thats my short list on each, enjoy

i love you and your maps i have a framed 240x320 picture of you next to my bed.
would you please sign it?

your loyal subject
- General Fabulous
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<kandrew> OMG. Where did all the DES come from?!
<B}Ronald_Reagan> Tipper and Medusa
<DES|OpenSource> lol
* B}Ronald_Reagan did not just say that
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Quote:[01:29am] B}Ronald_Reagan: That was in such bad taste :(
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<Y_U_NO_Think3r>: B}ShadowZ Y_U_NO_Think3r!
<B}ShadowZ>: y_u_no_think3r who are you
<B}ShadowZ>: i thought you quit AC
<B}ShadowZ>: and you changed your avatar
<B}ShadowZ>: so i'm not interested
<B}ShadowZ>: D:

30 minutes later

<Y_U_NO_Think3r>: The deed is done B}ShadowZ
<B}ShadowZ>: ?

10 minutes later

<B}ShadowZ>: ah so y_u_no_think3r u changed ur pro pic
<B}ShadowZ>: interesting
<B}ShadowZ>: weirdo dude who thinks he's a gal
<B}ShadowZ>: D:
<eQ|Lantry>: at least he thinks he's a good looking girl
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(05 Mar 12, 08:23PM)Undead Wrote: ur and idiot
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[11:00:25 PM] Soviet: FU ENGLISH
[11:00:31 PM] Soviet: VOCABELERY
[11:00:31 PM] Soviet: !!!!!!!!
[11:01:07 PM] Marti: vocabulary*
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*** Daithi joined #DedicatedEliteSoldiers
<Daithi>: hi
<Daithi>: am i a friend of a purple people eater?
<Daithi>: nevermind, please reject my forum application too many hoops just to look ata file
*** Daithi left #DedicatedEliteSoldiers
<MykeGregory>: Dafuq?
<jamz>: Have you never signed up to the DES forums, MG?
<MykeGregory>: Me, no?
<MykeGregory>: sounds difficult^^
<jamz>: It's not, as long as you can answer that question
<jamz>: Are you a friend of a purple people eater?
<MykeGregory>: errm...
<MykeGregory>: is it an inuendo?
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Thread, Good Bye Fuerza Elite
(07 Mar 12, 08:49PM)jAcKRoCk* Wrote:
(07 Mar 12, 08:41PM)Z-karIuS Wrote: Driving that cab takes too much time from you jack :/

No I have a laptop right in the middle of the windshield
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(08 Mar 12, 09:42PM)Think3r Wrote: The smg has no spread what so ever.The devs should change that since i read somewhere on this forum,that they gonna beef up the damage for it.
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(09 Mar 12, 09:41AM)X-Ray_Dog Wrote: I swear Americans are so stupid and I have to be one of them
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(09 Mar 12, 11:45PM)#M|A#Wolf Wrote: The effects of alcohol.

(09 Mar 12, 11:46PM)Bukz Wrote: Are amazing.
Lovely man <3
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From the BL thread:
(10 Mar 12, 01:43AM)Synyster..Gates Wrote: i only remember the Ip Adress:
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<B}Misty> ill behead one person at a time
<B}Misty> until the very last one
<B}Misty> this got weird
<B}Misty> quite the genuine feeling, but very weird
<B}Ronald_Reagan> even me?
<B}Ronald_Reagan> :(
<B}Misty> yes, but i'll behead myself too
<B}Misty> so we'll all see each other at limbo
<Mr_OpTic> i'd like to see you do that
<B}Ronald_Reagan> ok
<B}Misty> nothing will change
<Mr_OpTic> er, i mean, i'd like to see u try to do that
<Mr_OpTic> >>
<Woolly> um...
<B}ShadowZ> awks...
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[Image: forumtroll.png]
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lucky Wrote:
I would..if you stop acting like a moron.

Your music sucks anyway

Oh the irony.

Bullied kids be tough on the interwebs.
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