The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
<ICE-CUBE> YEAAH i got so caught up i forgot she told me
<ICE-CUBE> just work that out for me?
<Grillz> lol
<Grillz> Usher is paying commission to you too?
<ICE-CUBE> wtf?
<Grillz> this song is theirs, not yours
player ICE-CUBE disconnected
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(24 Jan 11, 06:52AM)eftertanke Wrote:
(24 Jan 11, 06:49AM)Fate Wrote: [Image: View.aspx?i=nklj0pza.jpg]

Try this:

[facepalm] GENIUS! lol [/facepalm]

[Image: nklj0pza.jpg]
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I don't even...?
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(25 Jan 11, 01:14AM)Gibstick Wrote: I don't even...?

I Don't Even Game?

Someone can delete my post up thar ^ if they want. The one with the correct image link.
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(25 Jan 11, 09:09PM)SuperSniper Wrote:
(24 Jan 11, 11:57PM)|BC|Wolf Wrote: Can a gun actually have horizontal recoil?? By basic physics and logic I'll go with "no", but is there?

Hold it like a gangster

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Dang that was fast
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I've had better.
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Quote:Dunes: I just kneed myself in the eye
VenteX: oh. epic.
Dunes: trying to put on a f*cking shirt.
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(25 Jan 11, 09:24PM)She Wrote: I've had better.

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(26 Jan 11, 08:26PM)DES|V-Man Wrote: Cuz red is hard on the eyes. People complained. Some devs got fired. RandumKiwi is using their skulls as a coffee table.

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(27 Jan 11, 12:36PM)Vermi Wrote:
(27 Jan 11, 12:30PM)Huntsman Wrote: ... How do you get 57 posts in under 15 days?

post 57 times, in under 15 days
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(26 Jan 11, 02:26AM)DrauL Wrote: Myke, are you ginger? xD
yes...what of it? lol

(26 Jan 11, 04:15AM)Darkbee Wrote: You do know that there's only one true way of proving that? And I really think we don't wanna see those pics. :O
...indeed! too many minors...and dudes!

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(27 Jan 11, 07:17PM)Bullpup Wrote: And on his farm he had some bots,


Orynge Wrote:make them run around aimlessly using your remote.
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<+iRobtics> this Channel Works just find
<+[ausD]rauL> What?
<+iRobtics> Fine*
<+[ausD]rauL> lol
<+[ausD]rauL> iRobtics is on his iPhone?
<+[ausD]rauL> :P
<+iRobtics> trying to connect to tbe priv des Channel but it doesnt work
<+[ausD]rauL> did you use the key?
<+[ausD]rauL> :P
<+iRobtics> no iPod ;)
<+[ausD]rauL> That doesnt make sense.
<+[ausD]rauL> ./join channel key?
<+iRobtics> ofc i did
<+[ausD]rauL> What does the status tab say when you try it?
<+iRobtics> Hmm good Idea :D dient Rey it that Way CET
<+iRobtics> CET
<+iRobtics> FFA
<+[ausD]rauL> lol!
<+[ausD]rauL> you mean FFS?
<+[ausD]rauL> xD
<@DES|Robtics> GOD DAMN
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[Image: 20110130052812mpapollod.jpg]
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(30 Jan 11, 06:32AM)VenteX Wrote: [Image: 20110130052812mpapollod.jpg]

He had just been in a coop server where somebody was telling him that to place palm trees he had to put money in their paypal account, bless his dear little soul!
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(14:06:45)<DES|Bukz>/echo (format "%1 and %2, sitting in a %3, %4, first comes %5, then comes %6, then comes a %7 in a %8" bukz gibstick tree kissing love marriage baby baby-carriage
(14:06:54)<DES|Bukz>+ )
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* Ronald_Reagan knew it all along
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Quote:[18:39] <@Reborn> Did a girl break your heart?
[18:39] <@Cactus> yes
[18:39] <@Cactus> and mah penis.
[18:39] <+B}Ronald_Reagan> ouch
[18:39] <@Reborn> what's her name and IP
[18:39] <@Cactus> she tried to see how strong it wus, and it snepped
[18:39] <@Reborn> I'll DDoS her ass
[18:40] <@Reborn> To the internets! BADABADABA
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you got there first
anyways, there's more
Quote:<Cactus> there's a quotes thread?

Quote:<B}Ronald_Reagan> are you trying to make cactus mad?
<Cactus> you can't make me mad
<Cactus> i'm unmadmakeable
<Reborn> oh yeah?
<Reborn> You're not as sexy as chub
<Reborn> or me
<Cactus> well, i already knew that
<Cactus> nothing new
<Reborn> ...
<Foo> or me
<Reborn> wait wait wait
<Reborn> you acknowledged me as sexier than you?
<Reborn> That's going in the quotes thread
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lol I posted what happened after what you posted. :P

[21:18] <+kchub> makes
[21:18] <+kchub> me lose
[21:18] <+kchub> faith
[21:18] <Fate> what did i miss?
[21:18] <+kchub> in humanity
[21:18] <@Cactus> OH MY GOD
[21:19] <+kchub> lmfao
[21:19] <+kchub> http://www.***** [color=#FFD700]Link partially removed[/color]
[21:20] <@Cactus> oh my fucking what the fuck
[21:21] <+kchub> http://www.***** [color=#FFD700]Link partially removed[/color]
[21:21] <@Cactus> fuckin hell
[21:21] <@Cactus> no more
[21:21] <+kchub> my brain
[21:21] <+kchub> fukn exploded
[21:21] <Fate> wat
[21:21] <Fate> WTF LOL
[21:21] <Fate> fuc sake
[21:21] <+kchub> hahahahahah
[21:21] <+kchub> there is a pic of a chick
[21:21] <+kchub> who isnt that ugly
[21:21] <+kchub> pretty good looking
[21:21] <+kchub> with a dog
[21:21] <@Cactus> that is some seriously disgusting shit
[21:21] <+kchub> WHAT
[21:21] <+kchub> THE
[21:21] <+kchub> HELL
[21:22] <Fate> WTF
[21:22] <@Cactus> and they all seem to act as if they're normal
[21:22] <Fate> NSFW
[21:22] <Fate> NSFW
[21:22] <Fate> NSFW
[21:22] <+B}Ronald_Reagan> !k kchub please read Gamesurge rules, this may not be allowed. Sorry, party crasher
[21:22] == kchub was kicked from #xuclan by ChanServ [(B}Ronald_Reagan) please read Gamesurge rules, this may not be allowed. Sorry, party crasher]
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Quote:(18:17:42)<Freddo>you have no idea how many times people say will you be my GF
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[20:09] <Gibstick> Dude
[20:09] <Gibstick> it's gonna be the first time showering in high school this weekend
[20:09] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Hey Gibstick, didn't notice you there
[20:09] <Gibstick> what do I do?!
[20:09] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> You avoid dropping the soap
[20:09] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Wait no, that's prison...
[20:09] <Gibstick> lol
[20:09] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Still, don't drop the soap, just to be safe
[20:10] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> And don't look at anyone's wang
[20:10] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Keep every conversation, if you must speak, at eye level
[20:10] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> That's about it
[20:10] <Gibstick> Wang lol
[20:10] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> And make sure you're not showering next to a homosexual
[20:12] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> And don't touch anyone else's but
[20:12] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> butt*
[20:12] <Gibstick> ok
[20:13] <@P-TecK> lol
[20:13] <@P-TecK> Ima hate going to high school
[20:13] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> High school is fun :)
[20:13] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> I love it
[20:13] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> I'm kinda sad next year is my senior year
[20:19] <@P-TecK> haha
[20:19] <@P-TecK> I mean the ugh
[20:19] <@P-TecK> showers
[20:20] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> You don't have to take showers
[20:20] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Why would you need to?
[20:20] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> P.E.? I never did
[20:20] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> But granted I don't sweat much
[20:21] <Gibstick> This isn't for P.E
[20:21] <Gibstick> this is for a camp
[20:22] <Gibstick> our school's "leadership" camp
[20:22] <Gibstick> Who cares about showering for p.e
[20:22] <Gibstick> we only have ten minutes; that's not enough
[20:22] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Aaaaaaah nevermind.
[20:23] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Well, I can't help you there then, all of my tips were for dealing with the immaturity of high school freshman
[20:23] <Gibstick> lol
[20:24] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> :P Why must you go to a leadership camp?
[20:27] <Gibstick> cause it's fun
[20:27] <Gibstick> we play games and sleepover
[20:28] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Aaah okay, but it's just the showering and such
[20:29] <Gibstick> meh
[20:29] <Gibstick> our junior bball team has a strategy
[20:29] <Gibstick> shower with boxers on
[20:29] <Gibstick> lol
[20:29] <Gibstick> Have a pair just for showering
[20:29] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Rofl, you know they make shower shorts>?
[20:30] <Gibstick> shower shorts?
[20:30] <Gibstick> for the man who has nothing to hide, but still wants to
[20:31] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Exactly :D
[20:32] <Gibstick> could take that both ways
[20:32] <Gibstick> "nothing to hide" = comfortable with dick
[20:32] <Gibstick> nothing to hide  = no dick
[20:32] <|iC|MaiMeeTur> Rofl... well, I'm sure the lack of boobs would be a dead giveaway

mod edit: soap on a rope
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LMFAO thats all i did in this thread :P
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Maj Wrote:=SA=Maj.Hillis: FOR ALLAH!
=SA=Maj.Hillis suicided

LOL terrorist

Gibstick Wrote:At least bots can edge-jump flawlessly every time, even backwards. Some players can't do it at all (jamz).

lol :L
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GunGlory: in new zealand we burn the food
GunGlory: eat the ashes
LlamaDemon: i wouldn't try cooking any phoenixes, that might go horribly wrong
GunGlory: lol
lunch: hahah
LlamaDemon: excuse me? waiter, there's a flaming bird in my ashes.
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[03:37] <+Infern0> Fate
[03:38] <+Fate> ?
[03:38] <+Infern0> tlets do it
[03:38] <@Darkside_> u_u
[03:38] <+Infern0> :)
[03:38] <+Fate> hmm
[03:38] <+Fate> parents are extremely near the door to my room
[03:38] <@Darkside_> xD
[03:38] <+Fate> im supposed to be doing homework :P
[03:38] <@JoeSmith_> lol
[03:38] <+Fate> them hearing a lot of clicking would be a dead giveaway
[03:38] <+Infern0> lock the door
[03:38] <@JoeSmith_> dark lags while he is in his dorm room
[03:38] <+Infern0> and lets do it
[03:38] <@JoeSmith_> umm what
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Again, they quotes _don't_ have to be funny:

(06 Feb 11, 05:33AM)|BC|Wolf Wrote: In all due respect [email protected], we know you know how you reacted when the 1.0 - 1.1 transition began. We understand that you didn't like it, but you have got to stop with this nostalgia thing! We really don't need more comments from anyone stating how this version has a decline in competitiveness, fun, etc., cause we all know that; however, we are way past that stage into now trying to make the current version better for everyone.

Making a thread of how the current game is deplorable and what good times we used to have in 1.0.4 is just going to achieve more forum space. 1.0.4 was incredibly fun; I agree with you all the way. But I was able to accept the fact that it was time for a change, and I had to get used to a very divergent game and keep having fun. It was obviously hard at first, but once you try and let the game reach you, it becomes great once again, and with the new version coming up everything will hopefully get better.

In your first post you state that we should give credit to Drakas for making the HI-SKILL ladder. I agree with you. At that time, the HI-SKILL ladder was my favorite and I used to play it the whole day, getting a 40 ping in the HUB. It was a wonderful world, it really was. But then you affirmed that without Drakas and his ladder, we; as a community and game, would not be able to grow. That is simply untrue. First off, the game does not need a ladder to grow. Like Syntax mentioned, during the July-August 2009 time without a ladder we all survived and still had amazing pub matches. Second, we do not need Drakas to make the game grow (with absolutely no offense intended here, Drakas). We have seen countless people go, but many people come too. People shall go, and people shall come, and the cycle will go on. There is not ONE player with which the game would not be able to survive without him (not including the devs).

We are all sorry Drakas's ladder failed, for whatever reason it was; lack of money, personal life issues, etc., but it sounds like you are telling us to beg Drakas to come back so we can pay him and make the ladder come back.

AC is AC not because of Drakas's existence, nor because of the ladders. It lives because of the dedication from the devs, and mostly the players ourselves. Without the devs, the game would become unusable trash. And without us, the game would become an old cemetery.

What we need right now is not nostalgic threads of how 1.0 was the best. What we need is more players contributing to the already made threads that were made to make the new version a better game like the ideas thread, weapon/gameplay balance thread, map discussion, etc.

(11 Feb 11, 10:08PM)Brahma Wrote: I want to add a cent to this issue.

@[email protected]
You are not allowed to say a shit about "competitiveness" or "game quality", because you are not able to see the difference of a good player and a cheater.

Also, you are really disrespectful with the people you should respect, pleople that apply endless hours of their lives to make a better community/game for you.

About all other shit: blah blah blah.

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