Degrading Game Quality
In all due respect [email protected], we know you know how you reacted when the 1.0 - 1.1 transition began. We understand that you didn't like it, but you have got to stop with this nostalgia thing! We really don't need more comments from anyone stating how this version has a decline in competitiveness, fun, etc., cause we all know that; however, we are way past that stage into now trying to make the current version better for everyone.

Making a thread of how the current game is deplorable and what good times we used to have in 1.0.4 is just going to achieve more forum space. 1.0.4 was incredibly fun; I agree with you all the way. But I was able to accept the fact that it was time for a change, and I had to get used to a very divergent game and keep having fun. It was obviously hard at first, but once you try and let the game reach you, it becomes great once again, and with the new version coming up everything will hopefully get better.

In your first post you state that we should give credit to Drakas for making the HI-SKILL ladder. I agree with you. At that time, the HI-SKILL ladder was my favorite and I used to play it the whole day, getting a 40 ping in the HUB. It was a wonderful world, it really was. But then you affirmed that without Drakas and his ladder, we; as a community and game, would not be able to grow. That is simply untrue. First off, the game does not need a ladder to grow. Like Syntax mentioned, during the July-August 2009 time without a ladder we all survived and still had amazing pub matches. Second, we do not need Drakas to make the game grow (with absolutely no offense intended here, Drakas). We have seen countless people go, but many people come too. People shall go, and people shall come, and the cycle will go on. There is not ONE player with which the game would not be able to survive without him (not including the devs).

We are all sorry Drakas's ladder failed, for whatever reason it was; lack of money, personal life issues, etc., but it sounds like you are telling us to beg Drakas to come back so we can pay him and make the ladder come back.

AC is AC not because of Drakas's existence, nor because of the ladders. It lives because of the dedication from the devs, and mostly the players ourselves. Without the devs, the game would become unusable trash. And without us, the game would become an old cemetery.

What we need right now is not nostalgic threads of how 1.0 was the best. What we need is more players contributing to the already made threads that were made to make the new version a better game like the ideas thread, weapon/gameplay balance thread, map discussion, etc.
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I agree. Drakas will bring back HI-SKILL when he wants to bring back HI-SKILL. I really don't see how asking for an "improved ladder" here will make HI-SKILL come back.

If anything, we should all flock to IRC and flood him with countless queries to make HI-SKILL return...Although on a more personal note, I've noticed that he's not online as much as he used to be. He apparently now has "a life", to my own dismay :/

Note: If he didn't have a life, he would have posted something here already.
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The little nerd probably got a girlfriend and have better shit to do with his time now (if you known what I mean)
Faking kids, first skirt they see: gone!

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I still dont get how a different name would change the populartity of the ladder servers. Maybe more beginners will come. But the people you are looking for know about them anyways

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(06 Feb 11, 09:13AM)Robtics Wrote: Xeoncross:
I still dont get how a different name would change the populartity of the ladder servers. Maybe more beginners will come. But the people you are looking for know about them anyways
Forget the idea of the name. It's a step, but what would be the goal is to make 1 server the "main" server of the TyD ladder, just like the HUB was.
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well I went to the Hub instead of liberty(another hi-skill server)

don't know if that makes a difference
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We should all meet at Beacon
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(06 Feb 11, 12:08AM)[email protected] Wrote: Now there is no ACWC, no good players, no good competitive servers.

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Less QQ, Moar go play a real fps where lagging doesn't make you invisible and invincible.
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AC was competitive before Hi-Skill. It was competitive after Hi-Skill.

AC was competitive before ACWC(wtf that is, cmon people, 21 century here, Superbowl that shit bitches). It was competitive after ACWC.

AC has always been competitive. Of course you haven't played me yet so I understand that you're worried that you can't find competition. It's alright though, I do occasionally allow mortals to bask in the awesomeness of SMG to the DOME.

Anytime you'd like to go Susan-del I'll be more than willing to tax that ass interest free. Put up or shut up son. :)
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(06 Feb 11, 10:58AM)Vermi Wrote: We should all meet for Bacon

Problem solved.
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this is funny sh*t!!!

the _servers_ means nothing... the ladder was nice as is an alternative to TyD.

if the competition does not exist now its due to transition from 1.0 to 1.1 not servers or a ladder!

i think the servers reporting to the ladder have nice pings, i get from 24 on some to 130 on US (note its the same host i contributed to the HS ladder!!)
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I want to add a cent to this issue.

@[email protected]
You are not allowed to say anything about "competitiveness" or "game quality", because you are not able to see the difference of a good player and a cheater.

Also, you are really disrespectful with the people you should respect, pleople that apply endless hours of their lives to make a better community/game for you.

About all other stuff: blah blah blah.
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1. The thing that would make tyd ladder more popular: edit the HTML and make it more interesting :). I went to hi skill more because I liked the layout and I could enjoy it all. I know we should judge a book by its cover, but when the contents are extraordinary, you wouldnt want the cover to destroy it ey? Also, drakas used loads if colors in his work : attractive.

2. Thank drakas, yes. The knowledge he brought to ac. The combination of top scripting skills, amazing design skills, thought-through clan, wide general knowledge. Practically an idol for young computer users, in my case too :). Just think of it all, acwc; what an idea, what an idea to have it organized like that, what made us all interested? Yes, his knowledge. He did spend too much time on this, maybe yes, but it wasn't lost time, he won't be forgotten. But, since 1.0 went down, it's as if his anxiety has taken over his knowledge. He didn't accept the evolution step, and yes, it wasn't right, but we shan't take away our respect towards him.

3. During the days of hi-skill ac was played more, and yea it was. Nowadays many experienced players are only ingame for matches. But it wasn't like that then, we all played to be the best. We all wanted to be on top. Less clan matches were played then, all because of this one website. So did competitiveness really increase/decrease? No. But it was a competition of another sort.

I wish drakas good luck and thank for all he's done. And for pandel, drakas doesn't need a puppet :)
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I think newcomers choose servers because of the maps played (as someone already said, forgot his name sorry), and imho the others choose servers because of the players connected
A part of the problem is now AC is "mixed", because there aren't really 2 different categories of servers anymore (servers running official or "classic" maps, and servers running headshot-city-like maps)
So now you find all kind of players on every server and it's more difficult to play with "skilled" (I didn't really want to use this word but.. :/) players.
But sometimes, we are many clan players on the same server and we have fun... I wouldn't say there is absolutely no competition. There is still, but less.
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One of the problems with competitive play in the past is it seems to have brought out the worst in some players; cheating, poor behavior endless disputes and trying to moderate and organize fair, well run competitions is a thankless and time consuming job.

The standard of play on the pubs has always been variable and hasn’t changed much as far as I can see since 0.92.
What has changed is the level of skill of those who have been playing for some time and unfortunately, the attitude of many of the players.
Ac, it’s bit like a love affair, it was all smiles and sex at the beginning but now the incompatibilities have shown themselves and the tedium of every day existence with the game can be tiresome.
Get a bit on the side I say, but then I get divorced a lot.
The horrible truth is, just like a lover, you can’t force many changes to the game before it is no longer the game you fell in love with.. It is what it is and acceptance not struggle is likely to be more productive.
There are still good natured, highly skilled games to be had on the pubs and imo that is where they should be; not in some supposedly elite group set apart from the “noobs”.
The dedicated core of ac was all “noobs” once and it was playing with higher skilled players on the pubs that either drove these players to improve their standard of play or leave the game for something less stressful ;)
Leave newer players to play amongst themselves, separate from the vets, and the incentive to improve their standard of play diminishes.
As for the ladder, I think ladders tend to bring out some of the less savory characteristics in many players; I mean, take me for example, I’m a nice boy really but show me a ladder and I become a whore!
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TyD stairs alive, do not know if there were no:)
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To be quite honest, all i see in 1.1 is alot more _TACTICAL_ Games, not the old '1.0 KILL AND WIN' Its about tactics now, some not so skilled players could beat skilled players if they had good tactics, i think this is Pandels problem, he still plays as if its 1.0 Not 1.1...
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(13 Feb 11, 02:12AM)Prime Wrote: To be quite honest, all i see in 1.1 is alot more _TACTICAL_ Games, not the old '1.0 KILL AND WIN' Its about tactics now, some not so skilled players could beat skilled players if they had good tactics, i think this is Pandels problem, he still plays as if its 1.0 Not 1.1...

i agree, less skilled players can still win CM's against higher skilled players, altho rare it can happen, and has. there are a few examples out there, of less skilled teams having half the kills, of the opposing team, but they end up winning cuz of flags. When you know you are not as skilled in killing, you can still win with tactics.

Also liked what tipper said.

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Players level isn't the same on TyD and Hi-skill.
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(13 Feb 11, 02:28AM).ExodusS* Wrote: Players level isn't the same on TyD and Hi-skill.

Yes it is
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What do you mean? Like the points you get for doing something?
Say if you get 10 points per kill or 100 points per flag, if its that i think it is different.
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I'd naturally agree with tipper but for one thing. My awesomeness still finds itself playing pubs AND TyDizzle ladder. So I don't know where the competitiveness is going. Man up girls and lets fight.
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Fuck the stairs. The fact is... AC has lost its great players and won "players forum," as my friend would say Nocu. Clear that the Hi-skill was better, at least for me, because I have the banned ip range in TYD servers, but i'm not bothered by it because i had deban in Hi-Skill and I only enter when I saw good players playing and that's what made me play, test my limits and find people who knew how to play, the sheer pleasure of killing them. If you go into the irc Woop will find players better than those of today, criticizing the [email protected] saying he is crying, they barely know the players who made history in this game.

Google Help Us.

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Tipper saving the day again.

for the lack of players, i just can say hopefully there'll be an ultimate version to place without stressing about the first impression got so far the first two minutes of a game and continuously put on grill more flaws about the new values. i give you an advice then, keep playing and get in touch with them as you did in past.

after 1.1 i couldn't deal with these changes. it was keep it or leave it. yet hard for me, quitting the game after see the disgraceful perform i was having right after the further updates. as much as i had no reason to stick around i'd say thankfully the most rewarding reason of clan purpose attached me over my feelings. though not really interested about the current values being stand by yet i couldn't bother on talk about how community in game is doing or weapon effect, having some flashbacks of much drama on forums aswell.

without expecting anything of this game back just felt aside of any opinion regarding to changes. still i could complain right now, but i am starting to feel people assume they will get his game back, as getting your christmas gift expecting something already inside before open it, that won't happen.

as far of pros players, indeed they could still being around there, using alias, or just having nostalgia and suddenly appear somewhere in a server anytime.

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I would play on the TyD servers but for some reason im range banned on the server of justice servers. Pwnage if your reading this can you look into this as this happend when i was gone from AC 4.242 are the first part of it so maybe it could be a Range ban.and also i played on the HS more because of the ping Normally i would get 180 ping on it (which would be my best ever) but on TyD i get around 350-400 with constantly getting lagged out which is why i hardly play them.Also for me the ladder site is sorta confusing. Ive tried to look up my stast but i never seem to be able to find them :/
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the servers of justice are owned by jamz

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oh very sorry
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(06 Feb 11, 12:17AM)Lantry Wrote: The only thing you actually suggest is to "give some credit to drakas".
I noticed that as well... What were you trying to actually accomplish with this inflammatory thread?

Drakas made many wonderful contributions to AC. I and many others are very grateful for that. Perhaps the reason Drakas left is because he was disappointed to find that these contributions, and any, no matter how great, do not justify a sour attitude toward everyone in general in this community.
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AssaultCub is getting new players, new clans, new phucking awesomeness. I don't really give a *. Granted some features need to *ing fixed, but that's happening. Apparently there is something called an SVN that is fixing everything! So the question... why all you maaaaad? AssaultCube might not be what it used to be but it's time you got *ING used to it. I had to accept it when we changed to 1.0.4, stupid recoil SM*CK, .93FTW, and now you all have to accept it for 1.8billion. Shit happens. Get over it and *ING OWNSLAP *S OOONCEY SHIMMY TRIPLEPOST THROWDOWN STYLE you white SUBURBAN lazy *es FROM *. STUPID silly *s. DIFFERENT countries, WORLD, i DON'T care WHERE you FROM, just PULL your HEAD out YOUR * and BRING your A-GAME, you * NEWBS!!!!!!!!

In my never-ending quest for style and expression through multiple beers I went for CAPS LOCK-ing every other word. I hope it worked. All you ladies can complain and complain about how AC is different, but you have got NOTHING on those of us who played real AssaultCube. So BACK THE * UP! SHUT UP, AND PLAY THE *ING GAME!! YOU * DUETSCHFRUITS.

Thank you


Have a Nice Day


* Mod Edit: Don't post drunk.
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