The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(24 Feb 11, 02:56AM)Brahma Wrote: Wolf... please... tell me you are a girl.

MKeezy Edit:: I named my Mewtwo MorganKell if it makes you feel better?
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The whole thread is about ac_douze:

(23 Feb 11, 11:58PM)jamz Wrote:
(23 Feb 11, 11:30PM)Gibstick Wrote: To be honest, 10vs10 is too much for any map.
Then you've clealry never played 10v10 CTF ac_dou...oh...wait.

Jamz, you made my day! :)
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(25 Feb 11, 06:27PM)V-Man Wrote: Look next to the toilet. They may have flown off during the purge process.

This and that Vader post. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
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Vader post?
I Wrote:darth vader [did the voicecoms?]? lol

Luke: hey darth!
Vader: "i'm your father, man!"
Luke: noooooooooo
Vader: "good job team!"
Luke: :(

this one?
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Nah the one V-Mang made.
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(25 Feb 11, 06:21PM)V-Man Wrote: Vader: I...AM...YOUR...TEAMMATE!
Luke: noooooooooo

Vader: The flag is strong with this one!

Vader: Luke... Type /changeteam plz.
Luke: I'll never join you!
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(26 Feb 11, 05:46PM)Leonidas Wrote: Also, I have a man, but I can't seem to put new map models on assaultcube.

(26 Feb 11, 06:47PM)V-Man Wrote: Congratulations on finding yourself a man! :D

I lol'd
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(26 Feb 11, 08:55PM)Andrez Wrote: Holy hell V-Man, do you even use CubeScript for having your breakfast? :D
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Hey gema peoples, I have something for ya!

Thrawn Wrote:
X-Ray_Dog Wrote:
Thrawn Wrote:sarah was playing in a gema, and there was this killer, and he said "you realize this is a first person shooter, right?
What did she say?
she said "yeah, its a first person... SHOOTER, not a first person KILLER"
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Quote: <JB|JustinBieber> uhh no, I have already started with this name and am making it a "better" name so im staying with it
<Huntsman> how is Justin beiber a good name?
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[23:48] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> But I shit gold thank you very much :P THat's how great my anal pressure is
[23:48] <X-Ray-Dog> i so badly wanted that image...
[23:48] <@DES|Bukz> aside from the bad rear end joke it is a real command
[23:48] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> Does that command require the new tools?
[23:48] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> Stupid question
[23:48] <@DES|Bukz> nope
[23:48] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> And I think that joke was pure gold...
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(27 Feb 11, 12:30PM)makkE Wrote:
(26 Feb 11, 10:03PM)Mai Mee Tur Wrote: Yup, so I mean, increase the spread, have the head shot be 3 frags for unscoped, and leave everything else the same is what I'm saying.

So, what you basically say is you want sheer luck to be rewarded big time?

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[17:16] <@GDM> we have established that Jam is a flat-chested post-op transgender lesbian
[17:16] <+Jam> thats a mouthful
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(V-man wrote a script for having breakfast in AC, inspired by Andrez's comment)

(27 Feb 11, 11:02AM)Frogulis Wrote: You have a problem....;)

(27 Feb 11, 11:29PM)Lantry Wrote: V-man should definitely look into counseling.

(28 Feb 11, 12:28AM)V-Man Wrote: Very well.
I'll offer counseling services for CubeScript-deficient Cubers. $10/hour starting.
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Quote:[20:03] * JoeSmith sits Feng down in a room, throws 132 gallons of human shit on the floor, : joe leaves and locks the door.
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Quote:04:37] <@JoeSmith>Feng do you even have anything between your legs?
[04:37] <Feng> night everyone
[04:37] <Feng> ;)
[04:37] <Feng> no
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Quote:[20:54] <Feng> jeez all ur AC peoples are faggots
[20:54] <Feng> honestly
[20:55] <Hunts|away> no
[20:55] <Feng> AC = noob ppl and game
[20:55] <Feng> =.=
[20:55] <Hunts|away> we all just dont like you.
[20:55] <Feng> and faggots
[20:55] <Hunts|away> then...
[20:55] <Hunts|away> why do you play
[20:55] <Hunts|away> idiot
[20:55] <Feng> to rape all you noobs and destroy the community
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11:17  +Feng            • IM OUT
11:17  +Feng            • never guna come back
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<22:58:47> "epic.Xenon.legacy": MY SOCCER TEAM
<22:58:50> "epic.Xenon.legacy": = WHITE KNIGHTS
<22:58:52> "epic.Xenon.legacy": LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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[team44]-ville> what weapon is me???
[team44]-ville has quit (Quit: Page closed)

I didn't get it or he's really really confused...
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(After a quadruple-post by ArraParry)
(28 Feb 11, 09:25PM)Lantry Wrote: C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!
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16:49 [NightHawkd] brb gotta take out da trash XD
16:49 [Jam] mhm thats code for...
16:49 [Jam] something
16:49 [Me-and-you] procrastibation
16:49 [Maj] >.>
16:49 [Maj] LOL
16:49 [NightHawkd] code for i gotta take out the trash
16:49 [Jam] lol that me-and-you
16:49 [NightHawkd] its overflowing and mom is yelling at me
16:49 [Jam] LOL
16:49 [Maj] oh dear
16:50 [Maj] thats a very good one
16:50 [Maj] xD
16:50 [Me-and-you] i dont want to know what that codes into....
16:50 [Jam] "Do those dishes." "ONE SECOND MOM IM BUSY"
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[18:24] == Billy{BoB} [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Light travels faster then sound, which is why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak]
[18:25] <Duckett> xD, at Billy bob
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Quote:[13:15] <Castiel> ahk
[13:15] <Castiel> so i'm in the computer room
[13:15] <Castiel> there is this asian couple here
[13:15] <Castiel> making out
[13:15] <Castiel> he's seriously got his face inside her top
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(28 Feb 11, 04:49PM)SuperSniper Wrote: I like vegetarians, they leave all the good stuff for me
I lol'd
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Quote:[18:59] * JB|JustinBieber feels like he has been thrown out in a dark alley full of light just to have everyone in IRC pull out their sword and shoot me
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<Maj> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc timmmmmmmmmmmmmme
<Mr_OpTic> dackit
* Maj is now known as Maj|Slicing
<Kakarot> pshhh...i join you
<Mr_OpTic> lol.
* Kakarot is now known as Kakarot|aC
<Kakarot|aC> i found gRamps
<Kakarot|aC> i found Gibstick
<Kakarot|aC> thats waht i ment
<Kakarot|aC> Gibstick:
<Gibstick> playing AC now
<Kakarot|aC> rofl
<Kakarot|aC> i found you
<Kakarot|aC> find me Gibstick
<Kakarot|aC> BanHammer is my Ac name
<Kakarot|aC> Mr_OpTic:
<Kakarot|aC> wups
<Mr_OpTic> yes?
<Kakarot|aC> Maj|Slicing:
<Kakarot|aC> u on Ac?
<Mr_OpTic> Maj|Slicing, is under an alias
<Mr_OpTic> he's ashamed of his skill level
<Mr_OpTic> :(
<Kakarot|aC> trwat alias is he under
<Mr_OpTic> trwat?
<Maj|Slicing> BobVila345646
<Mr_OpTic> maj is that your real name?
<Maj|Slicing> uhh sure
<Mr_OpTic> with the numbers too.. woah
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(01 Mar 11, 10:19PM)Lantry Wrote: nah, 550 posts was just yesterday for V-Man.

I lol'd

[19:55] * ShadowFlameZ uses explosion
[19:55] * ShadowFlameZ wins
[19:55] * eQ|MaiMeeTur uses dig
[19:55] * ShadowFlameZ uses hax to stay alive
[19:55] * eQ|MaiMeeTur is protected
[19:55] <B}Ronald_Reagan> Pretty good
[19:55] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> .
[19:56] * ShadowFlameZ uses earthquake
[19:56] <Duckett> uses Nuclear bomd
[19:56] * ShadowFlameZ wins.......again
[19:56] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> That's good man
[19:56] <Duckett> uses Nuclear bomb*
[19:56] <Duckett> you all die
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[00:50] <Dra|JB|uLa> I'm riding on a dolphin, doing flips and sh*t
[00:50] <Dra|JB|uLa> The dolphin's splashing, getting everybody all wet
[00:50] <Dra|JB|uLa> But this ain't Seaworld, this is real as it gets
[00:50] <Dra|JB|uLa> I'm on a boat, m**********r, don't you ever forget
[00:50] <Dra|JB|uLa> Night ;)
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=-=    JB|JustinBieber is now known as FengJR
<FengJR>    <---who da frick is Feng?

<JB|FengJR>    are you cuming onto me?
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