The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
[22:36] <Robtics> this is all part of the plan
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(04 Dec 15, 09:22PM)DogDancing Wrote: 76-16...woah and I thought french players used to be good.
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<01:03:26> "vanquishlaptop11": im gay but nobody will ever see this because teamspeak never sends my messages due to the fucking excruciating cunting shitting pisswank lag
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Vanquish seems to be having a bad day, I guess. XD
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<23:18:26> "condy": lozi is a fucking god
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#AssaultCube @ QuakeNet Wrote:[1:02] <unarmed> Why does AssaultCube basically have built-in hacks?
[1:02] <unarmed> With health pick-ups, don't you basically have infinite health?
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#TearYouDown @ Gamesurge Wrote:[02:33:29] jamz [[email protected]] has joined #TearYouDown
[02:33:29] ChanServ [[email protected]] has set mode +o jamz
[02:33:34] <@jamz> ha
[02:33:42] jamz [[email protected]] has left #TearYouDown: Closing Window
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[Image: hs_quote.png]
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(27 Jan 16, 09:38AM)thla Wrote: i hope there is a player better than me
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<18:35:50> "FURY": gogog
<18:35:57> "FURY": aura 1
<18:36:01> "FURY": UK vs BRA
<18:36:11> "FURY": scared?

how to get a match 101
i still wonder why brs want to play on aura 1 ? oh wait #lagadvantage
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Quote: Today, 00:49 (This post was last modified: Today, 01:13 by Thrawn. Edit Reason: clarification )
I know accidental teamkilling in pubs is common, but damn. (Edit: I'm kinda joking, it's honestly not bad)
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beatles> skb
<SKB> yes
<beatles> skb, what do you call ten black teenagers running down the street?
<SKB> black lives matter movement
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no no no we call it free KFC
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<20:44:10> "Marti": i once had a job bro
<20:44:18> "Marti": at the end of the first day they asked me to take the trash out
<20:44:29> "Marti": i said "alright ill take the trash out"
<20:44:33> "Marti": and i quit
<20:46:55> "Marti": its all about proportions tho
<20:47:07> "Marti": when ur packin a 4 incher like i do you need an attitude to survive
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Worst fake quote ive ever seen

Try harder
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seems like marti has a new fan :D
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(19 Oct 16, 01:15PM)Robtics Wrote: seems like marti has a new fan :D

he clearly wants to be me
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(20 Oct 16, 03:43PM)gy_be Wrote: Why is this thread not titled "Marti fan club" yet
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<20:58:19> "RHZ": We have a better quality of life than your
<20:58:36> "RHZ": Brazil is better in everything

apparently a favela is better quality of life than a modern western european city
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(24 Dec 16, 09:00PM)Marti Wrote: <20:58:19> "RHZ": We have a better quality of life than your
<20:58:36> "RHZ": Brazil is better in everything
apparently a favela is better quality of life than a modern western european city
you dont have any idea about what favela is.... There is no place like this in the world... :)
OK, i like Genoa, Riga, Olslo... but are litle boring ... kiding
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A favela (Portuguese pronunciation: [faˈvɛlɐ]) is a slum in Brazil within urban areas.

I'm pretty well informed about favelas. And I prefer not to live there :)
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comparing oslo to a favela isnt possible
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Oslo is pretty shit tbh
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ayu: I have a plan!
LeFragger: Yes! tell me
ayu has left the game
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Quote:Removed because old... sry thxs
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Quote:Cognitive dissonance triggers below:
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jamz with the quality bants
[Image: HBCDOfF.jpg]
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<00:49:16> ".LeXuS''": dont forget
<00:49:18> ".LeXuS''": if u watch u play
<00:49:21> ".LeXuS''": sometimes
<00:49:27> ".LeXuS''": its like wh or something
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today was another gold day:

feng is an idiot, and 1cap is getting more creative by the day

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