The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
Quote:<shadz>you sound like an american :D
<B}ExodusS>yeah but french fries are from belgium and hamburgers are from germany
<B}ExodusS>usa just brought the bad quality
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(26 May 15, 09:24PM)1Cap Wrote: Yes and i'm a social media expert so i can help to bring more ppl to game easily
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Quote:16:13:53 <@shadz> still waiting on that quote
16:15:25 <@shadz>
16:16:41 <@shadz> i'm so needy
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#infamous Wrote:13:50:43 <+rez> Yeah, If Ac 1.3 is ever released it will be like a newborn with progeria.
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[email protected] Wrote:
Mousikos Wrote:You know what, al3rt? Why don't you become a dev? Don't you already develop one of the 3i ladders?
what you call develop, i would call it copy paste lol
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Quote:16:16:03> "vanquish": 
<15:15:43> "Marti": this nigga moves me
<15:15:51> "Marti": no one moves me
<16:16:17> "Friteq": lol
<16:16:41> "hello": sounds like lucas
<16:16:44> "hello": are you sure marti isnt lucas?
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Quote:Oh geez. Deleting all of that crud. Take it to PM. Lucas, you do know what this thread if for, right?
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[20:09:52] <PhaNtom> This is getting out of hand, they think you are fredrik now.
[20:10:06] <PhaNtom> They are telling me I'm liable for "assisting a crinimal"
[20:10:12] <PhaNtom> By telling you that someone thought you were fred

Idk why this got removed. :D
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(03 Jun 15, 10:46PM)Million Wrote: Will haxx jump be allowed ?
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<23:23:03> "[vanquish] TSM pls #rek fnatic": dude
<23:23:08> "[vanquish] TSM pls #rek fnatic": ive just noticed
<23:23:10> "[vanquish] TSM pls #rek fnatic": and this sounds weird
<23:23:13> "[vanquish] TSM pls #rek fnatic": but i have perfect feet
<23:23:16> "[vanquish] TSM pls #rek fnatic": i'm serious
<23:23:45> "[vanquish] TSM pls #rek fnatic": never gonna wear socks again
<23:23:49> "[vanquish] TSM pls #rek fnatic": gotta show these bad boys off more
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(08 Jun 15, 12:59PM)Orynge Wrote:
(08 Jun 15, 10:08AM)Marti Wrote: Still waiting for that african team to magically appear

Albania hasn't competed in a while.
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pls stop
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<21:24:46> "champo": ohh rampage make sure to tell him #barcelona SUXSSSS
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<10:23:52> "starix": inter xrd 4
<10:24:22> "starix": has a player very good to UK maybe name is Gurung is North london too with you
<10:24:25> "starix": ^^
<10:24:29> "starix": check it out ^^
<10:24:49> "starix": fps 400 600
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<14:18:54> "ShaolinStarix": hey grazy u know talk portugues?
<14:19:21> "ShaolinStarix": to add u in BRA team
<14:19:33> "ShaolinStarix": need speak portugues
<14:19:41> "ShaolinStarix": you know?
<14:19:52> "ShaolinStarix": no? yes? mmm ok
<14:19:56> "ShaolinStarix": EOIAOIEPAIEPAIEOPIEAP _|_
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thanks fans

smoke weed ever _\|/_
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(09 Jun 15, 10:28AM)Vanquish Wrote: <10:24:22> "starix": has a player very good to UK maybe name is Gurung is North london too with you

Wait what does Gurung actually play AC still?
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yes he this in app in the U|nbreakable this to pass this week :DD he is North London (ACWC)
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(10 Jun 15, 09:40AM)Undead Wrote:
(10 Jun 15, 06:22AM)*LuCk* Wrote: sveark going to army
sveark going on holiday to ukraine
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<ironzorg> facebook is a low IQ magnet
<ironzorg> irc is for upper class people amirite

<ironzorg> ok stop goofing around now
<ironzorg> name one intelligent porn star
<ironzorg> now
<Bukz> sasha grey, shes like einstein of the porn industry
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ironzorg back ? :D
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(10 Jun 15, 05:52PM)[email protected] Wrote: ironzorg back ? :D

He never left, hit up #pbclan on gamesurge
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So that is how the porn star conversation started.
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[Image: QGsZGdU.png]
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(13 Jun 15, 05:35AM)starix/A/ Wrote: just know that Within of a gate of any Chihuahua may bark.
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ty carlos this is classic

million urban is map RVSF to old w00p (tenshi,drakas,Majikal)
to we no , or for me no :D

lol my god, have own followers , I am grateful
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Can this be the new stupid shit starix says thread?

<00:17:46> "starix": tHX FDP !!! CARAJO !!!!
<00:17:53> "starix": happy for paly ACWC
<00:17:55> "starix": very same
<00:17:59> "starix": i go Revenge the brazilians
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false notice of that give to play .. D;
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Undead Wrote:i can even drop hits with the knife now. its not bug, its feature!

[email protected] Wrote:And theres no reason for a website to be opensource, and regarding the client, if it was made opensoruce, people would have stolen the code for match features, because they are selfish, they just want these features and don't give a fuck about the way more ambitious features this game needs to attract new players and survive.

but nobody seems to give a fuck.
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