3D Models by sniperZ

Empty trash can
[Image: trash_can_ss.jpg]

Full trash can
[Image: trash_can_ss2.jpg]

Old guard town
[Image: guard_tower_ss.jpg]

Military truck
[Image: military_truck_ss4.jpg]
[Image: military_truck_ss2.jpg]

Bigger resolution screenshots added.
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very good job on these Sniper, keep up the great work! How's your project going? Hope to see you around on irc or something :)
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The military trucks appear far too high poly, possibly that trash cans too. Can you give us a poly count?
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I love that truck, this needs to be implemented in some maps!
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Thx all, The truck has 1774 tris, sorry cant do less than that.
the trash can, 600 tris
the guard tower, 700 tris
other models are less than 400
Why can't i post more than 5 pics in my first post... before the maintenace i could.
Please fix that so i can post all my models in one message

Bigger resolution screenshots added.
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600 is probably a little high for a barrel. The current barrel in AC is 216 triangles.

1774 for the truck is not bad given the level of detail but it could definitely be simplified. For instance, the interior of the truck bed is unlikely to be seen, the railing could be made two dimensional(Looks 3D right now), the smokestack(?) could be simplified, etc. The degree to which you simplify the geometry is dependent on whether you plan on distributing these models for all to use in their maps.
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Truck ♥
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(24 Jun 10, 01:10AM)capeta-papa-tiro Wrote: download?????

Click the pictures
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Weapons + DL links will follow later
Can someone please delet the picture limit? So i can add more pics..
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You could just make one picture with thumbnails of all models and provide huger pictures externally available by links. ;)
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