The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
Vermi Wrote:There is a transparent texture, you just can't see it.
Seen this a few minutes ago, lol.
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(04 Apr 11, 10:19PM)Lantry Wrote: I MUST HAVE MY AC OR I GO INTO WITHDRAUL

(04 Apr 11, 10:19PM)Lantry Wrote: INTO WITHDRAUL

(04 Apr 11, 10:19PM)Lantry Wrote: DRAUL

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Earlier Wrote:[16:26] Vermi shaving my head
[16:26] Vermi AFKzors
[16:26] Castiel Don't

Later on... Wrote:[18:08] Vermi|afk Castiel
[18:08] Vermi|afk holy shit
[18:08] Vermi|afk fucked my hair
[18:08] Castiel Vermi|afk:
[18:08] Castiel Told ya
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Quote:<Waffles> just go play your dick off
<Waffles> it's not hard

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(08 Apr 11, 03:36AM)Dark$aint Wrote: Spraying my smg yelling YAIYAIYAIYAI on ac_douze hoping to get a kill.
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Ingame Rage Wrote:you shoot me in the back one more time son and i'm going to climb down this net cablke asnd rip yer ferkin arms off
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(09 Apr 11, 02:21PM)Gibstick Wrote: This is my 2000th post.

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AC Blacklist Reports Wrote:
(09 Apr 11, 02:44PM)Foo Wrote: you all only ban the gypsies
(09 Apr 11, 02:45PM)Vermi Wrote: look at yourselves many warrant bans have been overlooked because they are to respected, KIRIN? LADS HELLO?
(09 Apr 11, 02:47PM)castiel Wrote: Guys. MY SEVER MY RULES.
(09 Apr 11, 02:49PM)Prime Wrote: YOUR NOT IN TYD CASTIEL!
(09 Apr 11, 02:50PM)Robtics Wrote: this thread is still not for discussion
(09 Apr 11, 02:51PM)Vermi Wrote: Care to elaborate?

My reaction: O.O
Don't do this kids.

(09 Apr 11, 02:47PM)Vermi Wrote: My brother got onto my account, some php back tracing he picked up from his sc2 friends, he made some disrespectful posts and comments, sorry.
(09 Apr 11, 03:09PM)jamz Wrote: I noticed that the calibre of your posts had increased Vermi. Can we keep your brother?

Well played.

EDIT: I usually remove the HR. I'll leave it, it makes the post look better.
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You Gibbed TheMan
You Headshot TheMan
You Gibbed TheMan
TheMan: WTF! turn off your hax.
MykeGregory|Xu: no, you stop camping in the well. your an easy target.
You Headshot TheMan
You Gibbed TheMan
TheMan: i said stop!
MykeGregory|Xu: i'm not cheating, just stop jumping in the well, you wont die so much.
You Headshot TheMan
TheMan Quit.
MykeGregory|Xu: *sigh*
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DrauL Wrote:Yea. Bloody Brahma drama again.

^On Facebook while discussing him being banned again.
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11:16 PM
the_andyman: http:/​/​​nicknameblacklist.cfg
the_andyman: http:/​/​​league
the_andyman: it's like a game of spot the difference
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On #assaultcube:
[15:06] <LEONARDOLMC10> HACK ?
[15:07] <LEONARDOLMC10> i am brasilian
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It's even funnier because he turned off his caps lock for the last sentence.

20:23:54 <@Gibstick> but what I don't get is why the girls have stalls in their showers
20:28:04 <@BCFH|Brett> like they're so hot they'd become lesbian
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Hahaha lol I like that! he's shouting and then suddenly with a calm voice: "i am brasilian" :D
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(12 Apr 11, 03:54PM)Andrez Wrote: I don't have a Blackberry, but my pin is ****. I don't know why, it shows like that everytime I type it. :/

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(11 Apr 11, 06:06PM)SuperSniper Wrote: This just in, CLA has just taken control of the ac_white house and are demanding 1 mil in ACC!

(11 Apr 11, 10:18PM)Lantry Wrote: Let them keep it. We have ac_douze!
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(10 Apr 11, 08:02AM)D1551D3N7 Wrote: An this caused a time continum
:O Heaven forbid time should be continuous!!
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[18:23] <@RandumKiwi> I played some other game last night, and I laughed like a brazillian
[18:23] <@RandumKiwi> totally confused the brazillian player on the server
[18:23] <@Brahma> i never laughed like this auahuahauhauhauhauahauahauhhau
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[18:47] <FoodDemon> ShadowZ
[18:48] <FoodDemon> i made turned you into a kesha song
[18:48] <FoodDemon> wake up in the morning feeling like b}shadowz, grab my weiner and my gun gonna hit this map, before i leave, brush my teeth and decide to fap, cause when i leave for ac_desert, i'm gonna pop those caps
[18:48] <FoodDemon> xD
[18:48] *** FoodDemon is now known as LlamaDemon

Ke$ha, ftw.
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Quote:XaR: The graphic card I wanted is only 50 euros.
Larry: What it is?
XaR: It's the money of Europe countries except England.
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Mr_OpTic Wrote:I tell you though. If you do make an M40A3 available for everyone to use on AC. I will strongly consider writing you a love letter <3
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Not necessarily funny, just a good quote.
(14 Apr 11, 12:56PM)Gibstick Wrote: Douchebags are people who don't apologize ;D

(15 Apr 11, 07:24PM)Mael Wrote: [Image: Insulted-on-IRC-BLACKLIST-EVERYONE.jpg?]
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Are pictures ok?

Ah a classic noob fight. Who's the noob now?
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RandumKiwi>    AC iRC is always activer
    <RandumKiwi>    like, always.
    <RandumKiwi>    superactive
    <Thrawn>    not really....
    <RandumKiwi>    hyperactive
    <B}Ronald_Reagan>    Usually more on topic than #sauer as well
    <eQ|MaiMeeTur>    Lol :P compared to what exactly?
    <eQ|MaiMeeTur>    Well, no one cares about sauer
    <B}Ronald_Reagan>    sauer is mostly ogling at girls facebooks :P
    <RandumKiwi>    compared to the nuclear power plant at fukushima
    <RandumKiwi>    we're more radioactive than that
    <NightHawkd>    lmao RandumKiwi
    <eQ|MaiMeeTur>    Rofl :P
    <eQ|MaiMeeTur>    QUotes thread time
    <RandumKiwi>    In fact, we're more radioactive than 50 Chernobyls and 50 Fukushima Daichi's put together.
    <RandumKiwi>    Cause that's how we roll on #assaultcube

One more ;)

RandumKiwi>    NightHawkd: why is it you only quote the crap things I say?
    <eQ|MaiMeeTur>    I'm the one quoting it...
    <RandumKiwi>    I mean, like, on a level of crap, that's probably at the bottom.
    <B}Ronald_Reagan>    Is there anything else to quote?
    <RandumKiwi>    ... eh, w/e.
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<Infern0> I'm alone


<Bigbaddy> We rape ourselves
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<+NightHawkd> cum on what? XD
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02:50 <lucky_> NightHawkd woke up on the wrong side of town....with a broken beer bottle and two naked guys next to him
02:50 <NightHawkds> ofc i would have fun swaggin 4 girls in 3 hours XD
02:50 <lucky_> he is a wild animal
02:51 <NightHawkds> lol lucky it was girls not guys =/ The naked guys would be for you
02:51 <lucky_> Thanks Man!
02:51 <NightHawkds> qoutes thread time XD
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[22:04] <B}ShadowZ> emerge two men
[22:04] <B}ShadowZ> with a vision of greatness
[22:04] <B}ShadowZ> morgankell and erv
[22:04] <Erv|Hulu> humping each other*
[22:04] <B}ShadowZ> together
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[23:44] <carl_glass> do not compare me to shorty
[23:44] <carl_glass> it is an insult
[23:44] <B}Zarj_sleep> Are you short or tall?
[23:44] <carl_glass> TALL
[23:44] <B}Zarj_sleep> Are you an Aussie?
[23:44] <carl_glass> TALL
[23:45] <B}Zarj_sleep> lol
[23:45] <Shorty> 101
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From my server log:

[xx.xx.xx.xx] ghostdog21 fragged his teammate lol

Even my server is laughing out loud at people's despair now :/
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