We all know, the AC forums, get spammed. I've been wondering...
Who collects everyone's two cents? We have so much spamzor, on any given day we see 10 to 15 USD flying around... unaccounted for. D:

That why I say; Vote vern... First ever AC Regional Accountant...
Of course I'll handle the accounting worldwide.

I need a jar; either on my usercp, or on all of my posts...
This jar will fill every time there is a NEW post anywhere on forum.cubers.net. Two cents being added everytime! The total will be shown for all to see.

*For any advanced user's, you could divide #s to see the actual post count...

I will use this fake money collected, to buy happiness for those who suffer "Butt Hurt."

vote F1

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This. Is. Brilliant!
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This post was no. 46962
edit: although it says 48350 :/ That's a lot of deleted posts
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Our current funds = 939.24 ACC (and growing!)
*AC Budget Proposal Fiscal Year 2012*
200 ACC Spent Purchasing Balloons. I find balloons help! [see A]
400 ACC Spent Funding the inaugural "AC Convention" Important! Help release tension. :O [see B]
700 ACC Spent Toward Funding "AC [email protected]" Also Extremely Important![see C]
1337 ACC Spent Funding V-man's tools.cfg program.[see D]
*50 ACC Spent on Tissue. Non-Negotiable!!!*
2687 ACC Total Spending
-1747.76 ACC Assault Cube Proposed Balanced Budget
It is up to our community to step up and make some spam. We need moar money!
-Section A
We all remember our fondest childhood memories. Looking back, we can all agree, receiving a balloon always brought happiness to the Heart. I propose balloons with :) on them for all. Received only upon prognosis of Butt Hurt.
-Section B
The AC Convention without question, is a great investment. A yearly gathering of all active members of the community. This would be most excellent. AC cannot afford an "Open Bar". Bring your own substance rule. No ha4xs!
-Section C
The [email protected] will be our greatest achievement. This alone, will yield a smrter, moar diverse community. We will leaRn these noobs into the ground. Boot Camp style. We will teach beginners all the do's and don'ts required to make them not noob.
-Section D
"We fail here folks, we fail everywhere we can" Ron White :-D
--Index: ACC "Assault Cube Currency"
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I motion to use [email protected] as a landfill so we can save costs on deleted post disposal.
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imagine if it was real money!!? O.O
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(09 Apr 11, 06:32PM)Lantry Wrote: I motion to use [email protected] as a landfill so we can save costs on deleted post disposal.
Adding to the Budget. We can also fill in the gap between the Twin Towers as well. :D
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I will start collecting signatures on my proposal to up the budget Vern is given.
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I second that motion!
oh wait, I mean I sign that petition.
* Lantry looks around for a pen
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American Peanut Butter?

I call trademark infringement!

-200 AAC - lawsuit
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Wow, an exceedingly clever offtopic thread!
* Frogulis donates 300 ACC
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(09 Apr 11, 03:43PM)eftertanke Wrote: Lol.

[Image: threadkiller128524335047819072.jpg]
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Too late.
We needed somewhere to put all the deleted posts. Sorry.
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This just in, CLA has just taken control of the ac_white house and are demanding 1 mil in ACC!
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Let them keep it. We have ac_douze!
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