AC Interview: Mr.OpTic
1) What is your favorite mode and why?

My favourite mode is either DM or CTF. I love CTF due to its diverse strategies, the competitive nature of the mode, resulting in fun and team-based gameplay, and the numerous opportunities you can get to something epic, such as a last second flag.
I love DM for its sheer simplicity and its tactical gameplay.

2) What is your favorite gun and why?

My favourite to use is the sniper because when it works well its such a fun weapon to use. The AR I love due to its flag running capabilities.

3) What is your favorite official map and favorite custom map, and why?

My favourite official map would be gothic, as its fast-paced, and playable on the modes i like to play.

As for non official maps. Probably metl3. Great map for 1v1's.

4) Can you name a few of your favorite bands/music artists?

I wouldnt say im a huge fan of any particular artist. I'm into Drum and Bass and dubstep mainly, but a good song is a good song.

5) Which AC players have taught you the most in becoming one of the better players in the game?

Good question, and quite hard to answer really. Growing as a player back when I was in =SA= I learnt quite a bit playing with waffles, but in general its basically down to the people I've played against. If I was to pick it would be waffles and rampage.

6) Will you return to full activity once the new release comes out?

At this moment in time I don't know. Currently my laptops broke again and I've been really busy elsewhere with working.
It's a combination of that, laziness and lack of incentive to get back. Perhaps the new release could provide that.

7) When you left =SA=, I was told quote "OpTic & Waffles are inseparable." But once he left {BoB}, you stayed instead of following him. Why did you stay instead of following him?

At the time there was a small period of inactivity at {BoB}. It struck me by surprise when waffles told me he was leaving. My reasons for not going with him was predominantly because I was happy where I was with {BoB}. I also wasn't too fond of the odd member in oNe. I'm not anymore rather, but I'm still all for bring in a clan where you like everyone.

8) Sniper can be a very difficult weapon to use, especially for newer players outside of their osok environment. Do you have any tips on how to become a better sniper in competitive matches?

A step from peoples usual idol to competitive matches is a very big one. So the first tip I can give is that they need to practice using the sniper in a modes. The more situations you are with it the more you will learn how to prevent certain situations, or use them to your advantage. Playing inters with players slightly better than you is essential, but I guess that works for all weapons.

In terms of the sniper. I think when playing competitively you need to know your role. You're not going to be much of an objective player, but more of a slayer. You're there to cover your team and to string up pushes to score flags. I say all this, bit in a properly competitive environment a sniper will always have less of a role than that of the AR, mainly due to how the current ac plays.

9) Do you believe the UK would have defeated Belgium in ACWC 2012 if Vanquish was playing instead of you? Why or why not?

Perhaps. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Maybe me Larry and vanquished would have been a better combination. Lack of communication and practice is perhaps the main problem. Not to mention we were simply outplayed.

10) Do you have any pets in your home? If so, give details please.

I have a dog called Scarlet who's a cocker spaniel and 6 years old, even though she still look puppy-like. Completely crazy, mind. I'd show you a picture bit but one does not simply do that on a phone :D

11) What are your favorite movies of all time?

Blimey. Probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but I'm not a big movie watcher. I'm sure there are a few that are brilliant that I've watched before but I can't think of them. So for now ill say, Con Air and Dirty Dancing. Yup.

12) What other games do you play currently?

Rage of Bahamut on my phone? Dunno if that counts. Ridiculously addictive. Other than that it would be cod4, and more recently black ops 2 on xbox.

13) If you could go to one AC player's house, whose would you visit?

Quite a few come to think of it. But probably {BoB}Legends house because that's where {BoB}Legend lives.

14) What would you like to see changed if a 'Pro Mod' of AC was created?

Mainly faster times to kill people. No armour. Only certain official maps. Just stripping down ac to increase the chance of games coming down to the better team.

15) If you could add one weapon to AC, what would it be?

Double barrelled shotgun in replace of the current shotgun.

16) Should the Akimbo power-up give you two primary weapons instead of two pistols?

If the 2 primary weapons did exactly the same damage and rate of fire than the current one, then, sure why not.

17) Do you like tacos?

I prefer fajitas or enchiladas when made properly.

18) What car(company/model) do you drive currently?

Got my first car a couple months ago. A black vauxhall corsa with red interior. I love it. Just a shame the insurance costs as much as the car itself.

19) Do you drink energy drinks? Why or why not?

Now and again. I'm more of a coffee and beer kinda guy.

20) If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?

Stick a load of it in a bank with high interest because I'm a tight mother fucker. Nah but I'm not sure really. Probably exchange it into pounds and then invest in opening a restaurant.

Thank you all for reading these interviews. It takes a lot of time & research to get relevant questions out there. And just as much time if not more to answer them with good detail. So thanks for taking the time to give good answers and making these worth reading to everyone who participated so far.

As always, feel free to request players to be interviewed in your posts. I have a huge request list already, including a lot of you who think I don't know you and won't knock on your door someday. Keep playing til you're 90 years old, I'll eventually get to you. Over 4 million downloads, this is a big game full of pros, mappers, devs, etc. who all deserve a spotlight on them.

This is the final interview of the year. 2013 will start off with an interview with Marti, our favorite guy from Sweden. Or somewhere over in that area....I'll just ask him in the interview. This will be followed by the winner of today's DouzeFest competition. That will be followed up by Larry R. Copter who has kept competition relevant and active with his Weekend Cups. And if doesn't win Douzefest, I'm looking at YourSister to be the 4th interview of the year. Have any questions for these people, pm me them if you want. :) For people who missed some, or new readers, here is an archive list of every interview so far!


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Nice interview.

FTR you played the best in the UK ACWC team in my opinion, hopefully you can play the next one.
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(15 Dec 12, 02:00PM)Nightmare Wrote: Marti, our favorite guy from Sweden.

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Marti is a drug addict from Netherlands. :D
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