GUIServer v1.1.0.4
@Toca: I added the folder guiserver and all the files are in the correct place,when I start guiserver it continue crashing.
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@Monas, you have to reinstall to make it work.
@Toca, It now works. For lan at least.
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Reinstall what?
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Re-extract the dependencies and guiserver.
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is that going to make a dif?
I'll try then.
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anybody got guiserver on win7 working?
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I have XP, but i installed it to a friend on Win 7 with no problems
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haha nvm, just got it working :D
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My gui is working but I'm still getting pinging server fail message and i don't know why,I did everything correctly...
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I'm CHAMMING Legally :P
reconsider to have the minimap up there Toca
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and that's preety gay when he play against meh...
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lol did you actually forward the ports? its not just adding them to your firewall settings, you actually have to forward them to your router online.
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grrr i have the same problem as brick how do i fix it?
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Awesome works great on my snow leopard mac!! Thanx so much Toca - I missed GUI server badly after i made the switch to 1.1
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I have heard reports of people having the same problem as brick.
They can run 1.0.4 and 1.1 servers just fine with out it. So we know its not the router/other settings.
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*** v1.1.0.3 update
check first post
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WARNING: master server registration failed: IP restrictions, no blacklist entri
es can block this name
WARNING: // accept ipsum // accept 'ipsum' only, if he connects
with an IP in the range
WARNING: // accept ipsum // add
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Making sure you can accept people in lan games DrMental?
Thanks Toca, will tell them to try that.
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worked fine on my mac til i updated to 1.1.03 - I updated the gui server also, and now it crashes on server start. Game and standard server work fine. I miss gui already, only had it back for a week :(
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Paswords added to serverpwd.cfg are loaded by guiserver, but they don't work :(. Or maybe i'm mistaking something
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Wow I must be dumb, cause i have no idea what this means.
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I can't download the OS X version. Mediafire takes a long time before saying I don't have permission (403).
No problem in downloading the Win-version.

Is there anywhere else I can download the OS X version?
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[Image: o7j7lg.jpg]

why did this happen?
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How do you get this working on win 7 x64 pro?
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Put the runtimes in your bin_win32 folder and extract the other .zip to the top of your AC installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\AssaultCube_v1.1...).
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(20 Nov 10, 02:21AM)Gibstick Wrote: Put the runtimes in your bin_win32 folder and extract the other .zip to the top of your AC installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\AssaultCube_v1.1...).

I did that, and it keeps coming up with an error message. No reason for it either :/

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most likely a folder in the wrong place. the \guiserver folder must be at the very top folder and fix read/write permissions as well.
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guiserver is in very top folder, UAC is disabled and it should work since I'd have a lot of problems with Stepmania if read/write permissions were disabled.

EDIT: Turned off read only crap, applied to all files within the folder, still ain't working. I am running NOD32 if that may fuck it up, I don't really know.
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Update to v1.1.0.4




Source Code:
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Man, I'm having a problem with the admin
I cannot get my admin
for example, put password: 123
and failed admin log
please, and an error in the server gui?
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