[Psy] servers
Please remove PSY server from server list.
This server have a lack of admins. Its a house for cheaters and teamkillers.
You can go to spect and back to respown in 1 second.
etc. Its not good setup server.
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Proofs? Demos? Screenshots? IPs? Nicks? Ok, think it's house of cheaters, why you play there? Also spawn cheats are usual and unpredictable and un-avoidable ... so?
For that, you need to collect too many demos in short time.
Removing these old servers without having good proofs means lack of moderation and if you collect lots of demos and find other players have this problem too (and they should have demos too)‌ then we expect master admins to make a serious decision
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Old server: Its not about time .. This is about having a fun server experience.
It works like this: If you think I'm wrong, go to the server and play. Draw your own conclusions and share. Do not doubt someone without proof ... that's not cool ... imo
Learn to add to a post, do not try to find hidden details to use it in a non-constructive way. See the general look and feel in an adult and constructive way. Do you know Marti? Just curious ...
Understand that none of what you wrote is new to me or to the vast majority of active members of this forum ...
My posts are my choices ... respect;)

PSY servers are a problem atm. Bringing a bad game view.

gogo 1 x1 ac_alcova dm?
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"Please remove 1Cap from forum"
"Reason? Proof?"
"Go look yourself. Draw your own conclusions."

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I support removing 1crap

Edit: i agree psy servers are shit. Last time i mentioned it to a psy member i got blacklisted on their servers lol
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