The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
lol.....hey anyone got a cute short (5'5 or less) girl brown hair, brown eyes, nice body work, never used? i could use a new one...hahah ^^jk
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(21 Aug 10, 09:24AM)[email protected] Wrote: Mmh beware with this kind of scripts !
I had made one who said many things like "I am gay" when you click MOUSE1 and when I was testing it...

[Image: roflo.jpg]

the question is how gay r u?
when some 1 ask u 1x? and u say im gay. how funny. epic rage ummmm ok bye QUIT!
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:D Fuck Cube script :p
I'm not gay btw :p
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i know it get more funnier

(21 Aug 10, 09:23PM)[email protected] Wrote: :D Fuck Cube script :p
I'm not gay btw :p
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Damnit, I was beaten to it :(
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(22 Aug 10, 12:07AM)TheCrema Wrote:
(21 Aug 10, 11:04PM)LiFe. Wrote: stfu cheat producer

gtfo cheat user!
This will make my next 15 days at least.
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made my day!
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hahahaha =D
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Quote:<@tipper|DES|> make me a willy warmer out of knotted silk please
<@Medusa> a willy warmer?
<@DES|GeneralDisarray> don't google that pls
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CrippledNipple: i like my women the way how I like doors.
BZE|Hellspell: With a knob?
CrippledNipplle: with big knockers.
CrippledNipple: lol
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kushGucci: Revert how old are you?
Revert: 13
kuchGucci: Then how did you play .93 if it was in 1993?

<Vault77> ac is communist

Oh god.
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Drakas Wrote:That's not a way to treat enthusiastic newcomers...

Why can't you let kids have their fun, their bit of fame? ;)
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(25 Aug 10, 02:24PM)DES|V-Man Wrote:
Drakas Wrote:That's not a way to treat enthusiastic newcomers...

Why can't you let kids have their fun, their bit of fame? ;)

What's so funny here?
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lolwut. You edited in the second comment, lammmmmmmmmmmmmmer

At Revert ^^
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<GhostE_> Where do I insert the quarter?
<Xu|Anarchist> Bend over and spread'em.
<GhostE_> lol.
<GhostE_> Thats what she said.
<GhostE_> Wait no.
<Xu|Anarchist> xD!
<Xu|Anarchist> HAHAHAHAH
<GhostE_> wait no nonono
<Xu|Anarchist> HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
<GhostE_> Nvm.
<GhostE_> Im a dumbass
<GhostE_> nvm
<sn1p3r_sh0t> XD.
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Quote:[15:45] * Pandel slap Alive in a gay fashion, the way Alive likes it
[15:45] * Alive horny
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u mad :D
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<|BC|Acropolips> 2v1 = threesom

On Skype w/ Spirit

i heard mcdonalds in america
9:33 AM

large meal
9:33 AM

is our small meal
9:34 AM

9:34 AM

your small meal
9:34 AM

is our large

9:34 AM
9:34 AM

McDonadls make people fatasses


<BCFH|aerkefiende> he only knows how to wank xD
<Revert> wank?
<Revert> LOL
<BCFH|aerkefiende> rofl
<SpiRiT> left or right hand?
<SpiRiT> lol
<Revert> lol
<SpiRiT> lol
<BCFH|aerkefiende> yeah the almighty Undead needs two hands at the same time!
<SpiRiT> xD
<|BC|Acropolips> I do no hands
<|BC|Acropolips> Automatic
<SpiRiT> Automatic Vibrator
<SpiRiT> lol jk
<|BC|Acropolips> I use a cheese grater
<ShieldyBear> ...
<ShieldyBear> what is this
<SpiRiT> WTF!!
<|BC|Acropolips> Only real men use chainsaws like me
<|BC|Acropolips> Cuz only real men can grow them back
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IRC | Tearyoudown

<Revert> this is a old song
<SpiRiT> so is your mum but you still listen to her
<Revert> FUCK YOU
<Revert> YOU SET ME UP
<Revert> You told me to say that
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This whole conversation is just too good! XD
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[09:26] <sentimental> ok!
[09:27] <sentimental> so wanything else
[09:27] <Xu|Anarchist> Social securtiy number
[09:27] <Xu|Anarchist> House adress
[09:27] <Xu|Anarchist> Credit card  number
[09:27] <Xu|Anarchist> Paypal password.
[09:27] <sentimental> um im 13 yrs old
[09:27] <Xu|Anarchist> I'd also like you to sign this legally binding contract that states if I kill you I get your kidneys.
[09:28] <Xu|Anarchist> Please.
[09:28] <sentimental> i gtg
[09:28] * sentimental has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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Quote:*** V-Wifey was kicked from #DedicatedEliteSoldiers by DES|V-Man (Kick!)
<@DES|V-Man> muahah
<+U|Zarj_afk> wow
<+U|Zarj_afk> Someone is sleeping in the dog house tonight
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(27 Aug 10, 05:53PM)Bukz Wrote: This whole conversation is just too good! XD

That's better than the cheat-scope quote!

Malfoy fragged Voldermort
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No, he actually spelt it like that for some reason...
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I know; Im correcting the n0n-n3rd.
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* jAcKRoCk* thinks you all are nerds, who know Harry Potter xD
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Harry Potter rox my sox buddy.
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Quote:<@Godsmack> Bukz is Sexy
<@Medusa> awww :(
<@Medusa> yup
<@Medusa> true
<@Godsmack> go out with him
<@DES|Bukz> lol
<@Godsmack> he gets all the girls
<@tipper|DES|> how sexy is he?
<@Godsmack> sure he would pass you one when he is done
»» @tipper|DES| bet hes got a hairy arse :(
<@Godsmack> lol
<@DES|Bukz> xD
<@Medusa> do you bukz? :0
<@DES|Bukz> umm
<@DES|Bukz> honestly you'd have to ask someone else
<@DES|Bukz> i don't get to see it much
<@Godsmack> when you wipe do you rip hair out n00b
<@DES|Bukz> lmao
<@Godsmack> hahaha
<@Medusa> sound like you know what you're talking about jeff
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