The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
Marti talking about the uk servers;

[Image: OWh6bxl.jpg]
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13:27 xenon_: women underwear is so much better then mens
13:28 Daithi__: i don't think i agree with that but if you enjoy wearing it, each to his own
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(28 Jan 13, 04:13PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Yes, you better appreciate my typos for all that they are worth.
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<02:48:26> "Skumbag Sanzouille":
<02:48:32> "Skumbag Sanzouille": 10/10 would bang again
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[Image: SHfHP81.jpg]
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(01 Feb 13, 07:47PM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: {BoB}Haittah fragged xenon|oNe|

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(01 Feb 13, 11:40PM)X-Ray_Dog Wrote:
(01 Feb 13, 07:47PM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: {BoB}Haittah fragged xenon|oNe|


That was so hilarious, I peed myself (sarcasm).
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(01 Feb 13, 07:47PM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: [Image: SHfHP81.jpg]

You found [10] guy [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQCEk5idnmySVHrjYbVCxY...bHTN0TPPDE]
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(02 Feb 13, 01:40PM)titiPT Wrote:
(01 Feb 13, 02:00AM)-xW-#KrAyC3* Wrote: Informations

Website: (The name domain will take 48/72 hours to be really valid)
ESL: Coming soon.
IRC channel: irc:// => xwiogt
Our Warcry Slogan: "F.F.V." = “FIGHT FOR VICTORY!” and "F.F.F." = “FIGHT FOR FUN!”

See you and have fun!

What, no instagram account? eheh jk, GL
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@1cap: Theres a pretty good reason you don't have access to that forum. That is because, you'd rather put your efforts towards destructive criticism of everything the devs do, whereas we want people who can forget about their personal feelings towards us and help us out, for the sake of improving the game.
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Truth hurts sometimes eh?
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(02 Feb 13, 09:43PM)Bukz Wrote: Truth hurts sometimes eh?
do not make things personal ...
Only special people can stay (off-topic) or because we are in the "offtopic"?
hurting or not, only the truth liberates. Learn it. Fast.
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RandumKiwi Wrote:This sort of shit is the reason why, when I think "Hmm, should I go work on AC, or do some washing?", that the washing wins.
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(02 Feb 13, 09:58PM)1Cap Wrote:
(02 Feb 13, 09:43PM)Bukz Wrote: Truth hurts sometimes eh?
do not make things personal ...

Hey, you're the one that posted the quote. Your fault.
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RE: AC 1.1 _obvious_ cases of cheat
// Name: BruceLee
// Ban reason: teleport
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[Image: 20130205164109acnuukhtf.jpg]

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<pwnage-> jamz,
<jamz> :)
<jamz> I'm cooking a pie with a "Best Before" date of 1 Dec. I hope I'll be OK
<Jack-is> ~Ooh~
<Jack-is> I'm sure the heat will kill the deadly bacteria that magically appear on food on the expiry date
<jamz> I like to live on the edge
<Jack-is> I bet you jaywalk too, you rebel, you
<jamz> No
<jamz> I'm not crazy
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[Image: ebinrage.jpg]
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Yeah Xenon, your in-game behaviour was disgusting, I apologize for nothing, I just couldn't take it anymore. There's a reason nobody likes playing vs you (I'm happy to play against oNe, but not you).

Btw that quote was over a month old, thanks for randomly posting it now.
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(06 Feb 13, 08:44AM)MorganKell Wrote: You all still get to play AC don't you? Yeah nuff said. Be happy with what you have, and start shit only when you got the cred to back it up.
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<13:48:34> "geral danilo do rio": got stung by a bee and just noticed it
<13:48:39> "geral danilo do rio": pain does not bother me
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(06 Feb 13, 11:20PM)DES|Cleaner Wrote: She would definitely get a job at the "Ministry of Silly Walks".

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(08 Feb 13, 07:46PM)X-Ray_Dog Wrote: It's ok, Marti is black.
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<23:02:37> "#Mystered": jason
<23:02:41> "#Mystered": gimme a puff
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<19:37:06> "Larry": before you quit ts
<19:37:12> "Larry": message me so we can talk
<19:37:21> "Larry": it's about your baby
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I'm preggers.
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Quote: |<-- Bloodsport has left quakenet (Read error: EOF from client)
RandumKiwi When bloodsport gets back, tell him to try Captain Morgan's old spiced rum.
Felix-The-Ghost why
RandumKiwi It tastes like vanilla and costs about $40NZD (as someone in NZ knows)
RandumKiwi [20:56] Bloodsport mm my strongest memory of morgan spiced was buying a bottle as a poor student, having the bag that was holding it split, then crying as said bottle of morgan spiced smashed against the concrete
RandumKiwi nevermind, I should read the rest of the convo first.
RandumKiwi [20:58] Bloodsport I'm surprised whisky is so expensive in NZgiven that a large proportion of the immigrants are scottish, you would have thought it would be considered a necessity
RandumKiwi Hahaha, he doesn't get it.
RandumKiwi Why make whisky, when vines grow well in such fertile lands in NZ?
Felix-The-Ghost It's like you're having a conversation with yourself
RandumKiwi NZ is wine country... or beer if you're a man that doesn't care much for wine.
Felix-The-Ghost wtf are you talking to
jamz he's talking to me. Alright?
Felix-The-Ghost I don't see how he's talking to you
RandumKiwi [21:13] Bloodsport why don't fast food restaurants hire hot women to serve the food? Pretty much every other customer facing industry in the world does that
RandumKiwi Because, playboy got there first.
jamz that's because you're a self-obsessed asswipe, Felix
Felix-The-Ghost jamz you have problems
jamz no, one problem
jamz you
RandumKiwi [21:29] Bloodsport real women like real men with real hair
RandumKiwi I can vouch for this.
Felix-The-Ghost I'm sorry you feel that way jamz
jamz don't lie to me. I don't want to hear it
Felix-The-Ghost I can't tell if you are being over the top or serious
=-= Mode #assaultcube +b *[email protected]* by jamz
Felix-The-Ghost so please don't joke like that
=-= YOU (Felix-The-Ghost) have been booted from #assaultcube by jamz (Felix-the_Cheat)
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Quote:[11:25:56] <Felix-The-Ghost> [02:19:32] I can't tell if you are being over the top or serious
[11:25:56] <*buffextras> [02:19:39] [email protected] set mode: +b *[email protected]*
[11:25:56] <*buffextras> [02:19:40] [email protected] kicked Felix-The-Ghost Reason: [Felix-the_Cheat]
[11:25:56] <RandumKiwi> [02:22:04] Done talking to myself.
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Quote:[11:25:56] <*buffextras> [02:19:39] [email protected] set mode: +b *[email protected]*

Anybody else notice this? Don't ever fuck with jamz, he knows them all!
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