The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
<wdf> Now sing along!
<wdf> Jump in the ban waggon, ban waggon for everyone
<wdf> Not to be able to talk back to the deeeeeeeeevssss
<wdf> is what AC is about
<wdf> Is what AC is about
<wdf> Is what AC is abouttttttttttttttttttttt
<wdf> So, what is AC all about, lads?
<wdf> Let me tell ya!
<wdf> Jump in the ban waggon, ban waggon for everyone
<wdf> Not to be able to talk back to the deeeeeeeeeeeeevvss
<wdf> is what AC is about
<wdf> is what AC is about
<wdf> is what AC is aboutttttttttttt
<slackie> /!\ ALERT: Missing brain /!\
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(13 Mar 13, 06:58AM)X-Ray_Dog Wrote:

Edit: Post 666

you bastards
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<woolliee> My mates and I are discussing that I should run for Pope
* woolliee is now known as PopeWoolly
<SKB> didn't think you were into children
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[23:41] <Oracle> where do you see that?
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<Dj_Roice> uhh how do i play this game now?
<GeneralSnus> like you did before
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[14:42:55] <X-Ray_Dog> So does the game open when you click that?
[14:43:04] <Dj_Roice> no
[14:43:07] <X-Ray_Dog> What happens
[14:43:41] <Dj_Roice> it says to run this program
[14:43:51] <X-Ray_Dog> What program
[14:44:06] <Dj_Roice> the assaultcube
[14:44:09] <X-Ray_Dog> Click yes?
[14:44:17] <Dj_Roice> ok
[14:45:44] <Dj_Roice> hold on its going
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<19:15:05> "Fluttershy": i'm a spastic today
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<CrayfishKing> Lol schaf thinks we're all suicide cases
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(16 Mar 13, 11:55PM)DES|Cleaner Wrote: [23:41] <Oracle> where do you see that?

Great one! Still laughing. :D
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(20 Mar 13, 01:39AM)TheNihilanth Wrote: Also change the red box to a blue first sight seems like a xenon's ac client.
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<Bugboy1028> Pulling all-nighter just to see V-Wifey -.-
<DrauL> yo
<B}Verse> HAHAHA i know Bugboy1028 ;)
<Bugboy1028> and DrauL
<Bugboy1028> :3
<B}Verse> it's not every day you see a wonderful lady
<DrauL> AND dRAUl
<B}Verse> corrects himself
<DrauL> *and DrauL
<B}Verse> I do see a wonderful lady everyday.
<DrauL> here we go
* B}Verse stays hush hush...
<Bugboy1028> Too late
<B}Verse> ;)
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[12:14:02 PM] Asif: u have bad taste
[12:14:11 PM] D3M0NW0LF: it's a joke dude
[12:14:20 PM] Asif: i know lol
[12:14:22 PM] D3M0NW0LF: besides, who knows if that's their real pic
[12:14:24 PM] [SODA]___ME___: its a better profile pic than yours
[12:14:29 PM] D3M0NW0LF: BURN
[12:14:31 PM] [SODA]___ME___: no offence
[12:14:43 PM] Asif: <.>

[12:26] <PhaNtom__> AC needs a new weapon: the ban-hammer
[12:26] <D3M0NW0LF> it already has that
[12:26] <PhaNtom__> i'm kidding
[12:26] <D3M0NW0LF> Bugboy
[12:26] <PhaNtom__> LOL!
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[11:43:50] <D3M0NW0LF> I don't put everything on the quotes thread
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[23:30:47] <Cleaner> my dad had 19 cats!
[23:31:35] <Cleaner> thank fuck he was smoking pot to cover the stench
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cubelover Wrote:i tried assaultcube and now i'm in love with him!

language barriers are awesome~
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(29 Mar 13, 05:39AM)PR/PARTY_ROCKER Wrote: I'm still competitive and have a server!!! If you guys want to come for a knife fight or any kind of fight, come to my server when I'm on!
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(02 Apr 13, 11:45AM).ExodusS* Wrote: rangefinder scope is perfect for huge maps like ac_scafold
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<Drunkpwr> i cant watch youtube
<Drunkpwr> because i laugh like a hyena
<Drunkpwr> when Im drunk
<Drunkpwr> Why am I even typingin this channel?
<Drunkpwr> I fear this is all gonna go on ac qoutes thread
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omg im so high lol
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(07 Apr 13, 04:29AM)Undead Wrote: omg im so high lol
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(04 Apr 13, 03:57AM)Bugboy1028 Wrote: Also, Xenon is very helpful with admin, he once shut down server with all innocent people in it
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(07 Apr 13, 09:53PM)PhaNtom Wrote:
Some random server Wrote:LetsGoToHell connected from Iran

Are you serious right now?

Actually, don't answer that.
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Some ramdom server? you should post the screenshot about that.
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-KuT-Pr0\/0k3 Wrote:how did you knife?
D3M0NW0LF Wrote:By right clicking, that's how.

Lol it was fun making him rage... :)
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[Image: 2podzzn.png]
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(11 Apr 13, 04:07PM)Sveark Wrote: [Image: 2podzzn.png]

omg XD
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"I'm sorry if this affects you, but you need to take a look around for the cheat, because it's almost certainly someone you know. May I suggest you look in a room that has a mirror?"

jamz replying to a blacklist thread. reminds me of 40's Kell.
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[Image: 14mas83.png]
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Quote:<@X-Ray_Dog> I have to do backyard dog things, then I will return once all of my crap is gone and I get my ideas out
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(04 Apr 13, 02:00AM)ZeekTriton Wrote: Its been around 3 months now is there like an exact day i get un-baned or something you can tell me? I cant wait to get back to assault cube and start fresh again.
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