When do i get un-ban-ed?
// Name: zeektriton
// Ban date: 2013-01-05

Its been around 3 months now is there like an exact day i get un-baned or something you can tell me? I cant wait to get back to assault cube and start fresh again.
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You get unbanned on April 5th.
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(04 Apr 13, 02:04AM)Vanqu!sh Wrote: You get unbanned on April 5th.

alright thanks for replying so quickly!
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Eyes will be on you madam, bel-eed dat Playa
// Name:  zeektriton
// Ban date: 2013-01-05
// Ban reason: speed, editmode
// Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/?i325ld8ve1njdjb
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