The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(19 Dec 12, 11:01PM)Bugboy1028 Wrote: Can any AssaultCube moderator like Jamz remove my vote so I can vote again?

(20 Dec 12, 03:16AM)Orynge Wrote: #YOVO
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*Bad&Mad sees feng's pic...
Bad&Mad: Feng, is that picture of you or your sister?
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<00:06:27> "Phesphor.h4x.": <20:44:33> "vanquish": i get sexually excited by the front of this car
<00:06:37> "vanquish": again, i was quoting jeremy clarkson
<00:06:46> "vanquish": he said this when referring to an alfa romeo
<00:06:48> "rofl": plus that's normal
<00:06:49> "Phesphor.h4x.": ORLY?
<00:06:53> "vanquish": lol
<00:06:59> "Phesphor.h4x.": wtf
<00:07:02> "rofl": i read about this guy
<00:07:03> "Phesphor.h4x.": im so gonna quote that
<00:07:04> "Phesphor.h4x.": XD
<00:07:09> "vanquish": xD
<00:07:11> "rofl": who used to have "sex" with cars
<00:07:14> "Phesphor.h4x.": WHAT
<00:07:15> "Phesphor.h4x.": EW
<00:07:26> "iDani": how?
<00:07:27> "vanquish": lol
<00:07:32> "vanquish": exhaust pipe?
<00:07:33> "rofl": i imagine he had quite the choice of "areas" to fuck
<00:07:43> "Phesphor.h4x.": exhaust pipe?
<00:07:44> "Phesphor.h4x.": LAWL
<00:07:45> "iDani": oh yeah not a nice position tough
<00:07:47> "rofl": i don't know
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<13:52:54> "Artemis*": what client do you use?
<13:52:58> "vanquish": dxt

The hacks!
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<@RandumKiwi> [11:58:39] The AC devs are playing a test-game.
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<xx:xx:xx> "aerkefiende": I'm not your amigo
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Quote:pineapple: For anything that needs to be reliable, wireless is NOT the way to go! (get a cat5 and go to town :) )
ONYX: you mean buy a ethernet cable? and host the server in the town?
For people unaware of English idioms - "go to town"
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Hell I'd host the server in my ass if it helped, but be warned... my shit really DOES stink.
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[Image: 20120905203710acdepotct.jpg]
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(30 Dec 12, 04:27AM)ONYX Wrote: The Speed test lag when i tried testing it
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(04 Jan 13, 05:21AM)DavertH Wrote: playing for 8 moths in assault cube i have a skill of pro too
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{TBR}D3M0NW0LF Wrote:It's a suburban neighborhood.
[SODA]ctt Wrote:No it's a trailer park...
{TBR}Elise Wrote:You're both wrong. It's Mr.Roger's neighborhood!

...shortly after that

{TBR}D3M0NW0LF Wrote:It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. And people's brains are getting splattered. Would you like yours... to be served on a platter?

PR/PARTY_ROCKER Wrote:zombies are coming! better get the plants ready

[SODA]ctt Wrote:BHO got pwned...I took all his moneyz.

[SODA]___ME___ Wrote:ok, I'm forcing him to play lss_mental_scratching
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[Image: chubbyfuck.png]
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[Image: 20130107212605acpowerht.jpg]


[Image: 20130107213150ackellerh.jpg]
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(08 Jan 13, 02:28AM)Mr.OpTic Wrote: [Image: 20130107212605acpowerht.jpg]


[Image: 20130107213150ackellerh.jpg]

You don't know maaan, you weren't there!
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Centurio should really lie low. Those Yakuza might be watching his internet traffic.
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He's only been playing again for a couple of weeks. It's like being in the Quotes Thread when he's in the server.

Quote:Centurio: it's good to be back
Centurio: I've had a busy year
Centurio: I was working undercover in Japan
Centurio: with a yakuza group
Centurio: it was tough because of their high level of training in ninjitsu

Quote:Centurio: I'm pretty tense as I have an elite mission tomorrow
Centurio: so I'll need to get some rest soon
deltafoxtrot: good luck with that Centurio
Centurio: thanks
nescio: will you be back soon?
Centurio: it's an assassination
deltafoxtrot: but, of course, you don't need luck
Centurio: yes a one day job
Centurio: there's no such thing as luck
nescio: that's what you said the last time
Centurio: only blood, stealth and assassination skills

Quote:Centurio: I guess I'm not used to chatting with non-operatives
deltafoxtrot: it must be hard Centurio, talking down to our level
Centurio: well, I know you're being ironic
Centurio: but it actually is
Centurio: bear in mind
Centurio: I mostly mix with operatives and special forces agents
Centurio: so yes it is

Quote:Centurio: real life special forces operative here
WashingtonIrvin: Centurio!
Centurio: how's it going?
WashingtonIrvin: Hi again
Centurio: hi
WashingtonIrvin: I had another name the other day
Centurio: it's okay
Centurio: when I'm undercover on missions I use a variety of names
WashingtonIrvin: of course, I understand; you're used to it
Centurio: yes exactly
Centurio: like when I was undercover with the yakuza
Centurio: I was known simply as the dark tiger

Quote:Centurio: it's pretty ironic how I also do a real life version of this professionally

edit: There's more
Quote:Centurio: I'm a real life special forces operative
HitGirl: it seams not to make you a better player...
Centurio: not a better player maybe
Centurio: but a better warrior in real life

Quote:Centurio: guys, I don't want you to feel intimidated about talking to me just because I'm an elite operative
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Quote:Centurio: blah blah

Bahahaha what an idiot!!

Oh shit! I better be careful or he will come ninja me in the face...everyone whisper
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Pff I'm not afraid, what's he going t-
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(08 Jan 13, 05:27PM)Boomhauer Wrote:
Quote:Centurio: blah blah

Bahahaha what an idiot!!

Oh shit! I better be careful or he will come ninja me in the face...everyone whisper


Quote:Bahahaha what an idiot!!
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Bahahahaha! I really gotta meet this Centurio in chat. Kinda reminds me to the character Simon from the movie True Lies hahaha!
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I think I know who uses this nick..

Catch 22 references ftw :3
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I didnt even notice that RR, nice catch.
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ShadowFlameZ> !seen bugboy1028
<Bugboy1028> ShadowFlameZ, 1vs1 in MC?
<SwellGuy> ShadowFlameZ, 1v1 dota2?
<ShadowFlameZ> no
<ShadowFlameZ> what
<ShadowFlameZ> i have neither
<ShadowFlameZ> dota2 not on mac
<ShadowFlameZ> :x
<SwellGuy> 1v1 sc2?
<Frogulis> ShadowFlameZ, 1v1 in skyrim?
<Bugboy1028> 1vs1 on Skype?
<ShadowFlameZ> omg
<SwellGuy> 1v1 minesweeper?
<ShadowFlameZ> stfu
<Bugboy1028> 1vs1 on Porn
<ShadowFlameZ> !k bugboy1028
* Bugboy1028 have been kicked from #PBClan by ChanServ ((ShadowFlameZ) Bye.)
<SwellGuy> 1v1 fap
<ShadowFlameZ> !k swellguy
* SwellGuy have been kicked from #PBClan by ChanServ ((ShadowFlameZ) Fap Fap.)
* ChanServ gives voice to Bugboy1028
<Bugboy1028> COME ON
<Bugboy1028> why I Get kicked
* Frogulis ([email protected]) has joined #PBClan
* ChanServ gives voice to Frogulis
<Bugboy1028> oh..
<Frogulis> offended
<Frogulis> hmph
<Frogulis> offer still stands though
<Bugboy1028> 100000000000 vs 1000000000 at AssaultCube bot brawl, ShadowFlameZ ?
<ShadowFlameZ> ._.'
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I missed this one:
Quote:Centurio: I've been compared to Bond
Centurio: the three most usual comments
Centurio: are I'm like Bond / Batman or Solid Snake
Centurio: Bond because I'm international and intellectual
Centurio: Batman because of my martial arts and stealth skills
Centurio: and Solid Snake because I always go on solo ops
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(12 Jan 13, 02:54PM)|40+|Axel Wrote: name axel
ip 213.44.108.x
i reported about him before,he seems to changed provider :)
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<23:28:47> "shadowz": why don't you apply to -----
<23:30:34> "Lozenge": i'm thinking
<23:31:23> "Lozenge": i do not know if i'm still high
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[13:54] <+GlaD-slackin> maybe sometime ill play
[13:54] <+ShadowFlameZ> then doooo it
[13:54] <+ShadowFlameZ>
[13:54] <+GlaD-slackin> i have to get a new hdd first
[13:54] <+ShadowFlameZ> anywho
[13:55] <+ShadowFlameZ> enough wooing random damsels on the internet
[13:55] <+ShadowFlameZ> gn
[13:55] <+GlaD-slackin> i only have 1gb of free hd space on my desktop, lol
[13:55] <+GlaD-slackin> gn gn, and im a dude
[13:55] <+GlaD-slackin> soo
[13:55] <+ShadowFlameZ> LOL
[13:55] <+ShadowFlameZ> coulda fooled me
[13:55] <+ShadowFlameZ> \:D
[13:55] * +ShadowFlameZ ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
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Quote:<xenon> if i were to choose between the UK and the netherlands
<xenon> the netherlands would be much higher on my list
<Daithi__> why
<Daithi__> they don't even have christmas
<Medusa> we have christmas
<Medusa> just not your stupid turkey
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<07:31:06> "OpTic": and weeeee are never ever erver, getting back togetherrrr
<07:31:18> "Larry": why not optic?
<07:31:39> "OpTic": you go talk to my friends talk to your friends talk to meee
<07:31:45> "Larry": are you a taylor swift fan too?
<07:31:59> "Fate": lol
<07:32:19> "Larry": she's pretty cute :D
<07:32:33> "Larry": it's a shame i'm gay

[Image: 6v9xqX3.jpg]
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