Wiki Editor application
Please try contacting your clan-leader for access -
trusted clans get their own hierachy for granting permissions to the wiki.

To make your application you need to provide us with your exact wiki-username and something to prove you're going to improve on the wiki. Giving us an example of your work - by using a site like - is the best way to prove that.
Just mentioning that you want to update your own single clan-page on the wiki is only enough if you're a clan-leader, actually this is only so because these wiki-Sergeants (manager) then take on the job of providing wiki-Corporal (editor) permissions to their clan members.

You need to prove .. either ..
.. your a CLAN-LEADER.
Link to clan-homepage: member-list(*)
meaning all images, wiki-sources, etc. - ready.
Use a pastebin-site.
You need to provide ..
.. your exact USERNAME on the WIKI

___ __ _
(*): Your clan needs to have existed on the wiki for at least 3 months to be elligible
___ __ _
22nd June 2010:
The wiki is now accessible, all the old english pages are back - a backup exists,
so if someone wants to take charge of a certain language I can provide wiki-sources.

23rd October 2010:
This backup is now defunct.

If you are unaffiliated with a clan but feel the need to contribute you simply need to proove your worth for us to consider granting you access - just copy the page(s) in question you would fix up, write the corrections to the local copy and put them on a pastebin-website (like - make time till expiry be a month or over) and then post them in your request here.

In the future those clans that have established a good standing with the rest of the community will be brought to my attention and will thus be granted "Sergeant" permissions on the wiki.

Good standing means: If new clans pop up, that have no previous tie-in's with community they will first have to acquire that standing. Getting onto the wiki-clanlist is easy - just ask any wiki-editor (e.g. on IRC) - then fight a few matches in public, challenge willing clans or groups via or IRC to make a name of yourself - once you have all the content you need for a clan-wiki-page and some more interest in the wiki than just that page (because then you just need a working contact to an exisiting editor to make updates) you can link to your clan-homepage-member-list or wherever it says the likes of: BTW, this person is our leader and anybody checking here for wiki-sergeant application should grant it.

The "Sergeants" can assign "Private" (basic editor) and "Corporal" (a few more permissions) to people they trust.
But they should really be careful with that trust.
One misstep in half-a-year will be tolerated - meaning only the offending editor will be deleted - but one more and all of that Sergeants permissions will be revoked, meaning all the accounts he has granted permissions to will be revoked too!

Again: If a Sergeant falls from grace his protegees will lose their permissions too.
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my username is : Fundog
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My username was (is?) AndreONEz. I used to translate about 40 articles from English to Italian in the past.
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My username is Lightning. I've already submitted applications twice before but tey were both lost with the forum mainantence. An example of my work can be found on
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Flowtron, I'd think I'd give this a second try.
My wiki username is ViperX07 and the same as Lightning I am an AC-news team member and have written articles there. I would like to help as I said before with Mac documentation.
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User: R4zor
[A] 'Leader' of DES. I was pretty much (or one of) the last person updating the wiki at all. Good grasp of proper English - worked mainly on the DES page, but generally I fix up anything I see wrong.

Tried to catch you on irc, flow, but the timezone :'(
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Username: Zarj
I noticed with the old wiki that there were always a lot of pages that were very outdated when it came to clans: information on stuff like members, servers, etc. I would like to help keep some of that more up-to-date.
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Sorry for this post. I didnt know R4zor was allowed to give me permission. The german main page is under construction ;) You might want to take a look at it.
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User: DogDancing, I'm an older member of the community. A leader/head of BC, and a mapper. I used to edit the wiki way back when articles I've written/edited include Special movement, Weapon tactics and tips, Gamemodes...etc.
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Uhm - nice try, DogDancing - but my history here only shows one edit by you on one of those pages.
But you've been granted anyway - enough in your Contribution List, especially non-clan-related stuff, which I really think the wiki should be for :-)
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Wiki username: Gibstick
Per your suggestion, I'd like to put some of the best parts of on. I can also translate some articles into French. I am the first of my clan to be associated with the wiki. :D
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My current nick on the wiki: Andrez
Here is the main page translated in italian, hoping that it was what you meant by "example"...
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Please - if you're the member of a clan - send your clan-leader here.
If the clan isn't listed on the wiki yet leave a link to a page where I can see that you ARE the leader and then you can get "Sergeant" permissions - this will enable you to give your members editor permissions (Corporal for the really trusted, Private for plain editor permissions).
If someone a Sergeant (Sgt) gave permissions to messes up the wiki badly we will revoke that editors permissions - if another mishap happens in the space of 1/2 a year ALL the permissions that Sergeant gave and the permissions of the Sergeant himself will be revoked.
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My username is MusicMan10 and I'm the leader of RAA as stated here, and here.
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Ok. You've been granted Sergeant permissions. You also received a PM with you responsibilities and privileges - we also spoke on IRC about some details.
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My username is MorganKell and I am the leader of The Kell Hounds. shimmy.

AC Story 1

AC Story 2

I would like to edit and maintain the KH page, as well as further the fictional universe I've written around AC and it's real life players. The above links are to the first two installments of The AC Story.
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(03 Jul 10, 12:49AM)flowtron Wrote: Please - if you're the member of a clan - send your clan-leader here.

So (if that post is for me) if I'm not in a clan I just can't have access as wiki editor?
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No that post was for us (MM10 and I).
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Andrez: yes, that post was for clan-members in general.
For individuals you've gone the exact right way to do it!
You've already been granted editing permissions (Private (Pvt)).
I can send you a ZIP of the previous wikis contents of italian pages - that will make your life a lot easier I think. Just reply here that it's okay for me to do that - I'll either PM you or email you - whatever your account allows, or actually if it doesn't allow anything and you allow me by your post here I will get your email via the admin-interface ;-)
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Sure, thank you :)
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My name is BULL3T.
I would like to apply for wiki access for our clan |oNe| to update our clans page.
Thank you.
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My name is DarKnoT, I had an access to the wiki by the past.
I'm the french team leader and oNe member, I would like to edit my 1st one
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Username: Impakt'd

Leader of oNe and more or less one of the now veteran players of this game. Highly interested in fixing up articles, more so those having to do with oNe / clans.
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Im a member of oNe clan and i would like to have acces to oNe page, also i can translate everything from english to Hebrew & Russian , thanks in advance.
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Username :: MorganKell

As the leader and founder of KH I'd like to be able to edit and maintain the KH page. I've been around since .93 and am interested in finding ways to contribute to AC. I am also an editor of AC News, albeit Panda hasn't gotten around to fixing up the list, which I have contributed 2 stories to. Along that line I hope to widen and grow the fictional aspect of AC into a full-blown storyline with epic plots, subplots, and masterful explosions in as awesome a way I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and I hope you get a chance to read my stories. Let me know what you think please :).
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(13 Jul 10, 10:23PM)BunnySoul Wrote: Username:BunnySoul

Im a member of oNe clan and i would like to have acces to oNe page, also i can translate everything from english to Hebrew & Russian , thanks in advance.

If the leader of oNe is granted "Seargent" permissions that person will then be able to grant you "Private" (or "Corporal") permissions based on levels of trust.

One request from the clan itself is enough.
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Yeah , sorry missed impakt'ds post. i'd also would like to translate pages from eng to hebrew and from eng to russian if needed.
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- Nick / Username : Etch
- Leader and founder of 3"
- I'd like to be able to edit and maintain the 3" page
- My work? for example
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My username is DrauL, i'm the leader of Exile Unit and would like to make a wiki page for us,
I like to write and evaluate writing, I have a blog at
Our clan site is where most of the information for the wiki page will come from and that is at
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