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MorganKell: you're editor now
etch: no such user exists
DrauL: no such user exists
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Sorry, didn't realize we had to make an account, i thought you did it for us. :/
I made account. Username: DrauL
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You didn't reply to my post. So am I supposed to re-apply or something? I would like to keep the List of Clans up to date and make minor tweaks. ie. Fix sentences etc.

Also, I would like to fix a bit of this. For example, the spelling of 'Debian' is wrong, the article states that downloading the GetDeb version of AssaultCube is best when it is not (The GetDeb version supposedly has server crashing bugs). On the other hand for a quick, clean install the package manager has a good version straight from the Ubuntu repository.
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Look at the guy go. He knows his stuff.
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DrauL: check your PMs, I've sent you a basic introduction - you're now a Sergeant on the wiki and can give Private to Lightning.
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Flowtron has Impaktd got access yet?
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-nvm- point, clicked, answered my question myself.
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Alien, in AC from Action Cube, clan aCKa, in old version i created czech translations.

I plan to add link to our clan ,create clan site and translate some basic sites.
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Send the clan-leader here to register, he/she will then get the power to give you access.
I suggest you first start off that clan-site as "proof" that person is the leader - ATM there's no site on our clan-list wiki-page so I couldn't check your status. Once the leader is "Sergeant" and you have (at least) "Private" permissions I will happily send you a ZIP of backuped wiki-source-text for the czech pages.
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I can translate some articles to czech language but not much czech players plays this game :(
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NVM. :)
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Hi i would like to request wiki editor access please, i am joint leader of the {BoB} clan with rampage our forum is We are looking to do Serbian and Croatian translations. My wiki username is Billybob. If approved the thank you if not then no worries and thanx for the consideration.
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Wiki editors can do nothing with that, you gotta ask flowrton.
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(This is where he's supposed to do that.)
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Username: BurN.
Motivation: I guess most of you folks know me, my name is Lodewijk better known as .cO'|BurN. I'm the founder & administrator of Cube Ownage. The reason why i would like to become one of the editors of ac wiki is to edit & maintain the Cube Ownage page & help other clans who are not so active to keep their list of members up to date. (= When someone leaves/joins a clan, i would edit this in the list of members.) Also i would edit some things who changed since the new version of Assault Cube came out, for example:
Quote:"Gib - Done by scoring a headshot, knifing or killing a player with a grenade and gives the player two points instead of one"
-> Shotgun gib & not anymore 2 points instead of one, 2 points is a headshot / knife. I have been around for 1 year now. By the way i have already written one article in ac-news about my clan.

Contact: For more information you can contact me through TeamSpeak, Skype, PM on this forum.

Thanks already :d
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I am "active" admin of aCKa. (we don't play "leader" game) If there is some "problem" with access, at least someone can put link to the list of clans please. We have some maps and servers.
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Done, feel free to pm me your clan history.
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Edit: damn wrond topic sorry.
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username: djogli
clan: TaS
page:TaS at AC wiki

We want to offer help on translating AC wiki to Serbian/Croatian pages, our wiki page, and maybe some new articles in English. Inside clan we have people that can help German, Polish and Russian translations if needed.
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username: MacAdresS
clan: aCKa

I want make aCKa page and also edit list of IRC channels

Practise I have done whole aCKa page in file on PC
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username: GhostE_
clan: o2|

I am the clan leader of o2| stated here: and I would like to edit the o2| clan's page and maybe someday translate something to Portuguese and or Spanish.
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pffff, 3 known ghosts in ac...
o2|Ghost, .cO'|Ghost aCKa|Ghost .

Time to find another name.
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Username: Blueprint
Clan: |BC|
Motivation:Well i would like to update BC's information and also try to contribute to AssaultCube as i read more i will try to add more.
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Username: HUNTSMAN
Motivation: I would like to keep iOD|'s information up to date
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Username: Orynge
Motivation: I'm an Xu|Leader and there's quite a few things that need updating on the Xu| page.

Nvm. DrauL gave me some :D
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Wiki username: evanzo23
Clan: Operation: Onslaught
Reference of site built by me/ Clan website:
Motivation: To update o2| 's clan page and update information only when true and supported.
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Username: Monas
Clan: SK (I'm the founder)
Motivation: I would like to help with the spanish translation,I'm mexican so I know the correct/proper grammar for spanish.
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User Name - Morsey!

Creator/Leader of |NR|, Update the NR wiki page, add clans to the wiki, maintain the general clan section on request.
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Monas: you're now an wiki-Sergeant, use you powers wisely.
Morsey!: proof of being clan-leader?!
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Proof? err..
Clan site roster.

can speak to me on IRC if you need more proof; #nr-clan @
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