Wiki Editor application
Username - Jason

Founder/Leader of |eR|, want to update member wiki's and add more to our wiki page.

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Dearest flowing tron, please give all the power to Panda.

He leads a powerful clan, so I've heard. The mystical place of their gathering is - but beware of the elf archers. He will update pages with all his might, especially the chosen one.
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Dearest Troning-flow, please give some power to Ronald_Reagan.

I lead a very controlled clan, and would like to be able to get its name out there. I am also willing to help update the clan list.
I am a very active forum member, and am in IRC whenever I have access to my computer. I like to think I am easily reached. I believe in using correct english, although I may not be as adept as an english teacher.

My clan post on these forums is here. Dating back to the 10th of August. I joined these forums (unwittingly) 18 days after they were created.

A couple examples of my writing:
Blog: RR Blog
Interface (docs) update: Interface.html

My username is Ronald_Reagan and my account can be found here

If you do not give me access, I fully understand. Many view my clan as a joke, I however have full faith with it, and am going to stick with it till the very end (possibly 2012, though I doubt that).
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They also speak about themselves in third person. XD
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For one sentence ;) (for mine)
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Jason, Panda, Ronald_Reagan: You've all been granted the rank of Wiki-Sergeant - use your powers wisely.

To reiterate the rule: All the wiki-users you promote are your responsibility. This means if one of them misbehaves we will just ban that one person - but if another event occurs within 6 months (1/2 year) from one of the users you promoted ... that will mean banning for you and all the people you've promoted.

BTW: Panda & Ronald_Reagan already had full editing privileges, they've just been promoted to a rank that allows them to promote others. Please don't promote individuals outside your clan - this goes against the organisational structure we're trying to establish here.

Explanations of rank (on wiki):
  • Private (PVT) - basic editor
  • Corporal (CPL) - editor with a few more permissions
  • Sergeant (SGT) - a clan-leader or exceptional individual (can grant PVT & CPL to others)
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I'd like to apply for higher privileges on the Wiki. My contributions speak for themselves in that I have used them to add and take care of the KH page. I would like to give some of my more computer experienced members Wiki access so they can help me trick out the page. Thank you.
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Done, MK - use your powers wisely. See above for the rules applying to your new rank of wiki-Sergeant.
And please - keep the language non-colloquial on real pages; guess we can't stop you from using words & phrases nobody understands outside whatever region of NYC you're from .. or aren't you .. whatever - use a dictionary, when in doubt, is what I'm trying to say .. oh and - please doubt yourself, it's healthy - to an extent.
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Username- Shorty

Member of w00p, I would like editor to maintain, and edit the w00p page, as well as details of hi-skills, current stance. - As my clan leaders aren't interested in obtaining Editor to do so -

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Username - Feng

Im Founder/Leader of |#KyR*|, I put our clan on wiki's and add things on our wiki page.

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Shorty: send one of your clan-leaders to become wiki-Sergeant, then that person gives you editor permissions - it's all in the 1st post ;)

BuzzyBee: I'm sorry, but a forum with earliest registrations about 5 days old .. that's not enough of a lifetime to warrant the trust involved in giving you this sort of access. There are enough editors out there that will gladly get your clan mentioned on the wiki, possibly even put up an initial page of your clan (but again, the short lifetime of the clan will make most hesitant) .. after all, many clans pop up one day and die two weeks later, I hope you understand.
Quick Edit: BuzzyBee - just post the info in the Wiki Clan List-thread!
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Flowtron, None of the clans 'leaders' are interested in getting said 'permissions'
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Oh dear. What will we do?
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I'm not sure why you should get permissions if you're going to leave this game soon as you said in Marreiras "bye bye thread"

Quote:These topics look fun, You'll see my topic in the upcoming days!
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Please - this thread is for submissions only. Do not use it for "chatting".

Shorty: well, they don't need to "do" anything - it's simple really; if they don't want the responsibility then they can simply post here to name you their designated wiki-Sergeant. As long as the in-clan-hierachy is maintained I can live with it - it's simply meant to give one person per clan the authority over wiki-permissions; clan-leader is the obvious choice from our end, whatever the clan decides on internally is up to the clan - as long as I have the proof later that that decision was officially stated I'm fine with it :-)
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Name: JGAN
Wiki Username: Jgan (lol)
Clan/Postition: *rAgE*/Founder, Leader
Work: Check all around forums, also check here (hasent been updated for a while).
Why I want to be an editor: I'm tired of people asking the same questions on the forums (like how to create a server) and complaining that the docs/wiki is out of date. I especially want to work on the wiki's organization/links and the server guides. check out my mac server guide in the forums; i have windows/linux guides coming soon (probably over the holidays).

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Name : TigrisWarrior
Wiki User : 3!ven
Clan/Position : WoC/AMP WoC| Leader/ AMP Council member
Work :
i want to be able to add more to the AMP Wiki page and help ac in any way i can
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JGAN: even though your clan is very young, you've been around for a while. Also - I like the application, sounds like serious work is planned, not just ego-stroking (=clan-page only). There are some things I find odd about the work you showed as example - but fresh ideas are at least a basis of discussion, or simply accepted due to inherent goodness. Why PDF, if HTML would work w/o download @ Photoshop-tuts? And I hope - if you do upload how-to-pictures to the wiki - you will take a little more care w/ the mark-up/text than in the pictures on the thread (re: Mac Server) ... but that's just perfectionist me mentioning this preemptively - the important thing is we do get stuff updated and fleshed-out! Ironing out small kinks or improving on established work is easy :-)
You are now a wiki-Sergeant. Use your powers wisely!
One misstep only gets the offending editor removed, another one inside 6 months and you and all those you have elevated/promoted will be removed.

I'm sorry TigrisWarrior - your clan(s) (!?!) have not existed long enough - your account is barely a week old and I can't see anything on the page you linked me too .. it's confusing, not a good way to get editor privileges :-P
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@flowtron thanks! not trying to sound rude, but is there a problem with using pdf instead of html? and i will use actual text for those wiki pics :]
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hmmm that's weird but my clan has been around for a few months now but oh well i'd still like to be a wiki editor but i guess i'll have to cope
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Name: |DTF|TeD
Wiki Username: TeD
Clan/Postition: Leader of DTF clan
Why I want to be an editor: My clan has been around for nearly 5 months now and we just recently got onto the wiki list of clans. There is very limited information about our clan on the wiki, so I would like to add more to our clan page such as: History, Recruiting, Servers, Maps, Contact Info, etc.

Thanks for consideration,

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Name: iOD|Huntsman

Wiki user name: HUNTSMAN

Clan: iOD| (Infectious Overdose)


iOD| doesn't have leaders and not really a council, so I am applying :)

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@TeD: I fail to see proof of your existance for more than a few weeks - at least from your site, which is the only thing I can go by really. Also I'm really, really not interested in clan-advertisment on the wiki - I want to see documentation there - find someone with editor-privileges to set you up and update any trivia on your clan for the time being and come back here at the end of Febuary, then I guess I'll have to accept your clan does exist and wasn't just a "fancy" (read: short lived), as we get those a lot I'm sure you can understand we don't jump for every "clan" that was born yesterday and dies tomorrow!

@Huntsman: mmmh, no leaders .. well, as your MemberBios-page shows me your at least one of the more present/outspoken members without a penchant for excessive trivia/smalltalk .. I'll accept your application - you're now in charge of the wiki-aspects re:your clan .. this means you promote your members to editor (wiki-Private) and answer to me for any abuse coming from those you've promoted.
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@flowtron: I understand where you are coming from. I did start the clan a few months ago, however the website was set up only a about month ago after the clan really started to get going. So given the lack of proof I have provided, I understand your decision. For the time being, I will continue to run my clan and come back in the future to prove we are not a "fancy" clan.
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Thanks Flowtron :)
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Português - Original
Nome de Usuário: Blackover
Sou lider do clan Over.
Gostaria de atualizar a página do clan Over,colocar a história,lideres e tudo mais necessário.
Gostaria de poder editar para dar mais informações sobre a Over Clan.

English translate
User Name: Blackover
I am leader of the clan Over.
I would like to refresh the page clan Over, place the history, leaders, and everything else needed.
I wish I could edit to give more information about Over the Clan.
clan site:
e-mail: [email protected]

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Black-G, I sent you guys an email requesting more information, if you give it to me I will be able to update your page.
However, the date of your clans creation seems to be more than 3 months, so dont let me stop you.
Sorry, thats why I'm not in this post ;)
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Ok, I'll send you the necessary information.
Thanks! :)
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I can't see where Ronald_Reagan got the idea you've existed earlier than beginning of December 2010 - that's not even 2 months. Please come back at the end of Febuary; until then you already have the connection established (Ronald_Reagan) to get some basic clan-information onto the wiki.
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My username is Killight.

I'm the leader of the World United Team. Our website:

We're already listed in the clan list on your wiki (

Thank you,

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