The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(13 Jun 15, 10:07PM)C4rma Wrote:
(13 Jun 15, 03:46PM)DamDam Wrote: Vanquish will carry most 3v3s unless he's teamed up with a massive handicapped player.

Well... he is teamed up with shield.

c4rma i love you
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(14 Jun 15, 06:38AM)Cemer Wrote: what would our future descendants think of us if all they have of our civilization was starix's post history
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I meant to split the posts into a new thread and I accidentally the whole thing.  Sorry.
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[size=x-small]Expect the Unexpected[/size]
Undead is unhappy lucas got the last word so here:
And X-Dog closed another thread again.
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<20:39:09> "starix": haha brazilians torlling me
<20:39:20> "starix": imagien the best of B dont go play haha
<20:39:23> "starix": imagine
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br:starix >> all
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(16 Jun 15, 03:51PM)[email protected] Wrote: what was the reason for denying lozi ? I guess because he's a woop member ?
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al3rt :" Stop destroying everything you havent done lucas ffs"
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<09:21:18> "hello": im too poo for i<3biebz posters
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[16:04:49] <Rad-> he's making w00pcube
[16:04:55] <Rad-> the same way stef was making stefcube
[16:04:58] <SKB> i'm making skb cube
[16:05:09] <rico> when will it be time for starixcube
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talking about the asteroid that will allegedly wipe out the earth in september:

<22:11:01> "vanquish": oh
<22:11:09> "vanquish": well
<22:11:11> "vanquish": apparently
<22:11:14> "vanquish": if it hits puerto rico
<22:11:19> "vanquish": it will only instantly kill everyone in america
<22:11:21> "vanquish": so we're safe
<22:11:24> "vanquish": but apparently
<22:11:30> "vanquish": the clouds of smoke will block out the sun
<22:11:41> "vanquish": destroying all plantlife and causing the earth's crust to rupture over the course of 300 years
<22:12:05> "yopa": as long as my wifi works

edit: fixed names
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<23:35:17> "starix": amnesy very weed
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"starix": crosshair es carpeta same mucho trabajo as SS
<18:58:46> "MPx": ah? are you mixing english, portuges and spanish? XD i dont get it
<18:58:55> "starix": mixxeR*, i am dj of languages

LOL stoned
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<13:52:31> "starix": 4000 match
<13:52:46> "starix": lets gogogogo
<13:53:01> "starix": come move muuhh!
<13:53:06> "starix": gogogoogw
<13:53:25> "starix": sorry i'm stoned
<13:53:28> "starix": very weed
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<21:14:48> "Lozi": i found 3 bra
<21:15:11> "Lucas": give them back to your mom
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<23:31:45> "hello": i will form team sexual predator with starix and friteq
<23:31:56> "hello": legacy will be a shadow in comparison
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Starix is too sexual for this team.
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(28 Jun 15, 03:17AM)1Cap Wrote: There cant be no special treatment for anyone!
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It's okay 1cap. I too go double-neg occasionally.
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Undead: kirby stop trying
Kirby: no i go run forever
Undead: run into a truck
(01 Jul 15, 10:12AM)Friteq Wrote:

Morgan is cool and he deserves respect
No I am just kidding he can sux my dic*
Everytime he trying to post funny shit
Uncle Joe slaps his tit
He screams :Uncle!Go!"
But he thinks yes,even if he say no

Makes my heart sing
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<02:33:08> "༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ ─=≡ΣO))": when I was gonna sign up for the fad website
<02:33:18> "༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ ─=≡ΣO))": I had to answer this question
<02:33:24> "༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ ─=≡ΣO))": "What is Obama's last name"
(02 Jul 15, 10:15AM)[email protected] Wrote: you know something is wrong with the climate when its sunny for 5 days in a row in the UK
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[Image: SWe4QTW.png]
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#pbclan Wrote:18:12:57 < Bugboy1028> ugh, I hate it when woman's underwear turns into japanese flag
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<00:12:48> "shadz": 2-0 USA
<00:13:33> "C4rma": its womens football, who cares? Its not women and its not football
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[Image: ICnJJBy.png]
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<X-Ray_Dog> that list is a count of how many times users have done your mum
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<08:07:51> "HeadSh0t~P.T.L": coz my computer sound doesnt work i dont know why!
<08:08:05> "HeadSh0t~P.T.L": it always tells me to install it
<08:08:19> "canadian child": install what
<08:08:21> "HeadSh0t~P.T.L": yup!
<08:08:31> "HeadSh0t~P.T.L": install sound on the computer
<08:08:40> "HeadSh0t~P.T.L": thats why its on mute
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