Poll: Who's gonna win?
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12 15.00%
2 2.50%
6 7.50%
7 8.75%
10 12.50%
Península Ibérica
4 5.00%
3 3.75%
15 18.75%
16 20.00%
5 6.25%
Total 80 vote(s) 100%
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Place Your Bets!

I hope you guys are very excited about this year ACWC. I am! I never thought we would have this amount of teams this year. So, let's place our bets. who's gonna win?

USA or Chile <3
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Prediction: A team outside the top 4 in votes in this poll will make the semi-finals.

The bracket could decide that alone, but I mean, I expect to see a surprise team doing well. :)
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If all of the french team show up in their best form, they're the best team without a doubt imo. Therefore, I'll vote for France (fuck it ima vote for UK too since everyone else is voting for their own teams).

- Germany and Australia have really strong lineups (on paper) too, but again, I'm not sure how active they've been.

- I think UK/NL can do decently this year, but a win for either team would be a surprise.

- I think USA are massively overhyped. They were the best team in 2013 and deserved the win in all honesty, but they certainly didn't have the same form last year (they need haste as their 3rd) and I doubt they will this year either. But writing them off totally would be a bit stupid.

- Made in Brazil are the dark horse of the tournament, they could potentially upset a lot of more "favoured" teams.

If UK don't win, I'm rooting for the Netherlands or France. But in all honesty, I think France have this as long as RB/Honor start training again. Harrek's only been back for a week and he's crushing the best players in practice games atm.

Sorry for bad post formatting, on a phone atm.

Shoutout to the qt's Hosta, Million, RikPik and yopa for voting for UK! <3
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how much money is involved?
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I voted for Península Ibérica*.
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vanquish will probably win ACWC on his own.

[Image: LLyRMWW.jpg]

86 kills = vanquish
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Well, if money is involved.....

Round 1: France vs UK
Round 2: France/UK vs Australia
Round 3: France/UK/Australia vs USA
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Depends who plays for UK, depends who plays for USA, depends if AUS get their shit together beforehand. Brazil are good but lack consistency (just like every other team).

My money is on France or UK

Don't doubt that USA wont try and beat the living hell outta every team though (be scared we will actually train this time :DDDDDD)
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Would anyone be interested in a bracket challenge (kinda like the NCAA Basketball tournament challenge)? If you can predict a perfect bracket I might throw in some cash!
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mmmmmmmmm train
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UK has already won this
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I have no idea how the lineups are looking like, but I think UK might upset it this year.

This will sound like cocksucking, but Vanquish will carry most 3v3s unless he's teamed up with a massive handicapped player. And even then, we still manage to win games with me in the 3v3 lineup! LOL

When one player can do the job of 1.5 to 2 players (fragwise, pressure wise and thinking wise), it is a lot easier to win games. I believe only a solid 3v3 lineup will be able to deal with Vanq the tank, that's why I'm thinking only France can compete with them till the finals.

Brazil might upset some but will likely lose to a good team that can outsmart them 3v3 when frags don't matter as much.
I believe USA, AUS & Germany could've been really great contenders for this year if its players had been more active throughout the past months and if they had stayed in shape for this whole time.
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(13 Jun 15, 03:46PM)DamDam Wrote: Vanquish will carry most 3v3s unless he's teamed up with a massive handicapped player.

Well... he is teamed up with shield.
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Dutchies win ofcourse
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impressive training http://www.twitch.tv/pitonpt/b/668983139
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Ahh cute, edward is watching NL

We have a fan!
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is it true that France beat UK?
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(18 Jun 15, 04:59PM)EndGame Wrote: is it true that France beat UK?

They beat us in last year's event yeah. This year UK and Fra have never played, at least with their actual lineups. They've often had million substituting for redbull, and we've often had marti substituting for shield. We have won almost all of those games so far but they say nothing about the strength of either country because the lineups are basically just mixed teams. It would be nice if we could get some real teams to practice against though.

EDIT: Why does the poll end in 2042 btw?
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(18 Jun 15, 05:36PM)Vanquish Wrote:  We have won almost all of those games so far 
We won last match It means that now fr > en
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(18 Jun 15, 06:31PM)Million Wrote:
(18 Jun 15, 05:36PM)Vanquish Wrote:  We have won almost all of those games so far 
We won last match It means that now fr > en

what? we tied a series of games 1-1, and the lost map was one of only two against you this whole year. And also "en" consisted of me, marti and one guy who wasn't even in our team until an hour before we'd played.

I'm not trying to say that if france actually comes back and practices they won't be good, I'm just saying if france wants a guaranteed win this year, then that's what has to happen. Harrek is still awesome, but everyone else is rusty (not bad, just not at their peak). I don't believe it's particularly arrogant to say that if Honor and Redbull come back and regain their old skill levels, they're the favoured team this year for sure (hence why I voted for them).
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(18 Jun 15, 05:36PM)Vanquish Wrote: EDIT: Why does the poll end in 2042 btw?
It's roughly when this ACWC is scheduled to finish. /:D
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