Pi servers
Pi servers is a big house to trolls and cheaters like Norman etc.
If they cant admin this servers please remove it from masterserver.
I play there every day and everyday the same trolls and cheaters are there too.
No admins, bad configs e showing to everyone the worst side of this game.
We dont need servers like this!
But if a Pi member want to play he go to his server and show powers to his own benefits.
No, no, its not ok.
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Pi,PSY servers themselves are cheaters, having such lags and teleports.
do as me 1Cap  https://hkar.ru/UCSo
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Yes Yes.
But it's not just about me.
New players everyday enter these types of servers and think that AC is a mess. 

Well, Psy servers have improved a lot, but many admins are lazy and do not fulfill their duties. They use fake names and only care about themselves ...
But on the Pi  servers is much worse! The settings are horrible and there are never admins! I know it because I play EVERY day there and at different times.

Plus, are anothers servers that block the possibility of banning a cheater .. block even a vote to kick cheaters! .. What kind of servers are these? Why are they in the masterserver?
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Any Pi member yet willing to give me admin? You know I'll smash Boomhammer down.
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(30 Jun 18, 04:33PM)Boomhauer Wrote: Any Pi member yet willing to give me key? I will use it in best way specially when im drunk
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There are Pi members left? Asking for a friend
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[Image: Sem_titulo.png?width=551&height=414]
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That salty kid normann needs to be dealt with pronto,he comes only to vote abuse not to play so i will upload a demo now on the blacklist thread for you all to see the biggest vote abuse i have ever witnessed,we had to move to another server where we can ask admin for help so we can play in peace....
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Hey there,

I'm Pi_elite, a member of Paradox Infinity and the maintainer of its servers. I'd like to issue an apology on the lack of administration of the servers. It is true that the servers need to have more active moderators. Thus, we're opening up requests for server administration.

If you'd like to become an admin on our servers, please PM me with your request. We're committed to make the Pi_ servers a better place for everybody. No, we don't like hackers. No, we don't like toxic players. We have and will always champion integrity, honesty and fair play.

Thank you for your time and apologies for the inconvenience that we have caused.

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Is impossible yet play on PI Servers
No admins around
Lots of trolls and teamkillers
Same if are some admin online this admin do nothing

Why, he cant? Not allowd? Just to save friends? Some trolls are untouchables?
Litlle list for you:

Lot ips
Normman - LeXus - Bear's
Undead - |ONE| bla bla bla

Now all players are using alias.. No more comunity
Lazy admins are a shame
vote spam reconect is a bad server config shame too
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Chill... I only can play once a week or once a month at this condition ( ask grenadier for ms logs)
LeXuS only appears few times 
Undead is good, and you SUCK ( At least he is good till you dont interest him to tk you while you are talking shit )
Bears sux, if i was ms admin or sth i would cbl him ( thing that must be done long ago, also i think he is blacklisted on Pi servers so stfu and ask server owners on discord WITH SOME DEMOS YOU BIGMOUTH COWARD )
Norman is cbld, only shut the mouth and report him if you see him with new ip 

Also when i play, theres ms admin or sth 90% of times so again stfu

If you really cant play, there is uninstall.exe always in your computer ( and if you are windows user )

I havent seen you for at least 3 monthes, pls update your brain

Also if it hurts you to remember some IPs, Write the IPs down =)) or make .txt or .docx file and save IPs or use a script to store IPs and nick and if you are that drunk or overdose, you should ask someone to help you with identifying people
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Same again tonight ...
Normann guy trolling and spam...
teamkiller, spam kickers...
No admins...
I tryed ban trolls but they back again...
impossible play...
be attention about rulez.... to have a server in masterserver you must support it well
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Be more in contact with grenadier and medusa and jamz, they will help u cbl "bad guyz" if they exist... else you have to spam the same bullshit here... i know its a good way to vomit when you hate ac community but be a lil nicer and help the admins to make this list long enough to make ms empty of players

Oh sorry, you deal more with this link:

You are paying them to hold server? Then its not you who tells how to rule a server.. ask ms admins for details...#ac_advertise
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Can someone close the thread? All the questions about Pi servers answered and all know its the whole ac problem not Pi or any other special server series problem... also all the details explained and if no1 can add any new thing to thread then it must be closed kthx
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No admins around. Stay a house for cheaters, impersonators and trolls.

CN 3 and CN 8

I suspect that one of this guys have admin there


[Image: 2lkbrco.jpg]

*be attention about rulez.... to have a server in masterserver you must support it well
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Supporting ppl is not equal to supporting 1Cap btw just saying... I mean It's not your 1st day you complain about same thing, I mean you must go IRC and talk with ms admins and hear them why they ignore you cap

Have you ever asked yourself why grenadier or dani do not reply to this thread?
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Note : you can call us trolls and make other poem and ignore your main problem : you must ask an MS admin directly about your problem, posting same thing is boring, even for me.
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If Pi clan no more exist why a Pi server on masterserver? 
This server dont have enought admins is a house for cheaters, trolls, haters and impersonators.
How is this server good for the game?
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1Cap, I know elite who runs the servers so get me ip's/demos/screenshots of hackers/trolls etc and I will past them on, not a problem and he will BL them :)
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Well, based off his demo he posted, I can for sure tell you who one of the two were. The other I have no clue. But I doubt anyone will actually do anything about the one I know for sure, cause its been like 11 years and no one has yet
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