Open letter to Staff
"Dear" Staff,

I played assaultcube years ago, it has been a big part of my youth, but I think it's a pity what happened to this game. For me, a point has now reached where I have to get rid of my opinion.

Before anyone wonders who I am, my in-game name was MasterTT, also known as ~[CeW]~MasterTT or ~[CEA]~MasterTT. I also had other names, but listing them all would take too long.

Assault Cube has started as a great game and is now just a joke. I've been looking for a few posts from the forum, will quote them and respond to it.

(18 Feb 18, 04:49PM)gtrx Wrote: My solution: have servers that have "bad" maps (like twintowers, camper but NOT simple edits of them) and servers that only allow official/"good" maps (like ac_village etc.)

(10 Oct 17, 01:15PM)Iguana Wrote: What do you guys think?

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And I  hope you didn't get triggered!

(03 Feb 16, 09:57AM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote:
I have gone back and forth for some time over the idea of restricting map choices in order to preserve the overall experience in our servers, and I decided I wanted to get some community feedback regarding this.

While I really like the idea of people having the right to freedom of choice, I know there are a lot of maps of questionable quality that get voted mid-game quite frequently.

Often these maps are passed to the dismay of many experienced players.

In light of this, I did some preliminary work to create a list of maps that seem to be revered by many players, and yet cause revulsion for many more.
The proposed list isn't yet used, and may not get used at all. But I figure I will share it here for server owners who may decide this is a good choice for their use, in any case.

Whether or not it is ever used, I wanted to invoke opinions from the community here to get a better feel for the potential response to additions to our map blacklist.

(25 Oct 15, 11:31AM)grenadier Wrote: In times of old staff there appeared some "crappy" (bad quality) maps, like EzjemVille etc. Crappy maps were played by some, the same part of players, which played almost the whole time the same a few maps. So crappy maps competed with good quality maps and started to dominate over them. This situation annoyed old valuable players, which stopped to play AC and new players didn't come, because AC wasn't already attractive.

So old devs took a decision, that servers with crappy maps in maprot should be banned in master server. In short time that brought quick growth of players amount, what was caused by increase of playing good quality maps.

Later this practise was abandoned by newer staff, what among other things caused considerable decrease of players amount to current state. So high time to return to old, proven practice and ban servers with crappy maps in maprot. That needed rules change, what happened.

Related threads/posts:

The problem is especially with these servers, which have up to several maps in maprot, where big part of them are "crappy" maps - such servers for sure will be banned. List of forbidden bad quality maps in maprot and servers threatened by banning is given in the first post - if their maprot won't be changed, they will be banned in master server.
Note: list of forbidden maps can be updated.

Bad maps?!
There are no bad maps, every player has the possibility to join server, if on the server a (for him) bad map is running, then he should leave the server. Most of the maps marked as bad maps have been the most popular maps of the game. At the time these maps were still allowed to play, Assault Cube had a lot more players. I recently looked into Assault Cube and found out that there were about 40 players who gambled and that almost exclusively ac_ Maps are played. To quote someone:
(07 Feb 18, 03:32AM)1Cap Wrote: You had it and you destroyed it. A shame. If you could not do it right then you did not have to get into it.

[Image: HIYu1dd.png]

The king's "friends" have never done a good job ... It's the main reason for the lack of new players ... for sure ...
You've banned maps that made the player play this game.

The old staff, as Grenadier said so nicely, knew the game and knew how to get players to play and recommend this game. The "new" or current staff do not have any plan of his work and build (in my opinion) only garbage and destroy this game more and more.

I believe I have made my point clear and I am sure that many of the old players are in line with my opinion.
I would be very happy if you steered the game back in the right direction, in the direction it went before you started to turn this game into a pile of garbage.

Best regards
monster010 aka MasterTT
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Indeed, people choose to play on those servers with "low quality" maps, besides, we have the option to vote maps, if not change the playing one, vote the next...
Even though i believe that more map restrictions arent the solution at all, i can't really see where the current staff "build only garbage and destroy this game more and more". They didnt created hundreds of gameplay patches or anything like this, some of the recent forum threads are just like conspiracy theories. Basically what most of people here believe is that if the staff reverse all changes they've made, the game will grow again, now do you really believe that new players will just start playing because of the maps? Where are those players now, passing by the forum and closing the tab because the game is not fun due to problems that they dont even know? The same for the idea of more restrictions, what you guys really want ? New players or the old player base, because anything related with internal problems cannot affect what is outside when what is outside doesnt even know we exist.
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