Poll: Allow @camper (and similar) maps in a server's maprotation?
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What's an @camper map?
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What is "camper" map ? ac_desert in 10 vs 10 ? ;) Can you post the example of such map ? What say the statistic from MS ?
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Sadly, although I much dislike the kinds of maps you're implying, yes.

The server owner should be allowed to decide if he wants such maps in his rotation (as long as they fit the quality pre-requisites of course). Really, the only thing such a restriction could do (as the map fits the requisites 0.0) would be to eliminate many custom maps from being in maprots on servers. O.o

I'm sure that's not the idea here, but besides BL'ing the map, what else could be done to keep these maps off if they make the quality requisites?
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Check the MS, you'll see lots of different versions of these kinds of maps, if you have not already seen one.
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From what I know, these maps should fail the requisites; however, they use a game glitch to allow them to get played. I believe?

* Ronald_Reagan hasn't looked into it too much.
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Are you also referring to maps that make use of "one way looking glass" type glitches?
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Yes, it should be allowed. One thing though, in my opinion there should be a restriction of amount of custom maps being placed on the maprotation.

Sure, it's not allowed to put a "map and mode 24/7" on a server, but these guys are just putting the same "outline" and idea of the map but simply in different versions.

I've played these maps, they are a long corridor, a base at each side, and tons of glitchy walls and secret places behind each base, and such. Why are the glitchy walls enabled in the map requisites?
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No ;)
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why not just redo the glitched mapmodels? Save a lot of other coding.
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(27 May 11, 01:39AM)Viper Wrote: why not just redo the glitched mapmodels? Save a lot of other coding.
That wouldn't even completely solve it, if they are willing to mess with the config files.

I voted 'yes' only because they technically fit within the requisites. However, I am not supporting the maps, I am supporting the proper enforcement of the rules. As for the rules themselves, I believe that the requisites, just like the anti-cheat, must be kept up to date with whatever new exploits are being found.

In short, I do not support blacklisting any map that follows the requisites, but if a map twists the requisites in a unfavorable way, the requisites should be updated.
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sure but noobs dont know about editing mapmodel stats in the cfg now do they?
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I voted yes. Although these maps are huge, unrealistic, invite cheaters (and hackers too) and don't fit in with the game, they are still popular maps. Douze is both quite unrealistic and overplayed, but it's never going to be banned.

What we need to do is get rid of servers who run it 24 hours a day, but banning the maps completely is something I don't agree with.
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i voted yes because they are better then ezjem and headshot city combined
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Just a few thoughts: http://blog.johnsto.co.uk/blog/98
Other than that, I think my opinion on map restrictions is known. Ban servers running those maps from the MS if you have to, but don't restrict people from playing them on their own server.
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I voted yes, aslong a server doesnt push a map 24/7, I see no problem
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The problem I see is players pushing a map 24/7. That just has to stop before my brain a splode.
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i voted.
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(27 May 11, 12:47PM)V-Man Wrote: The problem I see is players pushing a map 24/7. That just has to stop before my brain a splode.
Yeah, but that's why map restrictions are not really a solution for that. IDK about you, but I find CTF on douze 24/7 just as horrible.
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Exactly my point. More map restrictions aren't going to stop the way noobs behave. Education is a better tool!
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Yes. And no, I don't like those maps, but server owners' freedom is still freedom.
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@camper maps fail. i dont like them because they are just not the type of realism i play this game for.
and what kind of name is "!!!!!!!!!!!T348495FTW@camperNOOOBs!!!!!" for a map. if they had sensible names i would consider playing them.
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Lol nice game Bukz.

@campers are always the same. Walk straight. Snipe the guys behind the wall... Get the amazing amount of pickups. Sigh. I voted no. Noobs will never get the good feeling of the game if they solely play @camper maps. No variety. And it causes a lot of discrepancy. Some people get adjusted to the one-way thing, and get killed easily on ac_maps. Also, people (ironically) get kicked for camping MORE than normal servers. Maybe because there are more dumb noobs on those servers. But Ima smart noob!

However, It's also the server's choice. It's not recommended (by me) to do that, but...
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Does anyone here remember playing on the original headshot city and ezjemville maps 24/7 when they first found AC? I know i do. It was playing those maps that made me interested in the unique features of the game. After a while, I switched to better maps, but the idea was still the same.
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I'd just rather have the more professional server owners (ie. the ones that actually do it properly, rather than the random people who set one up from home to be "cool" with their friends) host a bunch of high-quality maps and only allow people to vote from those. I know there a few servers hosted this way, and they're still very fun to play on.

Leave all of the little nooblets to play their crappy maps on their crappy 2000-ping servers.
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These crappy nooblets after certain stage of their self-development in this game can buy real server 24/7 and became donaters. I can finger some people here. The server capacity isn't for free! You cannot behave here as "poor" consumer.

I like that link, i almost thought i am strange but that article described my feelings, so i can do one great DOT after posts about restrictions.Thanks god.

ps.i read the question too late and i hit "NO" by mistake for restrictions. :D But who cares? :D I hope it will not end 34 "yes" and 35 "not". :D
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Allow all maps, but sort servers with amateur/broken maps/rotations into a hidden list. They'll still be in contact with the masterserver but the masterserver need not publicly condone poor gameplay. Players can still connect manually. Everyone gets to play whatever they want to play and the devs can maintain the gameplay they desire for their game.

Maybe clients could choose to display this list in a separate menu. Maybe.
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Because blocking something someone else likes just because you don't like it is a shitty attitude. There are people that enjoy these maps for exactly the reasons you outlined for blocking them.
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