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DrauL Wrote:Jack, I shall explain how the Aussie ISP's do it if you in return explain how the Americanos do it :)

I worked on Uverse, so it was mostly FTTN or FTTP VDSL, though there was some IP-DSLAM ADSL2+ (as opposed to older ATM DSL).

I'm not aware of any such thing as a "pit" where the copper from some premises meets up before reaching the DSLAM or VRAD, but it's possible that they could have glossed over this as a part of the access network that would be irrelevant to our duties. Most likely they just do it differently though -- my mom handles access transport for POTS and DSL at the NOC and she never mentioned such a thing either.

I had some diagrams from training that I could have posted, but I threw them away because I didn't think I'd ever care again. Probably not hard to find though.

We were mainly interested in connectivity from the premises equipment (our gateway), through the NID / demarcation point, up to a properly connected and provisioned pair at the DSLAM/VRAD. Anything upstream of that wasn't in our scope. And as far as I know, the layout was as simple as that. From the prem along copper to the VRAD, unless they had fibre to the prem with an ONT at the prem. Not too common in my experience. That was their loop length that we had to worry about for the purposes of setting line profiles to speeds that we could reliably provide to them. Then the VRAD (the Node of Fibre to the Node) would take fibre up into the core network, detour through ATT Internet Services for authentication and such, go gallivanting around the internet, you know. I never found the time to become familiar with anything up in that area, except for some parts of how the Video Hub Offices and Super Hub Offices operate, for troubleshooting IPTV.

I'm not sure I've helped much at all, but at least now there are more fun acronyms for people to chew on.
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Ty all for share information.
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(13 Jan 14, 06:00AM)1Cap Wrote: Ty all for share information.

I don't invest though?
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Sorry. Sometimes I get lost in English. Especially when there is use of irony. Do not know if it's the case.
Sometimes tried using irony (even disliking) and the result was tragic.
Anyway, I noticed that my ping is high fault of my isp ...
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