Map: Late frost
[Image: latefrostsmall.jpg]

This map is intented to be played in competitive 3vs3 CTF matches, but it's fun to play in public servers too.

Design features:
- lots of tactical possibilities
- good team play and awareness are important
- wide, but not very big
- quite open
- high ceilings and corridors
- liberal map model placement
- a bit experimental design in general

Thanks to all who helped testing this and have fun :)

Akimbo download page
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very nice map:)))))
The middle part of the map is a nice flagging possibility because of the gema like jump :DD
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Ooo finally it's released; it's a great map :D
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Nice map! Good mix of familiarity with textures and layout but just different enough thanks to your 'style'. :D
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Yeahhhh glad to see some new names releasing maps!
Keep up the good work!
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I like this map. There's more to the geometry than I thought there'd be.
The dirty snow texture also works well in that lower part.

I think the snow on the concrete parts might look better if you adjust some of it, since the cubes make square textures and look really sharp.

The way I did it just makes it look like there's less snow, but perhaps you could "soften" the edges in the same way. It's just a personal preference really.
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A pretty nice map. Layout wise it's very open and most rooms have more than 2 entrances which is how it should be. The 3 entrances to the RVSF base vs the 4 entrances to CLA shouldn't pose too much issue but it's probably not ideal, not that I think you should change it now, it still flows well. Like Felix said, the paths do look a bit too cubic but it's not really your fault, honestly I don't think it looks much better in the screenshots he posted above.
Another thing about the snow I think you should definitely try is have bumps and heightfields. Currently 80% of the snow is on the same level as the concrete and top of boxes which doesn't make much sense; it should be raised. It might take a bit of fiddly work but it'll have a good effect in the end.
Good layout, good texture choices, the detail is pretty good from my perspective apart from what I first mentioned, nice job.
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I'm picturing some intense firefights in that alleyway on the west side of the map. Great job btw!
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Ty guys for comments.

@Fate: I tested so many things and always reverted back to the original layout idea, that's why it took so long :D.

@Nightmare: I'm using that strategy for many things, not just mapping: standard stuff + a touch of my hand ;)

@Felix and R4zor: I admit that ground detailing is my weak spot, so I will have to work more on it in my future releases.

One of the reasons why I didn't do much height fielding is that the map is quite expensive already in some spots. It's not really a reason though to leave it that way.

Balance wise, I believe RVSF side is in slight disadvantage, mostly because of smaller base which is harder to defend, but only time will tell.
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