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(31 Jul 12, 04:25AM)Xenon Wrote: I don't know 1 player in AC I know doesn't cheat 100% because I can never prove they're not cheating.

I know!!!! 100%!!!
And this player is me.



20% Cant belive Mod.
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Irrelevance ftw.
Tbh I feel that this thread has reached the level where it should be closed until somebody who has something to contribute (i.e. possible evidence for/against) wants to post, in which case he should ask a mod to reopen the thread.
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@1Cap : you completely missunderstood his post
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(31 Jul 12, 11:39AM)Mystered Wrote: @1Cap : you completely missunderstood his post

I think he did. 1cap is 100% sure he never cheated. Some other people cant say that but it was irrelevant.
lol at your last sentence <3 (some warning points received?)

(31 Jul 12, 04:25AM)Xenon Wrote: [Image: 23550878.jpg]
But I see what you mean :p
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I think I will stop using google translator. again my sentence was double sense.
have written literally hurt and this understanding. Ok, ok .. I study a little more 2 not to talk nonsense here and end up offending someone.
Saw unbelievable things happening in the game. saw luck often plays. I myself have done amazing things for luck. I agree it is difficult to prove some cheaters. We will continue watching the Fury and all the other good players from all countries and clans.
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As shad said, if something arises, PM a mod.
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