FuRy -
I made a seperate thread because I think someone will come in with reason for what FuRy has done but:
// Name: +BRA+FuRy
// Ban reason: wall/radar hack - This is the I.P used in the demo but his I.P has many ranges.
// Proof: http://www.sendspace.com/file/imw56q
At 6 minutes remaining spectate FuRy until he kills Xenon. If anyone has any infomation on how you think he knew please post in this thread, thanks.

Removed screenshot because people get da madz.
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EDIT: Thats better! Thanks.
You threw two nades before entering the tunnel maybe that gave away your position.
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Um... his wallhack is about as obvious as yours.
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Minutos antes o Fury faz a mesma entrada na mesma porta, e vira e olha, ele costuma olhar sempre para traz antes de entrar, por isso tenho quase certeza que nao é hacker !
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(17 Jul 12, 06:36PM)PiToN Wrote: Minutos antes o Fury faz a mesma entrada na mesma porta, e vira e olha, ele costuma olhar sempre para traz antes de entrar, por isso tenho quase certeza que nao é hacker !

[Image: aku-ankka-fatuzv.jpg]
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Oh my tempest. Can I haz downie?

edit: jamz is fully aware i have one but it is so obvious if i ever connected to the masterserver with it I'd be BL'D in a hearbeat:)

@Brazillian: He never checks their the whole demo, thus why you can watch the whole thing:)

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(17 Jul 12, 07:15PM)Xenon Wrote: Oh my tempest. Can I haz downie?

I'm not sure you understood.
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(17 Jul 12, 07:15PM)Xenon Wrote: ...edit: jamz is fully aware i have one but it is so obvious if i ever connected to the masterserver with it I'd be BL'D in a hearbeat:)...

Good to know.
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When he came round the corner and shot at you, he wasn't aiming or prefiring accurately on you. It could have been an effort to make his wallhack look less obvious, or he could have just had bad aim, either way this isn't what I would consider proof really. I think he's wallhacking too, but because of other reasons than this demo (e.g. I've spectated matches where he's done very odd things. also look how much his awareness dropped in the ACWC when he was forced to use a dedicated client).

anyway have you pm'd Jamz about this?
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Spoke to jamz about this before posting, he said to post to see reactions and to see if anyone can provide a reason as to why he shouldn't be banned.
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The kill where xenon is behind the corner is abit suspicious to me, but he could have got lucky.
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Note his mate (Sonic) couldn't have helped him because Sonic had died tunnels side and uses the ACWC client so can't free-spectate when dead. FuRy shows clear knowledge of Xenon's position despite no sound apart from the grenade which can't be linked to Xenon camping there (as far as I can tell).

That said it's not proof. FuRy is an easy target because he plays with cheaters and ex-cheaters. I checked the server he joined after's (Xen00b A) logs and found his client identified as the default Windows client. If there was evidence of him connecting recently with a suspicious client I'd consider this borderline blacklist-worthy; in the mean time when I play him I expect there's a fair chance he could be cheating.
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I am a big n00b and even I could tell (spectating from Fury´s POV) someone was on that corridor throwing nades (specifically 2 of them back to back) to try to get a kill, playing against a strong team would make me be more cautious and look into corners I wouldnt normally check (or maybe I would).
And also that this thread comes from a cheater says much about how this game can be fucked up.
Xenon, if you are suspicious, its because, as we say in Spanish:
"Cree el ladron que todos son de su condicion", which you could find translated as:
"It takes one to know one"
But it really means
"Just because you are immoral, you think everybody else is to".
Im not saying he ain´t cheating cause I really don´t know (I think not) but I rather have someone with a clean past try to convince me than you.
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Rolf's post is very clear, so I didn't bother to see the demo. Fury is just good, and xenon sees wallhackers everywhere.
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He killed Rofl and then heard the granades. He went to the place where the granades were thrown being careful. As he didn't see anybody he looked at the possible camping spot on that side of the map. In the first camping spot he looked at, he killed Xenon.

IMHO, I think FuRy is not cheating. However, it's very strange that in the first attempt he found Xenon. I mean, he could have chosen the other side of the entrance but he went inmediately where Xenon was...
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accept skill ...
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Xenon wallhacks
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(18 Jul 12, 07:44AM)Vermi Wrote: IT'S PLENAS

Mother of god. xD
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In that demo, FuRy tracks enemy players through walls several times. Heck, several times he even shoots at guys he normally couldn't see. Xenon's example is one of the least obvious cases.
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I showed jamz this. He watched it and by the way grenades are at the middle of the map. Also at 5 minutes remaining I go their again and it just so happens that he checks their again. He only checks this corner twice in the demo. Both times I'm their.

As tempest said FuRy also tracks players through walls.

Also I trust jamz more then any other player on cases like these so~
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Just cuz i dont want to type it again

11:59 <Misty-Pisty> 8:40 in the demo is also pretty obvious
11:59 <Misty-Pisty> he knows where the guy who just stole the flag is (xenon i think)
11:59 <Misty-Pisty> he's meeting him halfway outside the base
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(18 Jul 12, 05:30PM)Shorty Wrote: FuRy HACKER KKKKKKK


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People see obvious wallhacks everywhere. Imo the part Xenon cries about is not the one that looks more like a wallhack, there is hardly definitive proof in that demo. But anyways, if ppl that actually know about this sort of thing other than experience through use (like Xenon) come to the conclusion that Fury cheats fine: Ban him for 3 months and if we decide to kick him out of #M|A# he can always come back and join oNe, since they have no problem accepting ex-cheaters or players long suspected of. Everything is gonna work out fine in the end.
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May i add fury is an ex-cheat and hes in M/A. So your just as low as oNe, which is very high
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Care to show me where is the bl entry of Fury with proof of him cheating? I can show you where yours is. But that is not my point, the fact of matter is: if he cheats or not in an official tournament is no big deal, nothing really happens to scumbag cheaters in AC, as your presence here so easily proves.
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Around 11 min remaining when Fury has the flag Sonic gets killed on the middle path. Right after that without paying attention he seems to know that rofl went in the tunnel again. Because he starts rifle sprinting with his back down so he can't see if rofl is maybe waiting for him around the corner. It could be that he expected rofl to go in the tunnel because the hp is untouched but still he takes a big risk it seems. At some point when he has the flag, i think at 10 min remaining or 6 if i remember well, he also notices that rofl is protecting the tunnel entrance and thus turns and basecamps after he was already on his way. Until this point its maybe not extremely obvious but at least special. Then when he seems to know that xenon is hiding around the corner where he doesnt ever look at this corner it becomes more obvious imo. Im curious what fury himself has to say about it.
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