7th Official Mapping Contest
We present to you the 7th official mapping contest

Underground is the theme, with atleast one room being outside/out doors. Good examples of this theme are ac_outpost and ac_mines. Only one room in the entire map has to be outdoors, but that room must be playable. Of course, more then one room can be outdoors as well, the limit is just set at one.

The judges: Halo, noobicus, Ronald_Reagen, and Waffles
The chairman: Halo
The judges will send their scores to the chairman so there is no influence on the scores based off someone elses, the chairman will wait til he has all other judges scores and submit all scores together.

There we be a new criteria in which maps are judged. The use of sounds has never been judged in the past so this creates something new.

We will judge on:
Average (overall of the above)
All scores will be between 1 and 10, 10 being the best, 1 the worse.

It starts now, the deadline is September 10th, you can enter your map at anytime, just post the link to download it in this topic.

The rules:
* Map wasn't released anywhere before
* One map per person (more than one person per map is fine)
* No stealing
* No judge was involved in the process of making the map
* Anyone can enter, no requirements are set based off mapping experience

If you enter a map before the deadline, you can work on it some more, the latest version will be the one to be judged.

You can make a coop map, but all people must be listed and they must not be listed on another map that is for the contest (in the case a coop map wins, its up to the persons who made the map to decide on how to split the prize, not the judges).

If you are new and working with a coop partner, this still counts as a new mapper, but only the new person in the team will get the prize (so please define who is new), if there are multiply people in the group who are new to mapping, its between those persons to define how to split it.

The prizes will be discussed and/or donated at a later time.

Custom Media is allowed, but any maps with custom media will be judged in a different category. Custom skybox, textures, mapmodels, sounds, etc, are allowed and there is no limit to the number you may use.

With this, there will 3 be different categories in which you can win. Best newcomer, best map with custom media, honorable mention (non-newcomer or custom content maps). Each category will be judged on their own. Meaning each newcomer will be judged with other newcomers, custom content with other custom content, etc.

Let your mapping begin and good luck to everyone who enters.
Have fun and best of luck!

Regular entries:
ac_dwarfouzelle by Nightmare
ac_discovery by Snoosnoo

Custom entries:
ac_ripsaw by Zero
ac_ancient_mines by Jg99

Newcomer entries:
ac_berry by blueberry

Download all mapping contest files
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What makes it official
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Cause "The Unofficial Mapping Contest" sounded weird. :>
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:) gl to future participants.
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I vote Aight, the custom map lover, for mapping judge.
Or maybe Nightmare, winner of the last contest :D.
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Twinmines@Camper plox... XD
Nah, good luck to everyone!
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GL everyone.
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The most hipster contest ever!

Good luck to all!
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I came here just to say that D: Good show.
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Best non-custom content map gets 'Honorable Mention' ?
Sounds like a 2nd rate title for a possible best-in-show. :p

I might whip something up for the sake of competition and to support the contest. :)
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I didn't want to call it "best in show" cause that could be a matter of opinion if the maps are split up between custom content and not. Thus Honorable Mention was the only thing that came to mine for not making it sound biased in anyway.
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Sounds fun good luck, to any mappers out there! :)
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(19 Jun 12, 03:34AM)Dog|BC|Dancing Wrote: Sounds fun good luck, to any mappers out there! :)
You. Make a map :D
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You should make it five judges so there is an odd number? Good luck for anyone that is making a map. May the odds be in your favor.
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with the numerical rating system i highly doubt there will be a tie between averages. it is possible, but unlikely.
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didn't know there were mappers left in AC
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you learn something everyday
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It's safe to say I'll be entering this. Good luck contestants. I'll post status updates about my progress here when I start making my map. That being said, I have college work for now.
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(19 Jun 12, 07:03AM)Undead Wrote: didn't know there were mappers left in AC


Good luck to everyone!
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This theme bores me too much, I'm out.
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I feel I must expand on this alittle. The theme doesn't have to match ac_mines or ac_outpost in the sense that it is a mining site underground. Anything that could be consider underground could pass (i.e subway, sewer, catacombs, etc.). If you have a question about if something could be considered underground, ask, you never know if it'll pass unless you ask.
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<prolol> i will recreate the hipster hangout at my school

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Nightmare underground roller coaster go go go
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(19 Jun 12, 06:52PM)Nightmare Wrote: This theme bores me too much, I'm out.
Aw, there goes your chance to be the best mapper again..
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I would make a map but i feel the judges are unfair and pick people that they like. Even if you think you are honest, you will always give leniency towards your own clan members. It would just be a waste of time for someone like me
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That is false actually. I would judge my own clan members stricter then I would anyone else cause I know they know better then to make a poor map. The community vote was more biased then judging. That's also why the judges were picked to be from 4 different clans. Its a nice even spread of opinions and experience. I have been judging maps for a long time, and making them even longer. If its not a good map, its not a good map, that goes for anyone, not just people outside of my clan. If someone in my clan submitted a poor map, you best believe I would call them out for doing a poor job. If you feel it is biased then how would you have done it? Community vote? Cause that worked so well last time. Popularity contest instead of voting for best map.
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@ bballn45: I bet if a judge or two were your friends you wouldn't be mentioning it.
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(20 Jun 12, 09:10PM)Pi_Halo Wrote: Community vote? Cause that worked so well last time. Popularity contest instead of voting for best map.
Could you please stop complaining about that? Mind as well sticky a thread stating your thoughts.
Also, I think it would be nice to add 1/2 judges to add diversity to the rooster.
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