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If anybody who lives in or is from a country in Asia is interested in playing in ACWC, post here.
At first Bigbaddy and I were hoping to get a team India going, but that did not go so well due to lack of sign-ups and him pulling out of ACWC.

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I guess I won't be making a new thread, and I will leech off Shadz. THANKS! (:

If I am not a part of the Canada team, I may consider representing China/HK/Taiwan.

I'm not sure about an ASIA team. Ofc I know there are not many Asian AC players, but Asia is so big >.>

I would rather represent my mother country out of patriotism, but not my mother continent, lol. Don't count me out quite yet tho ^^ I'm glad ShadowZ made this post.
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Good luck!
Check this out.
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Since sign-ups are drawing to a close soon, I decided I'd give this a bump and see if anybody would be interested in joining the team.
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India is in Asia? :O

* Nightmare needs to do school again.
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(20 Jun 12, 08:04PM)Nightmare Wrote: India is in Asia? :O

* Nightmare needs to do school again.
No dude, it's in Africa :)
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Naw, you're both wrong, apparently it's in the Middle East.
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[Image: facepalm.jpg]
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This died.
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When the WC starts? i said World cup not Toilet :D
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It already started.
Look at the ACWC Subforum.
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(09 Jul 12, 06:51AM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote: Lolwat.
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