The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(21 Jul 11, 10:11AM)CicloN Wrote:
(20 Jul 11, 07:58PM)Xenon Wrote:

mels better than you xenon
Nah, he used to be better, he can't play with over 10 ping.

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[18:08] <jamz> u mad? There are loads of dull moments
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Quote:<Toxicchix> you seem mad at me ):<
<NightHawkd> im not
<Kakarrot> NightHawkd just hasn't fapped yet
<Kakarrot> wow
<Kakarrot> xchat does not recognize contractions
<Toxicchix> mmk
<NightHawkd> ynnnn
<NightHawkd> !8ball does Kakarrot fap?
<ChanServ> NightHawkd: It is decidedly so.
<NightHawkd> ha!
<NightHawkd> !8ball does NightHakwd fap?
<ChanServ> NightHawkd: Who do you think I am, DiLL?
<NightHawkd> !8ball does NightHakwd fap
<ChanServ> NightHawkd: Are you mad?!
<NightHawkd> !8ball do I fap?
<ChanServ> NightHawkd: Sure. Yeah. Exactly.
<NightHawkd> lol
<Toxicchix> LMAOZZZ
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Quote:<a-d-a-m> drakas
<a-d-a-m> drakas
<a-d-a-m> drakas
<a-d-a-m> drakas
<a-d-a-m> drakas
<a-d-a-m> drakas
<a-d-a-m> faggot idler
<a-d-a-m> your all faggot idlers
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Quote:[15:19] <@Toxicchix> HI
[15:19] <+X-Ray_Dog> no
[15:19] <@NightHawkd> lol
[15:19] <@Toxicchix> !8ball hi
[15:19] <@ChanServ> Toxicchix: No.
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V-Man Wrote:I don't have to justify warning points!

this is what the mods actually think

Mod edit: User warned for malicious intentional misquote.
If you're going to quote me, don't leave out the important bits.
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19:48    <Toxicchix> see
19:48    <Toxicchix> you no love meh )':
19:48    <NightHawkd> Madi u know i love u
19:48    <Toxicchix> DONT LIE TO ME
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[10:37:49] <@Undead> participating in a discussion with v-man is like cutting your rectum out of your anus, cooking it and eating it
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(05 Aug 11, 09:46AM)WAR Wrote:
(03 Aug 11, 08:16PM)jamz Wrote:
// Name: [DSotM]W4R, aka MR.GR4N4D3S, R2E|W4R
// Ban reason: Grenades in TOSOK
Me and Hannah got banned for absolutely no reason! I will put you off of your charge when i get back!
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(05 Aug 11, 06:45PM).ExodusS* Wrote: No! Just cheat with the map-restriction as Megatowers' mapper made.
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(05 Aug 11, 02:45PM)Huntsman Wrote: Gone through my third set of pants in the Past 15 minutes...

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<acinter> ATTENTION: AC-Inter bot now has 2 NEW COMMANDS! $zombies (for organizing a fun zombie match. SEE #ac-zombie for more info) $mapping (for finding a mapping partner)
<B}Ronald_Reagan> AC-Spam bot \:D
<JoeSmith> giggity
<ikljo> lmao
<B}ShadowZ> lolwtf
<B}ShadowZ> y'all teamed up with the zombie crew?
<acinter> JoeSmith: is looking for an AC Zombie match. Go to TEST
<acinter> y'all teamed up with the zombie crew?
<B}ShadowZ> though i must say i love that mapping option
<B}Ronald_Reagan> :X
<ikljo> WTF
<B}ShadowZ> wtf

acinter be mockin' me ^
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23:01    <B}ShadowZ> disney world is the bomb
23:01    <B}Verse> Give me the open praries of MT anyday over that stuff
23:02    <B}Verse> yah thinks so?
23:02    <B}Verse> Pardon me, is 'bomb' a good or bad thing
23:02    B}Verse thinks bad.
23:02    <B}Verse> Destroys your whole vacation
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[19:27:57]    Mr_OpTic    mmmmm
[19:28:15]    Mr_OpTic    ok im kinda choking on the stone
[19:28:37]    Mr_OpTic    i got bored swo i stuffed the last 4/5ths into my mouth lol
[19:29:02]    Mr_OpTic    im going in for a 2nd
[19:29:08]    Mr_OpTic    cuz ima naughty lad
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[13:01eQ|NukpwrGuys wanna hear something fucked up?
13:01eQ|sgtdAFK> :P sure
[13:01eQ|Nukpwrmy 14 year old brother slept in a tent with a 21 year old gay guy
[13:01eQ|sgtdAFK> -_-
13:01eQ|NukpwrMy brothers gay =_=
13:01Cemer|ACTell him to meet Gibarix
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<Shoter> hey
<B}ShadowZ> hi
<B}ShadowZ> what
<Shoter> friend can help me?
<B}ShadowZ> um
<B}ShadowZ> no sorry
<Shoter> you are from?
<B}ShadowZ> me?
<B}ShadowZ> i'm from Earth
<Shoter> unlock my ip c I want to play plz help
<B}ShadowZ> i don't know how
<B}ShadowZ> lo siento senor
<B}ShadowZ> no puedo ayudarte
<Shoter> Kenya can help me:?
<B}ShadowZ> lol
<B}ShadowZ> i don't know
<B}ShadowZ> don't ask me
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(06 Aug 11, 04:53AM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote: <Shoter> Kenya can help me:?

No. You Ghana pay for what you did.
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This is a warning to anyone else who was about Togo and post another Africa pun here. You Congo jump. Don't do it, or you are Guinea-Bissau-ry.
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(05 Aug 11, 04:35PM)Zarj Wrote:
(05 Aug 11, 09:46AM)WAR Wrote:
(03 Aug 11, 08:16PM)jamz Wrote:
// Name: [DSotM]W4R, aka MR.GR4N4D3S, R2E|W4R
// Ban reason: Grenades in TOSOK
Me and Hannah got banned for absolutely no reason! I will put you off of your charge when i get back!

Expanding on that...
Yes, it's 90 minutes long. But it's totally worth reading it.
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Life and times of the AC mods.
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anderson on musicman10:

[14:50] <DES|Anderson> I do alot of work with youngsters who have been bullied and or have learning difficulties, and please do not get offended but there are some striking simularities
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Quote: Quit("ikljo", "[email protected]", "G-lined (AUTO Excessive connections from a single host.)");

Quit("acinter", "[email protected]", "G-lined (AUTO Excessive connections from a single host.)");

Quit("acinter1", "[email protected]", "G-lined (AUTO Excessive connections from a single host.)");
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If you want to continue reading the saga.
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Quote:<AnnoyingKid> Yeah
<NightHawkd> lol i didnt know that XD
<AnnoyingKid> stfu
<AnnoyingKid> T.T
<AnnoyingKid> WAAAAAAA
<NightHawkd> ?
<NightHawkd> and its TT.TT btw XD
<AnnoyingKid> NOES
<NightHawkd> lol
<NightHawkd> u mean T's?
<AnnoyingKid> SHADDUP
<NightHawkd> lol
<NightHawkd> gmmm AC quotes thread? :D
<AnnoyingKid> Lolw/e
<AnnoyingKid> Sigh
<NightHawkd> lol
<NightHawkd> cant afford the space between Lol and w/e?
<AnnoyingKid> HOEW DID U NO?
<NightHawkd> because i smart :D
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[18:38] * gcjh ([email protected]) has joined #assaultcube
[18:39] <gcjh> this game sucks
[18:39] * gcjh ([email protected]) Quit ( Quit: Page closed )
[18:39] <@Bukz> ty u rock
[18:39] <@B}Ronald_Reagan> we love you too
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[21:04:13]    Kakarrot    i've actually got gibbed by a guy named poo in ac
[21:04:15]    Kakarrot    
[21:12:44]    |<--    Kakarrot has left (Quit: Leaving)
[21:12:57]    -->|    Kakarrot ([email protected]) has joined #eq-clan
[21:12:57]    =-=    Mode #eq-clan +v Kakarrot by ChanServ
[21:14:46]    AnnoyingKid    Lol
[21:15:01]    AnnoyingKid    "Kaka"rrot was gibbed by Poo
[21:15:05]    AnnoyingKid    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
[21:15:20]    X-Ray_Dog    gg
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[17:41] <HeWho> Y U TLK LIK DIZ
[17:41] <HeWho> I HURD U LIK MUDKIPZ

[17:59] <HeWho> rap = crap

[18:02] <HeWho> you would smoke
[18:02] <HeWho> maybe thats why your so retarded

sauerbraten players say the most retarded craziest things!
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Jg99 Wrote:Proof: i saw him going too fast
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Quote:11:34] <+eQ|Nukpwr> Nm
[11:34] <+eQ|Nukpwr> kinda dis-fucking-gruntyl atm
[11:34] <+eQ|Nukpwr> gruntled.
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> I went to the bathroom to take a piss.
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> I lift up the seat
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> and to my fucking surprise
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> theres no water
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> and a the most greasiest
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> nasty
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> fucking
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> disgusting shit
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> I've ever seen in my w
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> hole life
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> just starting at me.
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> I Pissed all over it.
[11:35] <+eQ|Nukpwr> And here I am.
[11:36] <+JoeSmith> gross lol
[11:36] <+eQ|Nukpwr> Tell me about it.
[11:36] <+JoeSmith> shoulda taken a pic
[11:36] <+JoeSmith> did you even try to flush
[11:37] <+eQ|Nukpwr> no water...
[11:37] <+eQ|Nukpwr> That.. "thing" must've soaked it all up.
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[15:21] =-= B}ShadowZ is now known as Dr_Hax
[15:21] === Dr_Hax: member of +#DedicatedEliteSoldiers, +#sgoc, +#eq-clan, +#HyPE, and @#PBClan


[08:02] <+hacker> leave what
[08:02] <+hacker> i didnt do anything
[08:02] <+Bukz> allowing people with those kinda nicknames on our IRC is something that we've never done
[08:02] <+Bukz> doesn't look good for us

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