The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(27 Mar 11, 10:41PM)RandumKiwi Wrote: Sorry Halo, but according to Duke Nukem (who is, btw, the #1 bad ass in the entire universe, ever, even outweighing rambo/chuck norris/arnie schwarz/etc), power armour is for pussies.

... and jamz is the best.

(27 Mar 11, 05:44PM)titiPT Wrote: wut's death metal?
(28 Mar 11, 05:48AM)V-Wifey Wrote: He would tell you.... but then he would have the kill you.
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(28 Mar 11, 07:09AM)V-Man Wrote: The AC engine is designed so that everything below the "waterlevel" is underwater, period. Anything more fancy than that and it'd require a "non-catering-to-low-end-machines" AC.
(28 Mar 11, 07:13AM)Frogulis Wrote: No, you can't have air below the water level.
(28 Mar 11, 07:13AM)Joe Smith Wrote: No you cannot have "AIR" below the water line, the water line is a set line and is the same line across the entire map.
Later in the thread.
(28 Mar 11, 07:24AM)V-Man Wrote: Hey, did we answer the question about the waterlevel yet?
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Quote:|H*S| clan is looking for some members to hand with us
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Quote:<+carl_glass> for some reason i doubt id be banned from hi-skill but still fuck drakas
<vern{BoB}vern> in da butt

Quote:<sexyinter> acinter: is looking for a 4-8 men. Go to #funtimes to respond.

<sexyinter> Orynge: is looking for a woman. Go to #acinter to respond.

<sexyinter> Infern0: is looking for a woman. Go to #acinter to respond.
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Quote:[20:24:25] <|KH|MusicMan10> did you know that we live in a galaxy with spiral arms
[20:24:27] <|KH|MusicMan10> u all mad
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[23:24] <+gdm> I'll remember that if I ever come
[23:24] <+Maj> :P
[23:24] <+gdm> oh
[23:24] <+gdm> I just came
[23:24] <+Maj> .
[23:24] <+Jam> ~
[23:24] <+gdm> but yeah. I meant if I ever come to RM
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Quote:[16:50] <@ChanServ> [DES|Bukz] <@MusicMan10> id star in a gay porno for 500 million dollars
[16:51] <+MorganKell> Bukz i'll see your porno and raise you a lesbian porno for 500 million beers
[16:51] <@DES|Bukz> lol
[16:51] <@DES|Bukz> :3
[16:53] <+MorganKell> 500 million beers would make Obama look like Oprah
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Quote:mellow-yellow says: 'Fistyourwife change your nick or i'll fist you'
This is much funnier if you know who mellow-yellow is. Don't ask; I'm not telling.
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jamz: your wife?
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RE: favorite map themes
(31 Mar 11, 01:58AM)Brahma Wrote: Big city theme, high edifices...
[Image: TrollFace.png]
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connected: PlsDontShoot!
player PlsDontShoot! switched to team CLA
|BME|Rezoboro fragged PlsDontShoot!
player PlsDontShoot! disconnected
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(30 Mar 11, 06:09PM)jamz Wrote:
Quote:mellow-yellow says: 'Fistyourwife change your nick or i'll fist you'
This is much funnier if you know who mellow-yellow is. Don't ask; I'm not telling.

mellow-yellow is DES|Medusa ...
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isn't the point of an inside joke that only a few people get it?
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Lantry, why does your user message say "AC Dev/Admin"?

Ehum, here's a quote

(30 Mar 11, 03:23PM)Alien Wrote: beware of double agents ;)
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(01 Apr 11, 08:27AM)eftertanke Wrote: I'll try spitting tools.cfg up later.
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(01 Apr 11, 03:39AM)Lantry Wrote: isn't the point of an inside joke that only a few people get it?

"RE: The AssaultCube Quotes Thread"

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Quote:Footlong: What'd I miss?
Footlong: Ooooh. Exciting.
Footlong falls asleep again.
Footlong Quit.
MykeGregory|Xu: lol
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(01 Apr 11, 03:11PM)MykeGregory Wrote: why was gibstick banned though? o.O
(01 Apr 11, 07:36PM)V-Man Wrote: For spam
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(01 Apr 11, 07:37PM)Alex007 Wrote: EDIT: BTW I don`t want to alarm anyone but today when I loggin here in the forum throw me a message that the server was offline and one time when I try to make a reply tries to redirect me to a website hax (black screen with a skull and red bandage if anyone knows) just saying look
the other one (hax site) I don't will put it here
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Quote:<|KH|MusicMan10> once you cross the line into irl legal activity its only a matter of time before shit happens
<|KH|MusicMan10> *illegaql
<|KH|MusicMan10> *illegal
<Gibstick> you smoke weed
<|KH|MusicMan10> ya but not on the internet
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Quote:quinnw was kicked from #assaultcube by RandumKiwi [quinnw bans quinnw]
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Quote:19:16] <Duckett> Every person in this IRC, go to #pokemon, and start trolling

regarding morgan's who banned morgan on the forums:

Quote:[19:45] <MorganKell_> fuck off and give me a straight answer
[19:45] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> It's probably the person you'd least expect
[19:45] <MorganKell_> apparently
[19:45] <quinnw> Maybe if you had come in here with a good attitude I'd be more inclined to.
[19:45] <MorganKell_> good attitude?
[19:45] <MorganKell_> reallllllllllllllllly
[19:46] <MorganKell_> I came in here with the most natural attitude to have to find out that I went from 50 % to BAN in a day
[19:46] <MorganKell_> least you could do is tell me who
[19:46] <quinnw> No.
[19:46] <quinnw> You want to know why?
[19:46] <MorganKell_> sure
[19:46] <quinnw> Before you came on and raged, I was completely erect. Now my testicles have withdrawn into my abdomen.
Thanks given by: Wrote:read map packages/maps/official/ac_douze.cgz rev 17 (25 milliseconds)
Douze (AC-Version) by makkE - layout by stanze
game mode is "OSOK"
One Shot, One Kill: You and your opponents start with 1hp, a sniper rifle, a knife and no pickups. Survive with your sniper, or humiliate with your swiss steel.
time remaining: 83 minutes
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(02 Apr 11, 12:43AM)RandumKiwi Wrote: APRIL FOOLS, thread closed.
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Quote:<SKB> darn ubuntu
<Yarukinasu> damn Ucuntu
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Quote:[14:03:50] <DES|GeneralDisarray> can't type long words
[14:03:55] <DES|GeneralDisarray> grrrrrrrrhghhrhrh
[14:03:58] <DES|GeneralDisarray> my brian
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Quote:[00:20] <Yarukinasu> cranberry, hrm...
[00:20] <Yarukinasu> nice
[00:21] <@RandumKiwi> lol, you must be 70

Edit by RK, he took it out of context, the next line follows:

[16:21] <RandumKiwi> that's what all the cranberry juice adverts make their target market out to be.

sorry, didn't think it was out of context, i got it.
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(02 Apr 11, 09:55PM)Mael Wrote: Well done everyone, very mature discussion as always.
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<Kakarrot> macm:
<Kakarrot> how do u do the rainbow thing
<macm> type: /quit raimbow
* Darkside_ has quit (Ping timeout)
* Kakarrot has quit (Quit: raimbow)
<macm> xD
* Kakarrot ([email protected]) has joined #=SA=
* ChanServ gives voice to Kakarrot
<macm> Kakarrot i <3 u
<macm> GG
<macm> I WIN
<Kakarrot> 0_o
* macm is now known as macm|WIN
<ShadowZ> Lol
* Kakarrot is now known as Dumbass
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(04 Apr 11, 10:19PM)Lantry Wrote: I MUST HAVE MY AC OR I GO INTO WITHDRAUL
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