We love jamz!
Got thrashed hard today on that server.
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[Image: 2ylk19z.jpg]

Thank me later. <3
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[Image: donkey-kong-country-dk-jamz-ost-front.jpg]

I love jamz :)
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[Image: 327160944v18_225x225_Front.jpg]
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Yet another reason why we love jamz!

+1 internets to you
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you don't get in to DES but making an I love jams thread

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(25 Mar 11, 02:38AM)spamma Wrote: [Image: 2ylk19z.jpg]

you know why... :-D!!

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(02 Mar 11, 05:54AM)DES|Halo Wrote: Halo is the best, but jamz is alright too

Sorry Halo, but according to Duke Nukem (who is, btw, the #1 bad ass in the entire universe, ever, even outweighing rambo/chuck norris/arnie schwarz/etc), power armour is for pussies.

... and jamz is the best.
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* lucky takes off the power armor and gets a tattoo of of a heart with Jamz in the middle

Im more hardcore then all of those people :P
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......... *blink, blink*
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Step 1 : Say "Go Jammiez"
Step 2 : *jamz gets out mind control gun*
Step 3 : Huntsman dies for warshipping "the evil Potter"
Step 4 : Everyone laughs at Halo.
Step 5 : This thread gets moved to General, and stickied.
Step 6 : jamz spams the forums, and gets more love.
The Final Step (Step 7) : Halo goes to Hell(Spell).
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It makes me so happy i got to comment before jamz did.... if i was a woman and like 15 years older, i would seriously consider going for a spot of tea and biscuits with you. If not i would blame TyD
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+1 flame points for you.

Either way I love you jamz for being the only person to have EVERY map ever on their server!
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TyD should change it's name to Touch Your Jamz instead of Touch Your D...

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TYJ... doesn't work for me.

<3 jamz <3
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jamz Wrote:my job consists of sitting in front of my PC ALL DAY

I get 30 days holiday per year, but generall only take about 1-2 weeks

We appreciate your work!
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Sitting in front of a PC all day eh..? What job is that? lol
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(09 May 11, 12:54PM)Fate Wrote: Sitting in front of a PC all day eh..? What job is that? lol

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(09 May 11, 01:30PM)Fate Wrote: Sitting in front of a PC all day eh..? What job is that? lol

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