Assault Cube World Cup 2011
agreed Syntax..have the Cup in like lets say mid june so that it can be finished BEFORE the end of August instead of starting mid july :)
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(31 Aug 11, 09:19PM)SiL3nT Wrote: It's all about reputation.

You are 90% wrong and you don't know how to use it.

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I'm agree it's a lot about reputation.... (not 100%)

But it's not a reason to don't respecting guys who try to make something for the comunity.

Everybody begin one day...
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I thought it would be over already. I was away 20 days, and I found out they were still in the quarter finals.

Oh well.

I think we should calm down, and just wish good luck to the teams playing, and try and help with the dates.

I honestly don't care if someone berates me, let's just watch the damn cup.
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