Why ?!
I dont really get why this topic


is Closed..

If the incident was about a Well-known clan , the discussion would be continued ... I dont know how to get this , but i get it like that " Well known " clans care only for themselves and dont really give a sh*t about other..

Once Again , Good Job
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It actually has nothing to do with clan affiliation, not sure where you got that Idea from. It was closed because Jamz banning him on his server is a matter between them. And that we pointed out clearly that lagging isn't a reason to MS blacklist someone.

Sarath pointed out he can play with reasonable ping on some servers. So there is nothing more to add. If he wants to talk more about this specific banning then he can personally talk to Jamz. Since known of us have any power over what he does, with HIS servers.
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