The Tear you Down! - Servers
We run several public servers which can be found on the official masterserver.
All of our servers reports to a statistic system where you can keep a track of your score. Please see or this article for further information.

Check below for connection details about the servers.

The servers offer you
  • Easy and reliable place to play
  • Good latency connections for Europe / US / Asia with consistent PJ's & ping values
  • An oriented maprotation (which includes high-quality content and custom/official maps)
  • Nick and clantag protection
  • Player statistics through the ladder

What about abuse?
We focus on keeping the servers cheat free. Cheaters should not be allowed to ruin the game for others. Bad nicknames and discriminators get kicked automatically. We prevent abuse by having:
  • A well maintained blacklist
  • A well maintained nickname white/blacklist
  • Permanent demo recordings (download demos here)
  • Vote abuse restrictions
  • Servershare for trusted clans and individuals
  • Enabled bans ingame (No more need of kicking a player 5 times)

Connection info:
When ingame you can join the servers either by using the masterserverlist or one of the following commands:
  • Beacon
    /connect 20000

  • Private #1
    /connect 21000 match

  • Hazelwood
    /connect 28763

  • Fairfax
    /connect 28765
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Thanks Apollo :D
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Very nice contributions to the community! Thanks for all the effort.
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report* (Sorry couldn't help it)

At first I thought the {TyD} ladder would be a n00b complicated table but it's coming out to be very good. I really like the fact that you have kept it team oriented by giving points for returning the flag etc. You guys have done a great job on it.
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Even the list of maps we had available at the server was big, we now have added the community map pack as well. If a new map is added to this pack, it will not take long before you can vote it at our servers.

For more information check the community map pack thread here .
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thank you TyD for some good public servers :)
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I really like your ladder and your servers are very good too! Nice maprots, nice pings, nice people :) Ty!
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I'm just now noticing this, so I feel stupid but... Apollo? You're back?
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I love em. I get ranked fast. Great job!
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