Read this if you cannot connect to any server
Wrong protocol, newer protocol? Update AssaultCube.

Also check your firewall. On Windows, "ac_client.exe" needs to be allowed. To access Windows Firewall, you can either find it through the control panel or on Vista and above, type "Allow a program" in the search bar and click the first result.

If AssaultCube crashes while trying to get the server list, try Cube Server Lister. You still need to allow the program from your firewall. Then follow the instructions to set it up for AssaultCube. This should be fixed in a later version of CSL.

If you cheated, please do not waste our time with pretending you didn't cheat. You will be banned for three months. Think you can convince us? Here, take a look at some of these threads:

However, if you did not cheat, do not worry. For instance:

An increasing number of free downloads are installing HotSpot Shield either without permission, or users are not noticing. You'll almost certainly be denied a server list if you have this installed.

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