SKDB Appeal
(03 Jun 12, 02:44PM)jamz Wrote:
// Name: <<-SKDB->>
// Ban date: 2012-06-03
// Ban reason: aimbot
// Proof:
Joins around 11 minutes remaining. Link to demo.
Stealth_Killer6, who is wallhacking and aimbotting in this demo, has already been blacklisted here. His IP was, and so far, with the names Unimaginative and BRINGEROFDEATH, I have his blocks as:

Are you serious about the block on SKDB?
Have you even watched the demo??

I dont hack assaultcube, never had, never will and too old to even think about it...ruins the game but why ban me for that game?? Makes no sense and annoys me that the time I spent playing this game is thown away because of this post!??
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OK. Let me just say that however much time you've spent playing this game, it isn't enough yet; you've barely learnt to aim at all, never mind accurately. I urge anyone who watches this demo to fast forward to the last two minutes for the most laughs.
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Watched the demo. The last two minutes are damn obvious. Enjoy the new user title.
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It's beyond obvious. Especially at gamespeed 20
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(09 Jun 12, 01:37PM)Harps Wrote: ŠARŪNAS))))))))
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last 2 mins lol i could be sleeping, on the moon, with no computer and still see how obvious it was.
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someone show me those last 2 mins so i dont have to download it. will appreciate with love. thanks :D
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