AC 1.3+ modpackages .zip downloads
Original post regarding older weapon mods in this thread:
I don't know the authors or the licensing information on these files, as the source I obtained them from did not provide them. I provided credit and licensing information where I could. If you recognize a mod and can provide author/license information I will gladly update the modpackages to credit the original creators and provide license files! I did NOT create any of the models in this thread, I am simply repackaging them as AC 1.3 modpackages for convenience/the benefit of the community. I personally believe the modding community is the most important part of this community (aside from well...players) and I'm sad to see that without Akimbo it has more or less died. So here are some weapon mods to play around with!

These modpackages are really easy to install, just download any of the .zip files linked in this thread, and drop them in the "mods" folder in your AssaultCube installation folder. Launch AC, navigate to Settings Menu > Mod package settings - if you did everything properly, you should see something similar to this:

[Image: modmenu.jpg]

Click on the mod you want to enable, and click "Add to the list of used mod packages". Restart AC, and enjoy the mod! This same menu can be used to disable the mod(s) anytime you wish, just remember you have to restart AC for the modpackages changes to take effect since different models need to be loaded.


Custom Assault Rifle - AR15 /w custom weapon and reload sounds by |BC|Matasar:
[Image: 20230621-12-07-14-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

**Custom Assault Rifle - G36 /w custom weapon and reload sounds ported by 3XIX:**
[Image: 20230621-05-39-19-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

Custom Sniper Rifle:
[Image: 20230612-00-30-07-ac-shine-TDM-Sniper.jpg]

**Custom Sniper Rifle - M04A3 /w custom weapon and reload sounds ported by 3XIX:**
[Image: 20230621-09-03-07-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

Custom Shotgun w/ ejecting shell animation:
[Image: 20230612-00-30-47-ac-shine-TDM-Shotty.jpg]

**Custom Shotgun - M4 /w custom weapon and reload sounds ported by 3XIX:**
[Image: 20230621-08-20-10-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

Custom Carbine /w lever action animation:
[Image: 20230612-00-31-18-ac-shine-TDM-Carbine.jpg]

**Custom Carbine - M14 /w custom weapon and reload sounds ported by 3XIX:**
[Image: 20230621-09-18-43-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

Custom SMG:
[Image: 20230612-00-33-26-ac-shine-TDM-SMG.jpg]

**Custom SMG - Minigun /w spinning barrels animation by kemoni221**
[Image: 20230621-10-03-16-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

**Custom SMG - MP5 /w custom weapon and reload sounds ported by 3XIX:**
[Image: 20230621-06-24-08-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

Custom Pistol:
[Image: 20230612-00-33-55-ac-shine-TDM-Pistol.jpg]

Custom Pistol 2 /w custom weapon sound:
[Image: 20230620-16-50-44-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

**Custom Pistol - Glock 17 /w custom weapon and reload sounds ported by 3XIX:**
[Image: 20230621-08-03-00-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

Custom Pistol - Desert Eagle .50 cal by Victor Santanna:
[Image: 20230621-15-11-47-ac-shine-TDM.jpg]

Custom Knife /w blade wiping animation:
[Image: 20230612-00-34-20-ac-shine-TDM-Knife.jpg]

Custom Grenade:
[Image: 20230612-01-14-12-ac-shine-TDM-Grenade.jpg]Download:

I really like the blade wiping animation on the knife, whoever created it obviously knew exactly what they were doing!
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I'm pretty sure a_slow_old_man made that knife mod (along with the grenade, winchester shotgun, Mk3 Revolver and lever action carbine mods).
Thanks given by: Bukz This user is a dev/forum admin