Minigun (animated) - Subgun mod for AC
I was going to make a revolver model, but after seeing that I can create a shot animation I just couldn't resist

INB4: Barrels are animated and rotate very smoothly when shooting :3

[Image: 1RFSq1u.jpg]

And oh my, was this a struggle... In order to animate the rotating barrels I had to separate them from the main body, and for some reason the textures wouldn't work if the barrels had a different name than the body (ex. weapon, weapon.001)
Also, even though I made the animation between frame 8 and 10, the md3.cfg animation had to be set to "8 8" (maybe these are not frames and I'm doing something wrong again :P)

Delivered with an FPS model, menu model and textures for the custom-team-weapon script

Team script:

Download link:!1Akx1SxJ!rNJz0cQw7LFC8...im6uNHwEl4
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I, absolutely love this thing! There's literally no amount of words I can use to describe how awesome this is! :D
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This is really cool kemoni221, I hope to see some more work from you in the future, well done!

Converted to AC 1.3+ modpackage and added to thread:

Minigun modpackage:
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